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    Do all ancients have the same drop rate?
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    Judging by us having dozens of mage ancients rot since they seem to drop 50%+ of the time, I'm guessing no?

    It's been a joke for the past year that every ancient we get will be mage burnout / mage nuke, and it's been true more often than not. Even every possible mage alt that we can log in that is VP keyed has their mage ancients, and they still rot some more. Our last rotation we had four mage ancients rot.
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    Same thing for us we get mage Druid chanter and bard 80-90% of the time we have only had 3 necro ancients like 5-6 shaman 5-6 cleric
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    We tend to get Lifebane 30% of the time, an ongoing joke along with the bard mez.
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    mage ancients are ours. I dunno what would be second place, lceas?
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    We didn't really track Ancient drops in Luclin raids, but from Vulak the joke was always that we would get trolled hoping for Lcea and instead get the bard mez. Out of 32 Vulak raids, 64 drops:

    Ancient: Burnout Blaze 3
    Ancient: Chaotic Visions 2
    Ancient: Destruction of Ice 3
    Ancient: Eternal Rapture 4
    Ancient: Feral Avatar 4
    Ancient: Gift of Aegolism 4
    Ancient: Greater Concussion 6
    Ancient: High Priest's Bulwark 2
    Ancient: Lcea's Lament 2
    Ancient: Legacy of Blades 4
    Ancient: Lifebane 3
    Ancient: Lullaby of Shadow 11
    Ancient: Master of Death 5
    Ancient: Scourge of Nife 6
    Ancient: Shock of Sun 3
    Ancient: Starfire of Ro 2

    The quantity you see will always be too small of a sample size to determine anything, just some bad RNG streaks will lead to your guild seeing 30% of the drops be a single class and another class will show up <5% of the time.
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