Implementation of AE XP, Recent Patches

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dasidarius, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Yinikren

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    I can confirm that AE PLing had lost all effectiveness. Grouping a 40 with a 60 seems to be normal.
  2. Ravenwing

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    That's definitely a bug. Both death and resurrection should only touch normal exp.
  3. sowislifesowislove

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    Darchon definitely mentioned in another post that he would PL to high 40s, maybe more proof that there was no such thing as an AE xp nerf.
  4. Pithy

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    Well, I'm not sure how Darchon PL'd at infinite grimlings, but I know I used to AE tash out 4-5 at a time and hack 'em down with the silly 700-point DS from Wrath of the Wild. No PBAE spells used there; the twink just tickled each mob for 1 damage from outside the group and got full exp. That method started sucking for me around 50.
  5. Torven

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    If a character logged out with >100% of the new AA exp amount before the patch then dies and gets resurrected before receiving any sort of experience gain of any kind then that might be causing the AA dings people are noticing. If you are sure that this isn't the cause then let me know, but otherwise I've tested this locally before the patch and just now without seeing a problem.

    As for Droga exp, that zone is mostly light blue to a level 45. Killing a dark blue in here I see a level 45 receiving ~52.6% of base exp grouped with a level 60, which makes no sense to me. I was hoping I wouldn't have to dig into this green con stuff Cavedude did but I guess I can't avoid it.

    The PBAoE exp reduction scales with level difference to the mob and from the highest damage dealer that got kill credit, so if the mobs are green to him then yes it will (as it stands now) reduce to nearly nothing. My necro and bard data from grimlings had them receiving roughly 40% expected exp at level 50 before I left, so I had not run into any sort of floor or limit to the scaling. I had not really anticipated what the results might have been when abusing AK's bugged green exp split as I never powerleveled that way. I may have to change it so that the scaling is done individually.
  6. Darchon

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    I never grouped my powerleveled characters with my level 65s pre-46 so probably not.

    I PLed generally using enchanter with DS. I’d pull with DA, stun the pole, PBAE from a low level alt in the exp group, let stun fade and let one round hit enchanter, Re-stun and reapply rune.

    In these cases the attributable damage was entirely PBAE but it only accounted for probably 5% of the total damage. Most came from unattributable sources (damage shields)
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  7. sowislifesowislove

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    So as noted originally in this post pbae xp got even worse. I’m getting the same % per pull or less as I was before the most recent patch, and that took millions off what’s required for an aa. How the hell was this patch supposed to make less of a hit for people that pbae.
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