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    Step right up - Come one, come all!


    With Luclin in full swing and the AA grind well underway - I wanted to mix things up with some pre-holiday shenanigans! I will be hosting TAKP Games, a 4-part event extravaganza open for all walks of kind alike to join in on!

    Event Outline:
    • Everyone is welcome, and there is NO fee to participate.
    • Event 1 + 2 will begin on 11.3 @ 9:30a and 11:30a PST // 12:30p and 1:30p EST.
    • Event 3 + 4 will begin on 11.4 @ 9:30a and 11:30a PST // 12:30p and 1:30p EST.
    • One toon per person (does NOT need to be your main), 5 members MIN - 6 members MAX per team. MUST use same toon for the whole event.
    • SIGN-UPS are HERE, deadline: 10/31. Please sign up name of toon to be played. The first FIVE teams to sign up will receive an in-contest advantage.
    • You may make 2 player, not toon, substitutions throughout competition. The size of your group cannot change through the competition. Please notate the spreadsheet for any substitutions in advance.
    • Don't have a team? Don't fret, sign up in the green LFG section to be assigned to one.
    • POK Gate/Port/Stones are the only uses of teleportation permitted, no other ports.
    • Voice chat is permitted. OT Hammers permitted, Gate IF bound in POK.
    • This is NOT a serveradmin event. Do not bug our tireless developers with questions about what time does it starts and yadi.
    • EACH of the 4 events will have an 125,000 PLAT PRIZE for 1st place.
    • Top-ranking teams will be awarded TAKP trophy tokens:
      • 1st place = 3 tokens
      • 2nd place = 2 tokens
      • 3rd place = 1 token
    • The team with the most tokens at the end of the competition, will win an ADDITIONAL 500,000 PLAT PRIZE.
    • Yes, you heard that right. Your team has the opportunity to win a ONE MILLION plat prize. Have I got your attention now? :)

    PART 1: Drunken DASH
    Sat 11.3, 9:30a PST / 12:30p EST


    This will work like a relay race, taking place on the beautiful island of Fawyder and beginning at the base of the acrobatically death-defying city, Kelethin. There will be multiple check points you will need to hit, all while Mariah Carey wasted.

    • At the take off point - there will be a WoA <Watchman of Ak'Anon> overseeing the post. You will 'Hail' as you cross that beginning 'check point'. Feel free to Hail and SHOUT and Champion Taunt with all your heart the moment your run first begins, for log memories. /hail hydra, if you'd like.
    • At each WoA checkpoint, you will be given instructions of your next WoA check points whereabouts.
    • Choosing your personal spirit-pleasure throughout the lands, you will drink a case of 20, or until the bartender cuts you off and blocks you, whichever comes first.
    • No team can have more than 1 member of a team in a town at a time. When one exits the town, they are to Hail the next person on their way into the city. That person will return the Hail and is then permitted in the city. For example:
      • (1) Your partner comes down the elevator at Kelethin.
      • (2) The hails exchange then occurs: Jonathan says, Hail Bum. Bum says, Hail Jonathan.
      • (3) The next in your groups designated sequence will go.
      • Watchmans will be watching.
    • The first team to get all members to the last check point, wins!

    PART 2: Game Called 'Quest
    Sat 11.3, 11:30a PST / 2:30p EST

    Everyone will be given a set of 6 riddles to decipher. The riddles will lead you to WoA's across the lands that will each give you a token of honor. Some may not be so generous immediately, and require something of you in return.
    • You will need to travel as a group. All team members will need to be zoned and travel as one unit to proceed.
    • To reiterate, POK ports and POK stones are the only ports of use.
    • A word to the wise will be to go /roleplaying - so other teams don't see what you are discovering.
    • Internet searching is permitted.
    • The riddles will be posted on this thread at the time of event for easy viewing.
    • The first team to acquire all 6 tokens, wins!

