New player, some questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HelHound989, Apr 24, 2019.

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    I think two melee is tough unless sk/bst/cler, I’m gonna try that crew to farm seru reports soon I think.
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    sk/bst/clr does not sound like it's going to make things easy on yourself. your slower has proximity aggro and melee threat piling up that you have to overcome with spellcasts on the SK, while you're trying to slow, meanwhile the pet is pushing the mob around like a little bulldozer...
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  3. Tyrion

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    Guess I could try sk, cler, mag and hope slow isn’t needed.
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    You should be fine. Cleric/bard/shaman I can solo them. It's not ideal and it's a snails pace but, cleric has no real issue tanking them. Specially if you can get them solo. The eye ones are an issue for me, and I never attempted the heart ones.
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    Well after 2 weeks, we are hooked LOL

    So my friend has much less play time than me, and after a couple weeks, my Rogue / Cleric / Chanter outpaced him, and I am 23-24 with my toons, while he is sitting at 18-19 with his now.

    To prevent me out-leveling him too much, I ended up creating another 3 characters that I can play on my own, and leave the Rogue / Cleric / Chanter to only play with him.

    So for my solo play group, I ended up going Paladin / Druid / Necro, and have been leveling them on their own. And this time, took everyone's advice, and made sure to make the 3 character's names unique, and gave them names that are fantasy twisted names based on my name, and my 2 daughter's names =)

    At this point, I truly hooked LOL
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    One of us. One of us.
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