How do you ask spell cast skill up???

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    New to server after playing years back. Just wondering how to do casting skill ups while afk. Heard that was a thing! Thank you all!
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    Position yourself somewhere out of the way (i.e. not at the bank or the port-in in PoK), load up a few low-mana cost, quick-refresh spells, and create a hotkey to trigger them. For example:

    /pause 30, /cast 1
    /pause 30, /cast 2
    /pause 30, /cast 3

    This hotkey casts the spell in gem #1, waits 3 seconds, then casts #2, waits another three seconds, and so on. If you're on a mac, you can then just trigger the hotkey repeatedly by standing a stack of coins on the appropriate key. (I'm not sure what PC users do.)

    Alternatively, if the mana isn't holding out, you could build some meditation time into a hotkey:

    /pause 30, /cast 1
    /pause 60, /book

    This hotkey casts a spell, sits your character for one tick, and then stands you back up again.
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    AppleScript is your friend here. There are examples in the Guides forum as I recall.
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    put in 5 fast and low mana spells for the 5 types in, make hotkey that casts all 5 spells with appropriate pauses. Put roll of pennies on hotkey. Ask bard to sing for you overnight.

    If you have multiple chars to do it on, script the eq instance switches also:
    I borrowed and heavily tweaked some HKN code for windows. Change the window names to be what you use:

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    It also can help to sweettalk a bard into staying logged in playing ae mana overnight.
  6. Lusiphur

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    Here is some sample AppleScript to do the same thing. Open the AppleScript Editor, paste this in (change to suit) and run it.
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    I have spaces set to switch on CMD + <space number>, ie CMD+2 switches to my second desktop etc.
    The counter lets you do things after a certain number of iterations (for example, take a longer med break) etc. Really, this is just a skeleton with all the necessary tools, read up on AppleScript and tweak to suit yourself.
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