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    No thread on this yet? Just sayin, prob a serverwide raid necessary to kill em. We don't know much for sure, but rumor is it's random chance to pop when all warders die.
    What was learned so far? mechanics etc. aoe charm i heard?
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  2. showstring

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    Feels like Torven really knew what would mess the players up to make this as unkillable as he could.
    However... There might be a way.

    I wonder if there's loot on the dragon?

    Do any Destiny want to share fight logs? From the Skyshrine intercept when you got him to 98%
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    Procs dragon charm, seemed a high proc rate, lasts up to 20 mins.

    He also dt'd when we tried to pull him, didnt notice any during the fight but could have missed them in the chaos.

    Hits for around 2k and flurrys, doesnt ramp.

    I think doable as a server wide raid, prob need tanks in group with a bard dispelling and fighting for aggro and assist heals
  4. RMurse

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    Popped evasive and the highest hit I saw before charm was 1400ish. Ae charm was fun tho
  5. showstring

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    Here's my idea for an engage:

    Takes over an hour for him to get to Yelinak, that's enough time for a batphone.

    Safe to assume guilds wouldn't want to wake him early to miss out on warder loot for the rest of the reset. So if guilds only kill four warders on Monday/Tuesday , that could be a tentative batphone window.

    If other guilds are expecting it and maybe already raiding, they can join.

    Meet at Yelinak in 1 hour after batphone. Round up as many mobs as you can, dump them on him outside Yeli, then zerg it up. If Yeli is also up that's a bonus.

    Can you bind in Skyshrine? Can have dedicated coth teams to get back in the fray.

    Could be quite lol
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    That sounds pretty ridiculous. I'm in.
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    I went through ST before the reset and it was totally empty (minus a single Ancient Guardian, from what I could tell) but I don't know the mechanics for the respawn. I was curious if other stuff would have spawned if he popped earlier on in the reset!