Classic Models vs Luclin Models?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Khorpus, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. snorks

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    /thread, and this is why it's wrong to use or like Luclin models
  2. Eyepennies

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    my first time playing eq was p1999 a few years ago, and I feel the old models have lots of character & their cartoonish charm still kinda holds up today

    but the luclin models are sooo bland and look super outdated to me

    plus it's odd how the city guards never got updated
  3. Sparking

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    Started playing in 99, very much prefer the og models for the reasons already noted. They had so much character, and they fit that immersive classic world in a way the new models never have. The Luclin models felt like they belonged in a different game. I think I eventually was forced to start using the new human models for my ranger some time after winning a Seru mount. If I recall right there was a bug that let you use mounts with old models for some time, but eventually they nerfed it so that you had to use the new models for mounts. Maybe I'm off, been too long..
  4. necra

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    Horse bug worked on AK with old models you got horse buff (sitting regen while standing) with no changes to run speed and stupid slowing down and speeding up
  5. MagnificentErgo

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    Luclin Iksars don't look fearsome; they look sleepy or just very bored. They lose all of their murderous charm with Luclin models.
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  6. Mambo

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    Ogres and trolls lost all fearsomness with classic models.
  7. Randorik

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    I never liked Luclin models (started during Kunark). They just look out of place to me. They also killed my computer. But also /sit to see through walls (if you're short), dwarf roll is better with old models, and Velious helmets. I got a nec amulet just to ride the horse.
  8. Hithiquen

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    Just want to add that I absolutely hate the luclin models, I see them as one of the worst failures of eq over the years. All of the races look so much uglier, tho some more than others. I like to play skinny femmy male elves and the luclin models have ridiculous puffed out chests, scowly faces and angry flailing animations, totally un-elf like
  9. Devour_Souls

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    I swear that was just the best they could come up with on short notice. And the way they are all bowlegged is just hideous. Old human models actually look like a human silhouette, but with new models they all look like a buff Patrick Stewart that skipped every leg day, EVER!
  10. Sketchy

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    Ahh, what an innocent, wholesome thread. No divisive dickering about Tolon, DA, Monk AC, or archery. Wherever you are Khorpus, I hope you are still keepin' it chill.
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  11. Beaaden

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    I started the game way back when meditating was only looking at a book and turning your sound up to listen for the footsteps of the pull / attacker. When the new graphics were announced I was excited to have a reason to upgrade the RAM on my gamin rig back then. When I switched to Luclin graphics they helped me to become more immersed into a game that I already loved.
    Isn't that truly the reason for staying with Old or New graphics?
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  12. Faults

    Faults I Feel Loved

    Well said. For me there's something that truly rings the right chord with old gnomes and ogres. Bald tinkering men and stupid drooling beasts. I love it! But whatever helps you enjoy norrath to the max.
  13. Jugo!

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    Basically what Lenas said- Textures, baby, textures. I do not believe there is any Luclin armor that uses Velious textures. What a waste. They did use Velious textures once more- in PoP for old models. I do not believe they used them again after that on Live. The Luclin models are too homogenized for me.

    I like being able to have a good approximation of what people are wearing just going off the texture and color combos, instead of inspecting them or doing the mageloclone thing.
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  14. Morbo

    Morbo Active Member

    I started in 99 - I don't hate Luclin models, but I much prefer the old ones. I love the Luclin dwarf and halfling models - the new beard styles were awesome, but I still like the old ones better. New ogre looks bad imo, I love the fat, frumpy, stupid looking old model. Same goes for troll.
  15. Radda

    Radda Active Member

    it really comes down to one thing for me.... iksars
    if you view me , Radda , as a new school iksar then i feel bad for you soon cause dats UAF
  16. Hisamori

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    Classic models all day. SoL model animations are so stiff and janky. It's like the animators paid attention to the shoulders and hips. Elbows, knees, wrists, ankles don't move naturally for a lot of animations, like weapon swinging.
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  17. Whoop

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    I started played late Velius so used Luclin models for a long time. But when I came back to playing only classic EQ a few years ago i switched to classic models and never looked back. For me, the beaty of EQ is that it isnt just that. I love the hard edges and the pixles and the rustiness. #dontpimpmyeq
  18. Tesadar

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    Can't stand the new models. Classic for sure.