Allow Earthshaker + Rampage to function

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Darchon, Jul 3, 2019.

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    How about... we all celebrate by getting drunk all day and then coming back tonight post 4th of July fireworks and then do a drunken rev charming vs AE PvP battle royale with the last man standing getting awarded an ALL/ALL Earthshaker with special riposte proccing capabilities and GM Uber sword stats.

    But in all seriousness, let’s just enjoy the game we have. Appreciate the devs work whether we agree to disagree or whatever, and all have a beer to cheers the fact that we’re alive, enjoying life, and pursuing greater things..

    And yes I’ve been drinking :)
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    Playing the game here since the start, it really seems like a long time relationship with your loved one. At the beginning, you have sex twice a day, marveling how much you have longed for her, and how incredible she is. Now, after a few years, you still love her, but you are getting used to her being around every day, and the first fascination starts to fade, but you still feel good being around her and hope that the relationship never goes away. So, to sum it up, I am very grateful to the devs to make this happen and for my fellow players to create an environment I feel totally comfortable in. Thanks ro you all! Happy 4th of July!
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    Saving this post so you can't edit it later.

    With Love,
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    I always sound angrier than I really am

    I don't think Darchon's question was unreasonable
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    hopefully charm won't drop while your pet's casting a spell at a mob with a different faction.
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    That would be really unfortunate
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    Where can I sign up for max as in a day? Will you enable pit warring for me for a few days. No need to tell anyone. Actually, save yourself time and just edit my characters database file to fill up my AA.
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    Lets be honest, if we had Valor ramp/earthshaker enabled, nothing much would change.

    Group A = 6 toons all guild A
    Group B = 6 toons all guild B
    Group C = 6 toons all guild C
    Group D = 6 toons all guild D

    Group A would poopsock till their cup is filled, likely filling their friends and alt's xp bar. Group B picks up when Group A is sleeping. Group A picks up when Group B is sleeping. Group C see's an opening and fills in - Group A / B notice Group C - Group C still on the camp because holy shit exp - few days go by and Group C finally goes to sleep - Group A immediately takes over - Group B cries too slow - Group D waiting on sidelines - Group A finished with AA exp - Group B swoops in - Group C I knew we should of stayed awake - Group B is finished with AA exp - Group D swoops in - etc. etc. etc.

    ^^with some variation this is how the server is.

    On takp, we already have examples of players who no longer need AA exp - most of these players just log in to raid - many of these players achieved their exp due to taking advantage of "strategy" that was later nerfed.
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    Can someone find or make a list of everything that's not Akkurate and inbox it to me. Thanks :]
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    Oiwon is not accurate, pls remove.
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    Completely agree!

    There were a few of us that practiced this dutiful art form on AK. It was a part of AK and should be a part of the new server to ensure Accuracy as Darchon mentions. I can tell you in the near thousand times I have done this never once did the zone crash. The only time that happened is when people got too greedy and attempted to use multiple warriors on the same shake. The few of us that regularly shook were always respectful of those in zone. On AK if there were ever people grinding at the PoV cave we would never pull the cave or bring the pulls near the camp. I regularly shook the zone with people at that camp and never once caused any issue with the camp. They basically went about their grind without even knowing we were even in the zone. The mobs pulled generally were mobs that NEVER got camped.

    I might be a little biased here, but, I firmly believe that it should be fully restored as the fine art of shaking was a piece of Al Kabor. It provides quality entertainment to those that practice this art form and has little effect on those others that participate on the server.

    /Free the Earthshaker!
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    I’m pretty sure I hit 65 from a Guero shaker page.

    My brother hooked me up with it :)

    Zone never crashed and Fiends were never disrupted. I trust our server is respectful enough to make it work.

    /Free the Earthshaker
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    i think we should just let go, and remove all constraints, But i am just a minority. Playing these games again, is not to play them like we did back in the day, but as they do in WoW Classic where they exploit the battleground queue system, outrageously exploit bad pathing for aoe groups.

    The speed run new mechanics things is what keeps these games alive, not keeping them in status quo, its like people trying to rebuy their parents house, because they feel the need of reliving their childhood
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    I think that's why they have everything in instances on live now, so people can cheat/exploit and not disrupt others, but it does take the impact out of it. I think this is something more appropriate for single player, but then what's the fun if you can't show off your skills.

    It's a tough problem. If you provide a way for advanced players to grief the newer/less skilled players, they will enjoy it more and grow their epeen, but it really ruins it for the larger group of people who are in that less skilled group and don't even understand what the other player is doing to beat them. In WoW they did a good job walking that line by creating designated griefing areas (quest areas) and then sanctuary towns that were made for utility and socializing.

    There are a lot of players who come back for the nostalgia, and some end up becoming advanced players after some time. But it's a journey each player makes, and they start with one mob at a time. AoE and shakerpaging is at the very end of that journey, right before they max out and quit, IMO.

    I think the main reason people play this game for as long as they do is because of exp grinding. There are some other crazy time sinks like tradeskilling and camping rare items but mostly it's exp people want. As a result of having to grind exp, people spend extended periods online and since it's hard to do it solo, they group up, and I think that's why we have the social aspect of the game - groups, guilds, this forum. Anything that speeds up exp just shortens the amount of time people play before they finish and quit and reduces the social interaction. You can see this on live EQ where they did let go and remove all constraints - everyone can play and progress alone, but it doesn't feel as fun because everyone can do it.

    I think this is an interesting concept to ponder and see how various games handled it over the years. It seems like the current solution is to try to break people up into leagues based on skill, but semi-skilled players can always make a new account and beat up on true beginners so it still fails to protect them sometimes. People want to win, at least once in a while, and in a global arena one guy is the best and everyone else is not. So to get more than one winner you need smaller groups where they can be the best in that group. But it also comes with less recognition.