RIP Pouky

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  1. Dryfly

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    Pouky's last wish was that rangers could hit cornered mobs. Kidding... he was one of my first friends on this server and he always tried to find a solution that took everyone's perspective into consideration. I had hoped one day to visit him when I went back to show my kids where I spent high school in Belgium. I am a better person for having known the buffmeister. To my friends in Destiny, just a big hug. To Pouky, thank you for your kindness and insights into the wonderful community that is Tak. I will miss you. Every time I buff people in PoK, I do it in honor of you and it put's a smile on my face.
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  2. Bum

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    I know this is not a “custom server” but would you be willing to move our fallen friends to a public but not dark bank patio location and enable our fallen friends to buff characters to help new people along their path? I’m not saying KEI but maybe SoW from Pouky’s druid, a brells or hp buff from Pouky, clarity from Ysora, ae mana/Regen from Jazper for people to practice spells, the lvl 44 bst crack from the fallen beast lord, a wink from Rysia(not sure what a rogue can do- I did not know her well)

    You could put a level cap or not. Perhaps near the Soul binder to aid people when they die? Can name each character “Memory of xxxx” and when someone hails them it says a small story about the person and ask “do you need help?” Or some such. Maybe a few month trial of this in memory of the countless days Pouky lined the building by the dark bank.

    I approve this msg.
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  3. Starsha

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    Pouky will be sorely missed by all who knew him. My heart goes out to Destiny he was definitely the glue in times of trouble. I'll be sending good juju to his family who must be devistated and slightly confused hearing from people who haven't had the opportunity to meet him irl yet know his generousity simply through some online game.
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  4. sowislifesowislove

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    Damn that’s a great idea. I would say at the very least move the “fallen friends” to maybe a sightly more public location, not in a room that no one will ever visit. And that brief story/history is a great idea too.
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  5. Beaaden

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    Yes he will be missed. I am sure that where ever he is, if there is EQ, then he is buffing newbies and sending MTs at random.
    That is how I want to remember Pouky, kind hearted, helpful, yet still goofy and fun loving.

    /kneel, /mourn, /salute
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  6. Mukk

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    I'll always remember Pouky back on AK when he first joined, and was one of the most outgoing, friendly and helpful people I'd ever met in any game.
    I don't think I had much interaction with him on takp other than when he invited my toons to Destiny, and buffed me.
    RIP to the mistell master, always good for a mistimed laugh.
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  7. Kovah

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    I use Pouky's UI (Pouky 570) and quite enjoy it. Never remembered to thank Pouky in game, so I guess i'll do it here. Thank you Pouky!
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  8. Neealana

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    @Bumm... please do not turn Pouky ( or any other memorialized toon ) into a buff-bot.
  9. Bum

    Bum I Feel Loved

    You are a buff bot

    Or is that cyb0r bot?
  10. Sketchy

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    100% agree with you Neea.
  11. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    yes. we don't do buff bot for any reason other than a gm event or anniversary. That will go as far as it gets. Don't bother requesting just because....
  12. Ugmar

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    While I didn't know Pouky well, even in my limited time here I got to interact with him/her. They were kind and welcoming to me as a noobie. This realm is less bright for their passing and I hope their family is as well as can be expected.

    For what it's worth I would love to see an in game character that tells a story for people we have lost who had a major impact on the community.

    Best wishes to all in this time.
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  13. actualspaide

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    There are already in game characters for others who passed away. Pouky I'm sure will be added too
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  14. Grumpy

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    So sad to hear this, Pouky was always so kind and friendly. Always up for a chat and more than ready to help with anything. A wonderful example of what makes the TAK community so great.
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  15. Yarnee

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    Maybe not a buffbot but knowing Pouky maybe if you /hug the memorial it /hug 's you back would be cool. Pouky threw around hugs to everyone almost every time you sent her a tell
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  16. Trybil

    Trybil Member

    So sad, Pouky was always so kind to me. :(
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  17. Grosk

    Grosk Member

    Rest in peace my friend, thank you for your friendship, your guidance, and your understanding over the years.
    It was an absolute privilege to know you, and to have shared a guild tag with you.

    My heart hurts today..

    Also I could think of no better memorial for Pouky than a buff-bot in poKnowledge.

