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  1. Tuluvien

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    On AK over the course of a couple years I didn't have any mob aggro me on a failed harmony or HoN. Sometimes it didn't seem to stick and I would aggro the mob with proximity but I never had a mpb charge from spell landing. That being said I never relied heavily on the spells and only used them a few times per session.
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    They're talking about the other Lulls I believe. Harmony and HoN were a different animal since they were outdoors only. Harmony was ridiculous in terms of reliability, as it should be. On AK or even PC live during the same timeframe, Harmony would resist maybe 1 in 20 or 30 casts. And then maybe 1 in 20 of those casts you'd get aggro.
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    Harmony of Nature did indeed aggro on AK. I had a lot of trouble getting to the air tower boss in BoT when trying to harmony my way up there. So much in fact I gave up on it.

    Again, level difference and charisma matters a lot for lulls and harmony aggro. If you're not casting on NPCs near your level, you won't see resists. Resist chance is accurate.
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    This is precisely how I remember it on AK, once my CHA got over 120 or so I would very rarely get aggro on a fail.
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    rob when is dev patch dated 11/20 making it to production?
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    fair enough, there was only a few weeks that my cha was under 150, and only a few months that it was under 200. probably why i never experienced aggro on resist and really have no memory of any resists. my guess is there are a number of enchies in the same boat =D