Elemental Plane Tranquility quest armor discussion

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    In line with the possibility of broken effects outlined in this thread being corrected: https://www.takproject.net/forums/index.php?threads/where-is-the-server-at.5545/

    I was wondering if the missing BP's will be added when PoP goes live. Namely, the following (broken or correct focii aside):

    Grimror's Guard of the Plagues
    Ultor's Chestguard of Faith
    Askr's Thunderous Chainmail

    The rest of the class EP BP's are in the TAKP database. I did a quick check on allakabor profiles and it appears that the SK BP didn't exist. I'm assuming the same for the others. With that said, I haven't looked into any other missing pieces of class EP gear if any are missing.

    First, having never raided at the top end on AK, were the other BP's obtainable to begin with? And then, is there any intention or thought as to adding these either with PoP or at a later time perhaps? Thanks.
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    On AK in Temerity we got 1 Silk, 1 Chain and 2 Plate BP molds. The first BP mold was won on a cleric, and when he completed the combine he received Blackened Eye, an LoY quest item. After this failed combine we collectively figured all of the Time BPs were not in and the subsequent Enchanter/Ranger/Paladin to win BPs didn't bother attempting the combines assuming they would fail. We were still waiting on GM responses to the first failed combine petition when the server closed I believe?

    In the end, we have no idea whether the other BPs were obtainable or not. Theoretically they should've been since they were in our database, but we never tried the other combines after being traumatized by the first combine.

    It makes sense to back-fill these items into our database so that all classes have a Time BP available to them. However, the question remains, what type of Time BP is available. Those BPs seemed to go through a few rounds of revamps.

    The first set was around 175 HP/Mana and they each had a clicky identical to their class specific item (for example the enchanter one had the same click as the Serpent of Vindication). There were some exceptions to this. Hybrids without a class specific clicky (everyone but bard) had Koadic's Heightened Focus (same as Emperor Robe/Shawl click). Melee all had Avatar as their click. Druids being the unique case where theirs was Winged Death instead of Swarming Death which is their class specific clicky.

    The second set which is seen on live today, tends to have around 200 HP/Mana and a focus effect as well as a skill mod generally.

    What the devs decide to do is up to them. I see value in adding them to the database and keeping the less powerful versions with their clicks as that would be unique to the server. I also see value in adding them in the 2.0 updated version as the focus on them is much more valuable than the click in some classes case (like Necromancer who get 30% DoT Damage focus for example). I would also see value leaving them all broken making the best in slot BPs come from Elemental gods, providing some incentive to members attending those EP God Backflag runs for a chance at a BIS BP.
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    Fixing the Time BPs seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Maybe just leave the druid one broken and set Fennin's tunic to 0.5% to give Darchon something to look forward to in case a Sporecaller drops before PoP.
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    like I said. the item id on those breastplates are > 32767 which it the max the client would allow to accept the items. we will have to customized it and assigned it to an item id that is either out of era or unused.

    Grimror's Guard of the Plagues - 47645
    Ultor's Chestguard of Faith - 47646
    Askr's Thunderous Chainmail - 47647
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    Thanks Rob. I realized that might be the case, but my question was more about the decision to add them at all. It looks like you are leaning in that direction. Thanks.