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    This is more of an inquiry rather than a bug report.

    Would Tem, or anyone else, have any info in their EQMac raid / loot database on Ancient spell drop rates in Vex Thal?

    It seems only 'guaranteed' drops might be from mini-aten and Aten. Rest is only a chance, and we seem to get around 0-1 per clear from all the other bosses. We were expecting a much higher drop rate, but I don't know what's accurate. Sadly my TLP logs from VT raids are gone since I didn't appear to preserve those logs, but I remember something like one ancient per boss being fairly standard. Could be way off here, selective memory and all that. I just remember most people got their ancients pretty quickly. At the rate they are dropping in VT on TAKP we will have ancient spell gaps in most people's spell books by the time PoP is released, when these spells become mostly obsolete.

    I'm hoping someone here might have some further info besides what is posted on Magelo. I'm guessing most spells from Magelo wouldn't be looted since people on eqlive farm specific items and spells would just rot, so I am assuming 1% drop rate per spell that is recorded on Magelo might be too low.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I doubt you're gonna like the answer.
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    Aten I think is a guaranteed drop.

    Mini Aten and blob2s I don’t think are guaranteed but have a fairly high drop chance. Probably 75% or so?

    TVXs, Blob1, DXX, DXV, DXXT all seem to have a very low to medium drop chance. Gut feeling with no supporting evidence would wager about a 10-25% chance on these guys?

    TVK, DXVT and TVK I think are hit or miss. Maybe a 40-50%?

    The problem with ancients is it’s tough to find historical accurate data on them because of how quickly they are obsoleted. Temerity raided VT for 7-8 years on AK, they recorded ancients for maybe a year of that time, probably less?

    On TAKP we stopped recording Ancient drops in our loot system basically immediately upon Luclin launch. Almost all our mains had a good base Ancient pool from roughly 40-50 drops off Vulak. I think going into Luclin our core of active raiding mains at the time of launch needed 1-2 Lceas for bard mains, a few enchanter spells and a cleric bulwark or two? Maybe I’m missing a random Druid Nuke or Mage burnout that someone needed here and there, but it wasn’t much so we didn’t pay much mind to the drop rate.

    At this point after 12? or so VT clears I think Bard, Druid, Mage, Shaman, Necro spells are 100% rot for us, even among 3rd/4th string Alts.

    For Enchanters I think we have seen few nukes, I’m guessing Alts still want these. For wizards we need a few more ice Nukes and a lot more concussions for Alts. Clerics we could use probably 10 of each Aego and bulwark for Cleric Alts just because there are so many of them.

    In closing, I think the drop rates are probably correct. I don’t think you’re supposed to see 1 guaranteed Ancient every single boss kill. But you should expect to see about 3-4 drops per clear of the zone.

    In time you’ll be in the same position as us. Yes it’s likely you won’t have all 30+ Cleric Alts with Ancient Aego and Bulwark by the time PoP launches. But you will be seeing 90% of your ancients rotting to the ground by the time PoP launches.
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    Druid nukes aren't rotting. That shit seems rare af.
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    As faults said, ancients are one of the biggest RNG fests you will experience on TAKP.

    In Velious we saw I think... 12? Lullaby bard songs. Only 2 Lceas.

    In Luclin I feel like we see tons of druid DS spells and still tons of bard Lullaby songs.

    But it’s a single loot table with 16 drops each apparently having an equal chance to drop. When the number of clerics vastly outweighs the number of every other class, those spells obviously generate a large backlog. While some like Necromancer or Shaman that aren’t exceptionally common classes, will see their spells rot fairly quickly.
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    Yes, blame this guy, not me ^
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    Mage ancients for dayyyyyz....