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    That's right, the plan is to repeat what Torven did on AK as closely as possible and compare the kills per AA.
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    What I did was get all the AAs I could at 60, then finally hit 61-62 in a few more pulls then stopped playing for a few days to edit the video, so I was still level 62 when I finished it. The vast majority of it is at 60. Obviously it's more impressive to show experience gains at 60. I actually stayed at 60 for quite a long time; getting over 100 AAs (each) at caller caves, power leveling a paladin as a 7th character, getting his smithing to 240, AAing him, then doing PoValor kites. I took a long break during all that because 'camping' that ring was burning me out.

    The bard powerleveling video shows her leveling at the very end of it but I think everything before that is also at 60. I used her log to estimate experience needed for each 61-65 level since she was solo and had her exp split between AA and levels. Knowing the exact exp needed for an AA and how much exp the mobs yield allows for coming up with an estimate for level exp. Sony started hiding the exp stuff just before Luclin so the precise exp needed for PoP levels has to be estimated.
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    its easy if you have rhythm and dont mind your hands hurting after awhile.
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