Who were you on live?

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  1. Dula Allazaward

    Dula Allazaward Member

    Was talking to a guildie tonight who prompted this post. When you played live, what was your main characters name? What server were you on? What title did you hold? Would be neat to realize we actually know people from a long time ago.

    I will start.

    Name: Dula Allazaward
    Class: Cleric
    Race: Human
    Server: Veeshan/Luclin
    Title: Leader of Azure Guard
    Time Played: 99 - 06
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  2. Crushzilla

    Crushzilla Member

    Hey, That's Me!

    Name: Trexin Wrecked
    Class: Mage
    Race: Erudin
    Server: Bristlebane
    Title: Raider in Ring of Valor (02-06)

    Name: Largarin Wolfbane
    Class: Shaman
    Race: Barbarian
    Server: Bristlebane
    Title: Raid Leader in Test of Time (01-02)
    Time Played: 99-06
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  3. Walex

    Walex People Like Me

    Oooh I'll play.

    Name: Walex Manbearpig
    Class: Warrior
    Race: Dwarf
    Server: Xegony (Zebuxoruk)
    Guild: Machin Shin
    Time Played: Beta - 2009


    Fun piece of trivia: Darchon and I were in Machin Shin together. That's why we're so close all the time.
  4. Elroz

    Elroz I Feel Loved Staff Member

    Name : Jameson
    Race : Human
    Class : Monk
    Server : Terris-Thule
    Guilds : Korsis, Clan Ta'Veren, Ominous Power
    Played : 99 - 07ish
    Title : Main / solo puller

    Switched to
    Name : Marvn the Vale Deputy
    Iksar Warrior
    Guild : Loyal Rebellion
    Title : Main tanked
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  5. Lenas

    Lenas I Feel Loved

    Lenas. Wood Elf. Ranger. Always.

    Originally on Bertoxxulous which eventually got merged with Tholuxe Paells? At some point moved character to Cazic-Thule which was merged with Brell.

    Started August 6, 2000. Officially quit sometime in my low 80's during Secrets of Faydwer? I think my brother played my character to 85.
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  6. Tuluvien

    Tuluvien People Like Me

    Tuluvien <Afterlife> - wood elf Ranger. Mith Marr server, 1999-2002.

    Tuluvien Blackwood, Hand of Tunare <Dark Conquest> <Destiny> - wood elf Ranger. Al'Kabor until sunset.
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  7. sowislifesowislove

    sowislifesowislove People Like Me

    Name: Kremit
    Class: Rogue
    Race: Dwarf
    Server: Quellious
    Title: Regular guy of Explicit
    Time Played: Just after Velious came out to GoD, I think?
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  8. Mokli

    Mokli I Feel Loved

    Name: Moklianne
    Class: Druid
    Race: Human
    Server: The Rathe (other servers previuously due to mergers were Tribunal, Ay ro, Karana)
    Time Played: 00-14

    also played an SK alot towards the end

    Quit in 2014 when LoM broke up and dispersed to other servers.

    Fun fact: Riou and Rorce were also in Legend of Marr at the time when it broke up. They went on to create eqresource.com. Unsure if its still in their hands.
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  9. Haynar

    Haynar I Feel Loved Staff Member

    I started on Torvonnilous in 2001. My first guild was <Silver Flame>. Someone I worked with got me to start playing and it was their guild.

    But around level 50, I did a character move to Xegony to play with some friends. I joined <Dragon Wraith> for my casual time that was short lived.

    I soon started raiding and joined <Justifiable Cause> and got in a fierce competition on Xegony fighting for 3rd place on server.

    When EQ2 came out, left to play there for awhile.

    <Justifiable Cause> joined with <Alliance of Hope> after a server merge.

    I have played off and on on live since 2004, but have not raided since I left for EQ2.

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  10. Kovah

    Kovah Member

    Name: Kovah
    Class: Paladin
    Race: Dwarf
    Server: Vallon Zek
    Time Played: Started before Kunark release, quit shortly into Luclin
    Guild: <First dwarven brigade> (shorties only) which later changed to (I think) <Elders of Underfoot> Brief stint in <Fated> as well
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  11. Nakunaru

    Nakunaru People Like Me

    Name: Nakunaru
    Class: Wizard
    Race: Dark Elf
    Server: Vallon Zek
    Time Played: Started before the team pvp servers came up, then when VZ went live joined that server
    Guild: Mercenaries of Darkness which was in the ABC Alliance with a couple other darkie guilds. Then the alliance formed into Xanit K'Ven. After that, I turned into a dirty four teamer and joined a four teaming guild which I forgot the name of.