    Sun 11.4, 9:30a PST / 12:30p EST


    Think you know just about everything there is to know on the topic of Everquest, eh? This event will test your knowledge on a range of #EQfacts, in Trebek fashion.

    • This will work like regular Jeopardy, having 6 categories with 5 respective levels of difficulty and corresponding points.
    • Teams will rotate a member per question, using the opposite sequence they used for the Drunken Dash.
    • You will need to answer in the form of a question. Beginning with 'Who is', 'What is', and end with a question mark '?'. Have them typed out so you're ready to fire answers off!
    • You are given 1 letter spelling error per answer.
    • If no one gets the answer, a WoA will open the question to all and the first from any team to get the answer correct, scores their team half the points of that question.
      • Example: A question for 400 would award 200 points.
    • Internet searching is not permitted, nor is telling your teammate the answer. I obviously can't stop people from cheating here, but lest we not cheat.
    • The team with the most points at the end of the board, wins!

    PART 4: Battle of the Ages
    Sun 11.4, 11:30a PST / 2:30p EST

    We will finish out the TAKP Games in the Arena with an all out teams dual to the DEATH.
    • There will be a single elimination tournament bracket board for progression.
    • You will be given a designated amount of time to buff and strategize for battle.
    • All competing teams will battle simultaneously, in a series of rounds.
    • Once you die, you're out for that round. You will be res'd on the sidelines by a WoA to watch until the round is over.
    • WoA's will issue Yellow Card penalties (-100 dmg) for damaging a team other than the one you are currently fighting, and Red Card death penalties for doing so a third time.
    • The undefeated team, wins!
    Assemble your team, suit up to win, and get your warrior spirit on!

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    I'm in if there's naked running of the gnomes only.
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    We'll be right back after these words from our sponsers..

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    Widdles to decipher? Sia videos? Drunken shenanigans!? Damn that sounds like fun!
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    When she ran this in guild it was a blast !
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    As an added challenge, contestants will need to still show up on time even after rolling clocks backward on 11/4.

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    damn that prize money is "I'm quitting the game here's all my pp" kinda crazy
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    Realistically probably only a dent in Marie's coffers.
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    I’m in sounds like fun Marie! Very cool that you are even putting this on in the first place. Cheers friend
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    I'm stoked for this. Thanks for hosting Marie
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    A couple of questions:

    1. Are OT gate hammers allowed for the scavenger hunt?

    2. Do subs have to be declared in advance or can people show up 'day of' and sub in for a team?

    3. Are there any folks LFG?
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    I was totally all in until I realized that I have no toons nowhere near a level that can compete on the duel to the death being as my highest is 35. But it does seem like fun! Good luck to participants!
  15. Saenayil

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    True, a level 35 may not fare well in PVP, but you could still win the first 3 events pretty easily.
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    Super pumped to host this. I made all those plats to the thanks of all you guys and the solstice moons gods, happy to circulate some back!

    To answer the questions/points above:

    1. OT Gate hammers will be permitted (OP updated), since it's essentially POK. This means having a druid/wiz in group to get to home base is not too much of a leg up. You can also use gate IF your bind point is POK.

    2. In regards to subbing people in/out of teams, also going to loosen this up. I'll break the signup sheet out by event, and feel free to sub people in/out as peoples schedules permit. I want to eliminate road blocks for everyone to enjoy as much of the event as they can.
    • A person cannot switch which toon they play throughout the event, whatever you choose must to play must be consistent.
    • The size of your team needs to remain consistent through event (whether 5 or 6 players).
    • Team Captains to keep the sheet as up to date as possible, as it'll make the back end smoother.

    3. Aye, PVP will be favored to those of higher levels - but I intentionally broke the prizes out so that the server at large can participate, and the grand prize is still very achievable by any level group.

    TWO MORE WEEKS! Get your names on the leaderboard for that in-contest advantage!
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    Team signed up and ready to rumble