How does Focus Effect decay work?

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    Question on how focus effects decay... For say improved healing III it says it decays 5% per level over lvl 60. Does that mean for lvl 65 spells that focus is rendered completely ineffective because it goes from max 20% at lvl 60, 15% at lvl 61, 10% at 62, 5% at 63 and then 0 for 64+ OR does it mean that there is a 25% reduction in its overall effectiveness at lvl 65 (5% a lvl for 5 levels) so that the 20% max becomes 25% less effective or reduced to a max of 15% at lvl 65?
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    This is a post-AK change. IH3 won't work at all on level 61+ spells.
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    Ouch. Sad days
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    For scholarly reasons, the post-AK implementation was the later example you provided.

    But as RW indicated, we have no focus scaling when you exceed the level of the focus.

    Fortunately end-game Luclin focuses go to 65 so it’s not a big concern once you get into VT.
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