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    "Service" is defined as these forums and/or the game server associated with this forum with the same name.

    2: Automation
    3: Client modifications
    4: Approved Clients

    5: Macros 3rd party programs
    6: Player or server disruptions
    7: Harassment and player to player interactions
    8: KSing, Camps, Spawn claims
    9: Respect for staff
    10: Public Chat and names
    11: Account limits (One forum account per person is the limit.)
    12: Bug reports, petitions, reporting
    13: Obtaining the client
    14: RMT aka real money trading
    15: Interaction with staff and GMs
    16: Rule changes
    17: Excuses for violations
    Any violations that result in a ban will be issued service wide (meaning forums and game server) at staff discretion. Use irc to appeal, not your friends.
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    Rule #8 updated.
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    Rule #11 updated.