    Name: Sniiper
    Class: Ranger
    Race: Wood Elf
    Server: Vallon Zek
    Guild: After the down turn of the dark team, and the rise of four teaming guilds, I quit the wizard and joined Defiant with the ranger while they were still lighties only. Late into PoP/LoY/LDON they decided to four team from what I remember.

    I then quit EQ for good when I got a WoW beta account.
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  12. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    Name: Heiggan Hyliac
    Class: Druid
    Race: Half Elf
    Server: Stromm then later merged with Luciln
    Time Played: 2003 - 2007 then on and off since then
    Guild: (Casual) Knights of the Zidaya, (Raiders) Sua Sponte, (Raiders) Masters Reborn, (Casual) Holy Knights of the Zidaya

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  13. Thunderace

    Thunderace People Like Me

    Time Played: 2000-whenever GoD came out

    Name: Leeona Thunderfist
    Class: Monk
    Race: Human
    Server: Xegony
    Guild: Most notable guild I contributed to was Machin Shin

    later main switched to an enchanter - my online bud played a druid (Tuffo) and we found dru/enc combo to be really fun ;)

    Name: Shaydus
    Class: Enchanter
    Race: High Elf
    Server: Xegony
    Guild: Machin Shin

    Raiding w MS was awesome - lots of experienced players in the guild. The RL most definitely made things interesting. The word "Asshat" was used regularly, lol. Once GoD dropped and I got a taste of the new wtfpixels - the game completely changed and I lost interest. iirc the item was a server first wand from one of the trials that had ~250hp on it.
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  14. Haynar

    Haynar I Feel Loved Staff Member

    I think I remember you. Very familiar. Was a long time ago.

    Ronak was only one I had much interaction with in MS. And that was minimal.
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  15. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    GoD was around the time Ronak took over as guild leader I believe.

    I raided with MS from around 2009-2012~. I quit over there before RoF launched during the beta because it just seemed like every expansion was cookie cutter same stuff over and over.

    Then I played on Al’Kabor until sunset doing all the Luclin/PoP Raids I never had a chance to do in era.
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  16. Majo

    Majo Active Member

    I was Moko, iksar shaman on Torvonnilous. I started at the velious release, raided with <Immortals Rising> I think around when luclin dropped (though we were still doing ToV). I mained that char and raided up through Uqua in GoD. Around then I was probably close to graduating high school / had RL trouble to get into.

    At some point I came back and played on and off ~2007-2011. Servers got merged, think ended up Fenninro? I played my shaman and monk. Monk was originally Majo, iksar, but all the server merges I picked up Xs, think ended up being Majox and Mokoe or something. Was in some guild but never really raided again (until I found AK!)
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  17. Tyrion

    Tyrion Well-Known Member

    Name: Banlaaz
    Class: Warrior
    Race: 50 Troll
    Server: Povar
    Title: none
    Time Played: 99 - 01

    Name: Kunglao
    Class: Monk
    Race: Iksar
    Server: Torv then merged to Fennin Ro
    Title: none
    Time Played: 01-05 in House Archon app'd TMO at the end but didn't stick around long enough.

    Then I found AK in late 2008 and played Tyrionn Halfling Druid till sunset.

    Then I went to PC abit to get the free 85 heroics on silver accounts got 3 of them and their about lvl 100 but haven't played at all after I hit up p99 about 2 years where I mained Sseptic Iksar Necro in Azure Guard.

    Then I found TAKP and regret my time on p99 ;p
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  18. Ripwind

    Ripwind People Like Me

    Name: Syphie Luss
    Class: L70 Necromancer
    Race: Dark Elf
    Server: Druzzil Ro
    Time Played: 99 - 04

    Spent most of my years in Rutabaga Paradox (Home of the real Fansy the Bard) who also had a bunch of folks in Flowers of Happiness. Did some time in Twilight Requiem and Drakkon's Blood.
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  19. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    Name: Silenaa N'Teria
    Class: Lvl 60 Warrior
    Server: Tarew Marr
    Time Played: 1999 - 2000
    Guild: Utu of Norrath

    Name: Rimidal Llama
    Class: Lvl 65 Enchanter
    Server: Bristlebane / The Tribunal
    Time Played: 2000 - 2003
    Guild: Aurora Noctum

    Name: Rimidal
    Class: Lvl 65 Enchanter
    Server: Fippy Darkpaw
    Time played: 2011 - 2012
    Guild: Citizen
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  20. Faults

    Faults I Feel Loved

    Name: Pherrert
    Class: Lvl 60 Ranger
    Server: Solusek Ro
    Time Played: 1999 - 2002
    Guild: Blood of Ro

    Name: Faults
    Class: Lvl 65 Rogue
    Server: Fippy Darkpaw
    Time Played: 2011-2012
    Guild: Twisted Legion (and briefly Rosengard)

    Name: Faults
    Class: Lvl 65 Ranger
    Server: Al'Kabor
    Time Played: 2012-sunset
    Guild: Destiny & Temerity
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  21. Dairmuid

    Dairmuid Active Member

    Name: Dairmuid / Dair
    Class: Human Monk
    Server: Drinal
    Time Played: 99-03ish (when did WoW come out?!)
    Guild: Guardians of the Keep
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  22. Kaielen

    Kaielen Active Member

    I've always been Kaielen. Tried to make a character named Kaylen but it was taken. A few spelling change attempts later and Kaielen was accepted.

