The Al'Kabor Project team.

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    The Team:

    Main Dev Team:
    Cavedude - Lead Code
    Robregen - Lead Content / Quest / Code / Service Admin / Senior GM
    Speedz - Lead Web / Quest / Web Admin / Senior GM / Launcher Dev
    Haynar - Code / Service Admin / Senior GM
    Secrets - Net Code Dev retired
    Torven - Data collection and quality control / Code / GM

    Additional Support:
    Jikasoz - Quests / Testing retired
    Exellence - Lead GM retired
    Zarwayne - Lead CSR GM
    Lariat - Event CSR
    atri - Web Page Dev retired
    Tiny - Guide
    Zanders - Guide
    Darco - Graphic Designer (Site logo)
    Nikaya - Code Dev retired?
    Wharl - Guide
    Akkadius - Server Host

    Special Thanks to all the players that reported bugs

    Outside credits go to:
    EqEmulator devs one and all.
    As well as KLS for helping us in tricky spots and working on current codebase for emu that we merge with.
    Akkadius for allowing us use of the wiki for dev tracking and improvements/help with the account web page deving.
    demonstar55 for additional code and script help.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.