Who were you on live?

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  1. Speedz

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    I REALLY hope I find my old duo friend again. Was a blast necro kite duoing.
    Eutha, get yer ars on TAKP!!!
  2. Torven

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  3. Throndor

    Throndor New Member

    Priscilla - Wizard - Solusek Ro Late Kunark to PoP era, Xferred to Kael with Drachentaenzer played intermittently through GoD
    Pristone - Warrior - Stromm - Sua Sponte
    Transferred both of the Above toons to Cazic circa SoD Era, renamed Priscilla Enigma, Hellfire Club
    Throndor/Thorondor/Thoromir - Chanter/Wizard/Cleric- Fippy Darkpaw - Velious to Underfoot, TL until GoD era, DB till DoDh, Citizen till SoF, Echoes of Elysium till Underfoot
    Throndor/Graump/Standoff - Chanter/Warrior/Wizard - P99 Blue - TMO, Second Sons
    Throndor - Chanter - Ragefire - Unguilded
    Throndor - Chanter - Lockjaw - Unguilded
    Christendom/Besmirch - Chanter/Paladin - P99 Teal
  4. robregen

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    not sure if I remember Pristone from Sua Sponte. I was Heiggan in Sua Sponte. Singann and Kadili was the guild leader and Waaxon was the raid leader. lol
  5. Neealana

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    Neealana was my cleric on Druzzil Ro in 1999. ( I picked that server because it was green/preferred ! ). Was in L'Malla until it dissolved. I remember Hoss; T'was a grand old guild ! Quit around Discord, as EQ became a never ending Steeplechase on a spiraling Merry-Go-Round. After 7 years, I missed the game, so started looking for a server that didn't go past POP.

    Bought a Mac ( PPC ! ) to play on Al'Kabor. Everyone called me Neea , so Neea was created. The AK server was very old ( and top heavy ) so my newbie self got inspected A LOT ! Joined Temerity, as Utdaan had been very patient in answering all my Mac questions.

    After AK was shut down, I tried playing on P99 Blue and Red. I am horrible at PVP ! Was so happy to hear that the old gang was getting together here !

    Was never a particularly highly skilled player . Have always enjoyed the game. Thanks for recreating that AK community here !
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  6. Throndor

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    I remember Heiggan. And Yeah, Singann with her social anxiety disorder, Waaxon raidleading etc; was there when the guild pushed through VT keying, the the march through Planar; OOW 1.5s; left shortly after DoN came out since i remember Singann tanking a few DoNs after I brought my wizard over to stromm first before moving over to Cazic.
  7. Esildor

    Esildor Member

    I remember L’Malla as well! I was in Novus Invictus around that time .. the days of /whoing classes from the good guilds to build a group, ha!
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  8. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    ah cool. I stayed on Stromm casually playing here and there then started getting involve with eqemu / peq using EQ as part of development.
  9. Slippy_Surefoot

    Slippy_Surefoot New Member

    Started EQ shortly after launch as Slippy, a Ranger, on Solusek Ro. Joined the guild Phoenix, like Torrid, but wasn't an employee of Wizards of the Coast, but was in Seattle. Moved to Druzzil Ro and joined HOSS. Stayed through part of POP before real life and WoW came along.

    This server is bringing back a lot of good memories.
  10. Aparicio

    Aparicio New Member

    Name: Aparicio
    Class: Druid
    Race: Halfling
    Server: Solusek Ro
    Guild: Midnight, before that Crown Legion of Faydark
    Era: Kunark and Velious

    Raided with Midnight with good RL friends Winadas and Roftar. Midnight was good but we were clueless high school kids. Me and Winadas came back to EQ recently and play on p99 now. I saw one cool Midnight guildie Ajjantis searching for people, not us, so I'll also throw some Midnight names out there.

    Leader was Scorpio. I remember Pebble, Bruuce, Shinra/Friezza, Keyan, Dunbar, Leggo, Jhanto, Ladrim, Sindael, Sescen, Sturgh, Dakanmer? Also Doerf from Crown Legion of Faydark who then got us into Midnight. Shout out to Draygon, OG leader of Crown Legion. The feeling of nostalgia looking back can be fierce, and those days are remembered very fondly.
  11. Dimitri Ex'Zemos

    Dimitri Ex'Zemos Active Member

    Too many different lives in EQ, but I loved them all and each of my friends.

    Zemos So'mez - Troll SK - Rallos Zek - Caveo Ervum, Tempered Fury, BEAST, Darkenbane, House In'Visius
    Dimitri Ex'Zemos - Neutral DE Wiz - Sullon Zek - Tides of Wrath

    Glenn Frog - Iksar Monk - Winter's Roar EQ Emu - Ruin

    Dimitre Ex'Zemos - DE Wiz - Al'Kabor - Vintage, Dark Conquest, Temerity

    Dimitre Ex'Zemos - DE Wiz - TKAP - Destiny, Imperium
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  12. Razlon

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    I got ya!:
    Trot killed Dimitri in Qeynos Hills - Sun, 29 Sep 2002 02:05
  13. Speedz

    Speedz Administrator Staff Member

    and now I am back to playing on Xegony again :)
    I went and subbed and turned my necro into a heroic.
    Quite an interesting experience, a whole different game these days.
  14. Mokli

    Mokli People Like Me

    The best is when you don't log in for years and you have forgotten about most of the adventures you've had. You log in and go through your items and can immediately start remembering the stories behind and what it took to get them.
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  15. Radda

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    did you have a druid war combo? i believe i remember you, Radda the bard here from Darkblood!
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  16. Pantheon

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    Name: Century
    Class: Necromancer
    Race: Dark Elf
    Server: Drinal
    Time Played: 00-08
    Guild: Lords of Crom

    Name: Pantheon Paragon
    Class: Beastlord
    Race: Vah Shir
    Server: Firiona Vie
    Time Played: 10-14
    Guild: Knights of the Ebon Wolves