Who were you on live?

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  1. Mechaike

    Mechaike Active Member

    Name: Mechaike 65 woodie druid
    Server: Al'Kabor
    Time: launch June 30 2003(?) to sunset.
    Guilds: <Darkwood Alliance> a few months after launch, then <Temerity> from fall 2003 though now.
    Spent maybe a month toying on EQPC after sunset but didn't stay.
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  2. Draeko

    Draeko Active Member

    Name: Draeko
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: 58 Druid
    Server: Tarew Marr
    Guilds: Golden Eagle Trading Company, very Casual
    Played: 2000-2004, then went to EQ2 which was a lot of fun for the 1st couple expansions

    I was very much an alt-oholic: 51 Halfling Ranger, 40 High Elf Pally, 35ish High Elf Mage, 30ish Dark Elf SK. Plus so many teens, I loved leveling up in crushbone haha
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  3. thucydides

    thucydides People Like Me

    This thread just inspired me to look up my old mega-casual guild from 2003ish - http://www.blazeoftheimmortals.co.uk/index.htm just soak that website in for a minute.

    Karana Server
    <Blaze of the Immortals>
    2000-2004, finally hit max level (65) like a month before the expansion that raised it to 70, and quit when i changed schools and didn't have free time anymore.

    It's fun to remember what an utter noob i was
  4. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    haha sick website, how is it still up?
    Last Updated: 23/11/03
    the guild pictures are great, love the sebilis, karnors, and solb 'raid' shots
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  5. Shjade

    Shjade Member

    Name: Shajde Jadeye
    Class: Bard
    Race: Wood Elf
    Server: Tarew Marr
    Started maybe a few months after release, played through early-mid Planes of Power. Capped out at 58. Member <of the Seekers>
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  6. Amirite

    Amirite Well-Known Member

    Name: Drud, Amisex were the best toons.
    Class: Drud was a druid halfling, Amisex was a bard
    Race: ....
    Started before velious launched, played until TSS, was raid leader for Circle of Legends sometime in there, early days i started in Priests of Revelry, which was an RP family guild, Black Thorn, god i forgot the name of the open raiding channel, which became a guild later, before i joined Circle of Legends there was another guild i can't remember the name either, but when the expensive server went away we absorbed alot of the players from one guild. sucks i can't remember the name. oh well

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  7. Sketchy

    Sketchy People Like Me

    Haha Thucy, great site. You know it's an old style guild when there is a weddings and family section for screenshots. People getting married in game back in the day, I had forgotten that was a thing.

    Name: Skrimazo
    Class: Paladin (65)
    Race: Human (Rodcet Nife)
    Server: Antonius Bayle
    Late Kunark to LoY eras

    Chose Antonius Bayle because I was like 14 and it was one of the first servers on the list alphabetically. I had no idea it was a Euro server. It worked well though, raid times were always around 5pm EST and finished latest around 9-10. Kept me from being up too late before school. It was cool playing with all the Euro people. Played in a guild called Hands of Doom raiding very casually doing NToV, Kael, SSRA (No VT), and then almost getting flagged to the EP's. I was going to university for the first time so I decided to drop the game, a smart idea that I stuck with for once. Funny looking back at my gear now I laugh, I really thought my character was a very well equipped. I do see I have a good collection of clickies, some things never change.

    Then a 10 year hiatus in which I played no MMORPGs at all. Was too busy in RL having fun. For some reason I got the itch and tried to log back into my AB character, but by that point I no longer recognized the game at all. I head about Alkabor and the PC hack so I started up on there. Immediately fell in love with the server, it was exactly the era I had left the first time, same client too. Rolled the exact same character more or less - Sketched, Paladin (65), Human, Rodcet Nife. Was just in a small guild screwing around with some friends like Manstache and Herv, can't even remember the guild name. I was only there the last year until sunset. I swear I wasn't PC trash and I didn't cause any trouble!

    Once that was done I went over to PEQ:TGC like a lot of other people. My brother was on the server and I enjoyed using MQ2 so I stuck around for awhile, getting EP flagged, but not quite Time. Was Sketched, Human, Rodcet Nife, Paladin there as well. Along with 5 bots, but I can't really remember them. The server was a lot of fun, but once I heard that this one was being created I hopped aboard during one of the early open beta's.

    Here I of course rolled the exact same character, it's tradition now. I love the class and this is the best iteration of my paladin yet. Definitely have learned a lot and come a long way, still a ways to go of course.