    /em raises a glass
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  18. Dimitri Ex'Zemos

    Dimitri Ex'Zemos Active Member

    I am really sorry to hear of Pouky's passing. Rest easy, you've more than earned it.

    My condolences to those in Destiny and anyone who had a connection to Pouky.
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  19. Oiwon

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    Like many of you, I am absolutely shocked and extremely saddened to read this. Pouky touched so many lives, and took care of us all. Rarely (if ever) said a bad word about anybody. You want to talk about the MVP of AK/TAKP?

    It was Pouky, hands down.

    I first encountered Pouks in AK when i used to roll around as Stickleback. Talk about someone willing to help people out, and share a word. It was fitting that Pouks was a paladin on TAKP because of how well he embodied the qualities of honor, compassion, and loyalty. I can't count how many times Pouky helped me whether it be just some chit chat, a sow for a corpse run, Kei, epic fight.. whatever. Pouky always made a positive impact regardless of the situation, and was always open for a chat.

    We finally got to be guilded together in Destiny here on TAKP, and if i have to say my fondest memory was watching Pouks kick ass in PoH among other places. There was this paladin presence, and i just really enjoyed being a part of that Pally tank action. We were fighting together for once, so cool. Later when I left Destiny i had a really hard time facing Pouky, i felt like i let him down. I really don't have the words now. This sucks. However our friendship continued.

    I just want to express my deepest gratitude to you Pouky, for everything. Thank you for making this game and server a better place to play. Thank you for always being there for us and sharing your generosity with us. Your loyalty, compassion, and diplomacy are qualities that we can all learn from. Thank you for being a leader. You have my respect, and I will always remember you.

    Love you Pouks. Thank you so much. /hugs - May you live on forever in a much better place.

    Also, i just want to say thanks to the Devs for making it possible to immortalize our beloved friend and thank you to everyone for your kind words about our friend. BIG HUG to you all.
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  20. Morbo

    Morbo Active Member

    I did not know him for long, but he was a very welcoming and a genuine nice person.
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  21. Mascha

    Mascha Well-Known Member


    I have struggled to express my feelings about Pouky passing away. You said it better than I ever could, thank you.
  22. Cazar

    Cazar Active Member

    Just saw this sad news.

    RIP, Pouky...
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  23. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    Pouky will be on takp this server reset in the same spot she normal hang out at.
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  24. necra

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    thank you rob
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  25. Faults

    Faults I Feel Loved

    Thank you rob - the hugs are a wonderful touch
  26. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    For some of us having a memorial NPC out in the open we frequently visit or hangout in, it might make some players feeling morbid or disturbed with the fact that this is about a deceased player. I think it might be the best interest of the server to placed Pouky in a building perhaps in a building that is behind where he is normally logged in.

    For now, He is right where he is normally standing for the next 2 weeks. Maybe sometime in the future, we can decide an area to put these memorial npc in Plane of Tranquility. I would like feedback from everyone here please.
  27. Devour_Souls

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    I have mixed feelings. I probably am leaning towards agreeing with you Rob. I totally get the current location and it makes perfect sense, but memorials, in my opinion, should be out of the way of normal traffic.
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  28. robregen

    robregen Administrator Staff Member

    yes, I agree. Thank you.
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  29. Haynar

    Haynar Administrator Staff Member

    I will definitely avoid a memorial if its right in public place like that for long term.

    I think its great to remember people.

    How many is enough? When we have 10? 15? 20? Deceased players scattered around pok?

    Remember someone from years ago on AK is one thing. But someone you were just chatting with 2 mos ago? Its too fresh for me, approaching morbid. It definitely makes me uncomfortable.

    I would rather them make an appearance on some holiday of rememberance. Like Day of the Dead, for an example. I really don’t like it every day. Its just too real when it is someone you interacted with so recently.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone with this. I get on to play and have fun. Getting on to see someone, and make me feel sad all over again, is not so fun.

    If I were to die tomorrow. I don’t want a memorial in game. No way.
  30. Mascha

    Mascha Well-Known Member

    I agree with Devour here, it makes me super sad to see Pouky there, maybe in a good way, but I could not stand to see her there every day.

    By the way, I did a /mourn and Pouky's name is cut off in the emote: