New to the Server saying hi with a question! ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unslaved, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. unslaved

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    Hello fellow Norrathians, im coming over from P99 Teal I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I look forward to joining a guild at some point and joining in on raids and fun times. I also wanted to say thank you to all the people who made this server possible and for the hard work that youve done on it. I can think of no better place to continue my EQ adventures after leaving P99 than here after doing alot of research and thought on the matter. I also have a question what would be the better 3 box trio setup?

    Shadowknight- Shaman- Enchanter
    Shadowknight- Cleric- Enchanter

    Thanks everyone and may the force be with you! ;)
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  2. Haynar

    Haynar Administrator Staff Member

    Sk-enc-cleric way more powerful.

    If you did not install the eqgame.dll v3.4 posted on the wiki. Do that asap. It fixes several client bugs. Some which will result in ur char running out of control, getting u killed.

    Just drop the eqgame.dll into your folder you installed to.
  3. sowislifesowislove

    sowislifesowislove People Like Me

    SK/clr/enc Is an epic trio. Welcome to the server. I’ve heard others coming from teal. Was there a post about this server?
  4. unslaved

    unslaved New Member

    Thanks for the tip Haynar! and to answer the question from sowislife there wasnt a post that I read about in particular on the forums there but I have known about the website and it does have server listings on there. Thats were I looked at this and other servers and made the good decision to come here and play. Ive heard very good things about the scripting of this server as well from other people.
  5. Lusiphur

    Lusiphur Member

    Shaman is redundant with an ENC imo. That being said, ENC means you are charming which means no relaxed grinding. Just something to think about.
  6. Torrinn

    Torrinn New Member

    Cleric has better heals and buffs for your SK than Shaman. I'd go with Cleric.
  7. Cerberus

    Cerberus Active Member

    There not running out of control ! There just running off to be heroes elsewhere ! LoL
  8. Kriptik

    Kriptik New Member

    The only real choice is sk shaman necro so u can be lizards.
  9. sowislifesowislove

    sowislifesowislove People Like Me

    Potential other trio to think about would be Pal, Dru, Enc. very powerful there too.
  10. Fadetree

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    I hang out on P99 forums still, and I toss a post about TAKP in when I can do so without being blatant about it.
  11. Mokli

    Mokli People Like Me

    I greatly enjoyed leveling my first trio up, which was SK, Enc, Dru. Healing can be weak at times, but there wasn't much I couldn't do really since I had Enchanter slows/mez. The drawback is rez of course, but everyone seems to have a rez bot these days and lots of people are usually willing to help. I found having a corpse summoner more critical honestly for those 'extreme' emergencies. A porter really helps to get out of certain dungeons (charasis for example) or if there's a mishap, etc. Druid travel buffs are nice too.

    I only created a Cleric after all of them were at max level mainly for situations that required being able to be summoned back to a hard to reach zone where you couldn't bind, such as PoM.
  12. rainessa

    rainessa Well-Known Member

    Make a bard!