    This will be the last server I play on though, there is no way I will be doing this again.
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  8. eainmonster

    eainmonster Member

    Bukaru, then Bukk, 65 Dark Elf Enchanter
    Test Server
    1999 through 2003 or maybe 2004. I have some vague memory of Gates of Discord, but I'm not sure I actually played in that one.
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  9. Shawn

    Shawn People Like Me

    Name: Advocatus Diaboli
    Class: Enchanter
    Race: Dark Elf
    Server: Povar (originally) then transferred to Morden Rasp to be merged back with Povar eventually
    Guild: Hidden Mentors / Inverse Logic
    Time Played: 99 - 05

    Last expansion I bought was DoN...but think I ended up quitting right almost after
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  10. gardnerjens

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    @Nilduz was in Hands of doom too i believe.

    On Antonius Bayle were my cousin in Shadows of Doom.

    We have actually had a few of AB players in Shadows of Doom on Takp

    For myself i was in D'pikey, Emerissaiers of dread, Istid.

    I played a druid called Cittun
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  11. Sketchy

    Sketchy People Like Me

    yah eventually HoD merged into SoD, sometime late PoP, I was never around for that transition though. I remember D'pikey vaguely.
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  12. Mitya

    Mitya Well-Known Member

    I played with Rimidal :)

    Name: Cebkix Darkbane
    Class: 65 Gnome Necromancer
    Guild: Aurora Noctum
    Server: The Tribunal / (eventually Venril Sathir, then AK)
    Time: Launch through PoP
    Quit for EQ2/WoW/Life
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  13. gardnerjens

    gardnerjens People Like Me

    Were you in Tide or Ancient dominion on Venril Sathir?
  14. Mitya

    Mitya Well-Known Member

    Honestly, that was so long ago it has been a bit of a blur.. I mean we're talking over 20 years ago it feels like. I remember that I played on Tribunal for a LONG time, then my friends quit...then I did a lot of meaningless server transfers, and ended up transferring to VS because it was based in the UK time zone if I remember correctly, and at the time I was working nights so my schedule here in the USA lined up perfectly with theirs to raid (sort of like Aurora Noctum being an Aus guild). Ancient Dominion sounds SUPER familiar to me but I want to say most of my time in VS I spent as a bit of a vagabond, just joining pickup raids and filling for people as a mana battery to get my PoP flags.
  15. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    when you coming back Cebkix?!
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  16. Mitya

    Mitya Well-Known Member

    I know right? I feel like a terrible person and friend, you guys were all so super nice to me and helped me out so much. I think this is one of those scenarios where I bit off more than I could chew when I started playing in terms of overestimating how much time I actually had to play. At the time, I had a job where I was working pretty much 100% remotely as an engineer so without the commute and office crap I was able to dedicate more time - I've since had some career changes and I'm at a point where I'm sort of 50/50 WFH and in-office, and dealing with the 7 year old's after school activities keep me super busy: We got swim, gymnastics, play-dates, etc and I feel like by the end of the day I'm about ready to pass out when I put my kid to bed.

    Lately I'm lucky if I can get in a round or two of Overwatch and then crash - but I am juggling the idea of coming back but trying to figure out a way to do so where I can be at peace with knowing I'll never quite be at "maximum effort" lol.
  17. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    by my calculations, with 30 mins of playtime twice a week, you should be able to get level 60 by about *checks watch* september, 2037
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  18. benoeb

    benoeb People Like Me

    Name: Benoeb
    Server: Started on Bertox moved to Stormhammer to play with Savannah, moved to Brell post stormhammer shutdown which then that merged with Cazic Thule
    Time: Kunark (2000) to Secrets of Faydwer (2008)
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  19. lurari

    lurari People Like Me

    What if those 30 minutes are done PBAEing and camping out in between pulls?
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  20. shortok

    shortok People Like Me

    Name: Shortok, Shortok, and uhhh... Shortok....
    Server: Tribunal for a little bit, like May 'til Sep. '00.
    Bristlebane from ~September '00 until PC Hack alkabor dropped, mostly in Ring of Valor. Off and on. Most active up until the Tim Burton BDSM expansions, then I fell off a bit and mostly stopped raiding.

