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    First and foremost you are not entitled to play here, and this is not a Democracy.
    This is NOT a new game. Most of you know all the EverQuest lingo, history, lore, mechanics, don't play dumb or blissfully ignorant.


    Simple rules are as follows:

    1) Exploiting is not allowed, don't play dumb and don't play us as dumb. Automation is only allowed for raising casting, archery, forage, and swimming. That is IT.
    If you can't write it in a hotkey, it is not allowed.

    2) Client UI mods are the ONLY mods allowed. Memory alterations or code/visual display mods are a no go.

    3) Clients allowed are the OSX client used on AK from direct SOE download. As well as the patched PC client used during that era. Otherwise, clients that are on the wiki are typically allowed.

    4) Player/Server behavior. It is up to the GMs what is harassment, NOT you. If you are the only one that will smile from an action towards another, it is likely reportable.
    If you can google some witty name or chat, so can we. Renames are no longer a default action. Just don't...

    5) Camp claiming, If you afk it's not "your" camp. If you see people actively killing in an area, leave them be or you'll get a break from the game.

    6) Respect the staff. (See opening note) This includes GMs, Admins, and coders. Bugs/petitions are to be reported on the forums and with respect and clearly. DO NOT make demands. This is not your sandbox. Play stupid word/mind games, win stupid prizes. It is pretty simple.

    7) We will not give you the client. The wiki is not ran by us. So we do not offer player support if that is broke.

    8) RMT (real money trade aka buying plat or characters/account), we ban first ask questions later.

    9) Rules, we will change these when ever we feel like it. We may alter something entirely. Again see opening note.
    If you don't vote on the forum poll or vote no. Expect that your petitions could be ignored or outcome unfavorable.

    10) Excuses, demands, harassment, acting entitled, talking like you own the place... Will always be ignored and likely get you a vacation from logging in.

    PS) Rule lawyering will grant you a vacation. It is annoying and wastes time.

    PPS) In order to gain edit access to certain tools like the aatracker, you need to be in good standing with not just us but the community as well. Likes, Trophies and the side panel polls are not just decorations. From here out as tools are made, these numbers will make or break your participation and use of TAKP's unique tools. Current player tools are not effected until they get recoded.

    Not so simple expanded version of the rules for those that like to read... see link
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    Some people want to eat a ban lately as a result of recent issues.
    I need to remind these people and others that are having issues that can't seem to chill out, about a few of these rules.
    Pay close attention to the opening sentence, as well as rules #4, 6, 10
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