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    Hello, ranger here from the old server. Rysia was a wonderful person. She is very much deserving of an in-game memorial. Anyway, my main was Waam. I remember many names from this thread, and thought I should pay my respects to lost ones. Take care, and bless you all!
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    Hello everyone, this morning i logged in on my druid to see Sandi's memorial, it was perfect, brought the memories flooding back, I would like to thank the developers for doing this, special thanks to Neea a very good friend for making this happen This means more than you can know, This was my 1st holiday season in 39 years ive not had her by my side, she was a wonderful woman quiet worked hard in all she done. Again Thank you so much. Also like to thank Beerswiller for sending me a card at Christmas it meant a lot. Hope everyone has fun and and remembers our loved ones who shared this good game and time with us. God Bless
    aka Bornex
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