    TSE and Tem on alkabor.
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  21. Liegezen

    Liegezen People Like Me

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  22. Dane

    Dane People Like Me

    Benzarden - Magician <Primal Brood> - Test Server - 2000 - 2006
    Jaxon - Cleric <In Virtue> - Al'Kabor - 2011 - 2013
    Benzarden - Wizard <Triton> - Povar - 2014 - 2016
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  23. Cillipis

    Cillipis Member

    First was,
    Name: Minnan
    Class: Rogue
    Race: 56 Halfling
    Server: Brell Serilis
    Title: none
    Time Played: 00-04

    Then played a 65 SK named Lucavern and a 65 Shaman names Margun that I had more fun with until college. But really, those AK years from 11-14 were my favorite.

    Cillipis - 65 Wiz, Drepidus - 65 Cleric
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  24. Choir

    Choir New Member

    I was n-o-b-o-d-y.

    Buglum 60 troll SK on Brell
    Hamspread 50 dwarf Paladin <Legacy of Zek> on Lockjaw
    I played a couple other characters, on RZ, but was never top-tier anything. I've always enjoyed the leveling grind more than anything else :rolleyes:
    left to play WoW with RL friends and got a mac to do photo/video work. Then I found out about AK; I was only on very briefly before it folded. I had a baby halfing druid that I only got to his twenties.
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  25. Animalevic

    Animalevic New Member

    Name: Animale
    Class: Enchanter
    Race: 64 Gnome
    Server: Veeshan
    Guild: Pravus Dei when I was more hard-core playing, then Farstorm as my play time diminished due to grad school. Think I re-tagged PD before quitting for good in PoP but didn't do any raids, just charm-kited PoDisease to kill time.
    Time Played: 00-02

    Was present when PD perma-killed the essence lens turn-in mob in WW (Malalafen) for a couple of days when it's loot table included the lens. Didn't get one, but was exciting to game the system (such as it was) to obtain ST-level loot when guild only had < 10 ST keys. Think Furor lost his crap over us "exploiting" the drop... of course they had popped Kerafyrm so <shrug>.
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  26. Busta

    Busta New Member

    Faluzar - High Elf Cleric - Bertoxxulous - <Defenders of Aleria> <Red Sky> <Violation> <Healers of Norrath> (Velious through Luclin)
    Fahluzar - Dwarf Rogue - Bertoxxulous - <Dragon Council> <Prophecy> PoP - GoD
    Busta Rhymes the Tunesmith - Wood Elf - Bard - <Temerity> 2010 - Sunset
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  27. Ransom

    Ransom Well-Known Member

    Name: Kedaek, Chyron, others
    Server: Tribunal from 99-03 then Stromm from 03-05, Nameless 05-06

    Played Kedaek, a 65 ranger, on Tribunal from Kunark launch through planes of power. Was part of Sentinels of Chaos first, then joined and became an officer of Dark Virtue. While I was moving in real life, the guild decided to switch to Stromm at launch. I later joined Stromm as Chyron, another ranger, but Lost Sock Patrol folded as I got to 60. Then joined Realm of Insanity and raided through POP and GOD with them.

    Later rejoined with Dark Virtue/LSP crew on Nameless as Virtue's Shadow. Transfered Chyron and had a Shaman I two boxed. I pretty much did nothing but raid from 2000-2006 or so. These days I'm an exhausted working dad with no time to play let alone raid.
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  28. ghazbansst

    ghazbansst New Member

    Ghazban Lunchbox Ogre Shaman. Played from just after Kunark to around LDoN era, first on E'ci then split to Zeb. Was working for EA at the time and wasn't interested in UO but really enjoyed EQ. Was 3-4 of us playing together. Would do hotel room lan party weekends quite often. We moved on to try Star Wars Galaxies, EQII, WoW, Conan, etc etc but nothing was like original EQ. Enjoying the time I am spending here and looking forward to seeing some of the raid zones I missed first time around.
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  29. Lenas

    Lenas I Feel Loved Staff Member

    @Busta red sky, dragon council, prophecy... I wonder how many times you and I actually crossed paths.
  30. Mitya

    Mitya Well-Known Member

    I can't believe how many of us played on Tribunal. I wonder if we ever ran into each other from time to time. There was this one player that I was like BEST friends with and I never saw them again (lost touch) - a little gnome cleric named Goldmoon Starshine.

    Man she was the best. It was like my personal vow to take care of her and make sure she got a group literally any time I was killing stuff. There will always be good and bad memories of players (like when I was a complete noob and got scammed out of a FBE) but Goldmoon was one of those people that would literally spend 45 minutes running from zone to zone to zone just to rez someone because they asked her nicely.
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