Status of Wizards?

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    Since you're all dying for an update, here it is:

    By level 5, I've already decided that the only way this three-boxing thing is gonna work with my general lack of EverQuest skills is a combo with super low APM. Wizard/Mage/Cleric seems like the right speed for someone of my (lack of) ability.

    Thanks again for all the tips and suggestions! You're all winners, but Ransom is the biggest winner for making this suggestion. :D
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    I remember seeing this post, but I just can't find it myself dang!
    Anyone who has better searching skills able to locate this info? Would be really awesome.
    Best I could find was this, but it doesn't contain the information
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    That looks kinda similar to what I recall, but that's not it. I assume Graffe's been dead for years now, so Wayback Machine and the like would be the only thing to look at :( Still not sure if/or our roots have a field that determines their behavior when they are being meleed/nuked while rooted, and how likely it is to break. I do see that your post refers to it a bit, showstring.
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    Anecdotally it seems to be that longer duration roots seem harder to break with DDs. but that is not at all parsed, just "feels" that way to me -- specifically Immobilize vs. Paralyzing Earth.
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