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  1. Nirrtix

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    Can anyone give me advice on how to do it? Obviously I need 3 accounts, but it seems like it would be hard to do with two windows open and it looks like it would be hard to do with 2 computers as well.
  2. Shawn

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    In your EQ client is a file called if you open it before your EQ files , it will allow you to swap using 1 2 3 on your number pad
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  4. Devour_Souls

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    If I'm understanding your question the right way, begin with a melee and healer. Switch spaces/instances/keyboards to heal your melee, add additional attributes as you feel comfortable such as using your healer to nuke or dot. When you are comfortable that you are getting near 100 percent out of those two, add a third and blend it into your style. Could also start with a healer and pet class. Whatever fits your play style. If I'm misunderstanding what you are asking, my apologies.
  5. Braven

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    Personally, I just use the base UI with adding any hotkey software and manage fine. Dont feel like you *have* to install add ons. I have a desktop where I alt tab between 2 accounts, and then a laptop next to it. I keep my caster dps on the laptop, as it requires minimum keypresses and almost no movement.

    You can easily make a good duo, as someone suggested, and add a 3rd account if you get more comfortable. Some suggestions for solid duos would be:
    1) Shaman + any melee
    2) Shaman + Necro or Mage
    3) Beastlord + Cleric or Druid
    4) Magician + Cleric
    5) Enchanter + Druid (charm strat - a lot of power but challenging for a new player)

    All of these can add in a caster or healer with ease when you feel up to it. Good luck!
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    Just get good with a Bst/Clr and you can win EQ. Add a mag or enc for even more ridiculousness.
  7. thucydides

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    Clr with snare neck seems like a good call for the bst/clr combo.
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    Clr neck is way overrated, mob has to be practically dead for it to be effective.

    BST Blind stops mobs faster, abiet with a little more damage to pet, just gotta make sure warder on the mob that wants to run.
  9. showstring

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    clinging darkness is terrible, it just makes mobs flee slightly slower
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    Never once had a problem with the cleric neck. Mob takes two steps at massive snare speed and then stops from incoming damage. If you don't sit there like controller disconnected with it 1hp into flee range it doesn't matter at all.
  11. Devour_Souls

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    In complete agreement. Engulfing darkness isn't very good, and it's a couple orders of magnitude better than clinging darkness. Clinging darkness is barely better than no snare at all.
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  12. Braven

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    You guys are forgetting that even a bad snare overwrites SoW. Ive found the snare necklace very nice in places like Guk, SolB, and Seb.

    Its also nice if your cleric is pulling, indoors and without run speed.
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    Hotkeynet is the way to go. It's super simple and allows you to do a lot. I've 3 boxed quite a bit so I'm pretty good at it now, but at the start I was terrible. It takes a lot of getting used to and realizing that your tank will not get healed unless YOU heal him :). Once you learn it and get better at it it's one of the most enjoyable eq experiences i've had in 20 years.
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