    Fennin Ro. Primal Dreams
    AK Destiny.
    Here I'm still growing out of my training wheels but still (and always) Destiny.
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  23. Palarran

    Palarran Well-Known Member

    Name: Palarran, ELF DRU
    Server: Cazic Thule -> Ayonae Ro -> Tribunal -> Bristlebane
    Guild: Rest in Peace (leader 2005-2012). Previously in Valiant Crusaders and Bunnies of Chaos
    Time Played: 2000-2012

    The name Moklianne rings a bell, though I'm not sure if we ever interacted in game? Maybe I recognize the name from the Druids' Grove forums, or Ayonae Ro forums?
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  24. rainessa

    rainessa People Like Me

    Name: Rainessa Concordia
    Race/Class: Wood elf Bard
    Server: The Rathe
    Guild: Silver Blade, which combined with Noble House to form Noble Blade. Blood/Brotherhood of the Spider (pesky name change due to guild being GM disbanded, reformed, and then later getting original name back. I can't remember now which was the original name).
    Time Played: 1999 - 2004

    Name: Leesa Lluvia
    Race/Class: High elf Cleric
    Server: The Rathe
    Guild: Silver Blade / Noble Blade, Blood/Brotherhood of the Spider
    Time Played: 1999-2004

    Fun fact, Fallun (played Gromm dwarf rogue and Fitten halfling druid in BotS) and I met and got married while playing EQ. Did that count as internet dating?
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  25. Mokli

    Mokli I Feel Loved

    Its possible. I posted occasionally on the server forums, not much on the Druid's Grove though. My memory is a bit foggy, but I think LoM was at odds with RiP at the time, so it could be that. ;) Your name definitely rings a bell as well, just can't remember anything specific.

    Otherwise, the guild I was in before that was called Final Destiny (Dashmoo was leader of it back then), but I believe FD's biggest rival was Blood (or Brotherhood) of the Spider. I do remember the VC guild though too, so could be interactions there. I don't remember any FTE skirmishes with VC though.

    Ah, the FTE days. Don't miss them.
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  26. Bum

    Bum I Feel Loved

    Name : Iadien
    Race : Erudite
    Class : Mage
    Server : 7th Hammer
    Guilds : Legion of Scales
    Played : 01-07ish

    Also boxed Iadienx(cleric) and Uglystick(troll bst) during that whole time. My college gpa was barely a 2 due to it ;)
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  27. rainessa

    rainessa People Like Me

    When I quit in 2004, it was because I had started grad school and didn't trust myself to do both.
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  28. Mukk

    Mukk Well-Known Member

    Name: Andrina Swiftfoot Level 59
    Race: Half Elf
    Class: Bard
    Server: Xegony
    Guilds: Anklebiter's Brigade
    Played: 99'ish-03'ish

    Also had a Gnome Magician named Merlinus, in the same guild, but was only level 30-something.

    Our guild was a small, family oriented guild. In my time only one of us acquired an epic weapon, and raids were all pick-up raids as we never had enough online to do anything. Plane of Growth, Vox and Tower of Frozen Shadow was basically the extent of my "raiding" experience. My best item was a breastplate from Plane of Growth, won on a raid I was pulling for.
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  29. Indi

    Indi Active Member

    I started as:
    Server: Xegony
    Guilds <Death Knights> then <Undaunted>
    I think I played there from around 2000-just after LDON came out.


    My other main and the one I enjoyed more was:
    Server: Al`Kabor until sunset
    Guild: <Dark Conquest>


    I was also Guide Celran the Dragonkeeper from the days when guides did petitions until roleplaying mode only on servers: Solusek Ro, Lanys T`Vyl, 7th Hammer, and Al`Kabor.

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  30. hurikane

    hurikane Member

    I'll just pick my max level character as my first 6 never reached max lol
    Name: Dezeck 65 Troll Warrior
    Server: Lanys - back up raider for <Conquest>
    Time: Kunark-PoP
    quit for EQ2/WoW
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