Solo vs Duo vs Trio box?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DubRemix88, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. gardnerjens

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    no box limit. just force people to play the same class
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  2. Yinikren

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    I leveled my trio in a way that I have an effective group anywhere I want to go. I started with a BST, DRU and ENC to 60. Then I started a ROG, a SHD, and a RNG to swap into the trio where needed, and finally topped things off with my necro. There's also a SHM and a CLR in there somewhere.

    I have access to 4 classes that can tank, if needed. ROG tanks fine in Ssra with a few raid drops. Am I rev charming and need snare? DRU or RNG are both available. Do I need a tank? I've got 4 I can do it. If I don't need to paci or slow, my NEC can rev charm more effectively than an ENC can. If RNG tanks, I have snare and tanking, and can play a healer other than my DRU.

    I'd 6 box if I could, but 3 is fine. My point is to have options available and not lock yourself into a trio that sounds fun on paper but makes you miserable to play each day.
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  3. showstring

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    3 boxing is essential to my enjoyment of the server, and I wish I could play more chars so I could exp other chars better
    it's tough in off-peak timezone with not many humans awake, but I'm sure PoP will fix that
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  4. Quinas

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    I was anti-boxing when I played on P99 but some time here changed that. Realised that single boxing doesn't make for a better community, better social interactions, better experiences.

    I'm keen to try Dexpot. I use Hotkeynet just fine (on numpad 1-2-3 personally) but always looking for smoother experiences.
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  5. Auyster

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    If this server didn't allow for 3boxing, I would be playing Guild Wars 2 now.
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  6. Kabouter

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    Same here, I don't want to play p1999 eq. Playing multiple characters adds another dimension to the whole.
    I would be fine if they enforced a 2 box limit however, especially if you play a character that charms or needs a lot of attention. Right now my 3rd character is a mage just because it doesn't need a lot of work.

    Something different but with the release of PoP is a reset of the server planned shortly after when all the bugs have been fixed, like p1999 green?
  7. Inverse

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    I am running 3 DRU, CLR, ENC. I have the ENC mostly for future mana buffs but she does throw out a mez now and then. I don't use a program or macros I just alt-tab at this point and just sort of go off muscle memory on what keys to hit. I'm sure as we get higher level this will be harder to do.

    Also reading about 'charm duos' is funny to me because I absolutely HATE charming and refuse to do it./ I seem to have the worst luck with it breaking constantly every time I have tried on every server, and there have been a lot.
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  8. Kabouter

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    Who in your trio is tanking though? Or are you root rotting all the enemies?
  9. Mokli

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    I'm with ya! I avoid normal charming because if I need to take a quick break immediately, I'm not going to die in the places I usually hunt in. I do use Dire Charm a bit when the overall xp benefit is worth the xp loss per kill because of number of mobs killed. I do have an SK to tank with though.

    And I still alt - tab at 60. Most will call me crazy, but once you get the muscule memory down, it works really well, even being pre-emptive for clearing potential locks (double tapping alt, etc). You just need to keep your client windows one alt tab from each other.
  10. Inverse

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    I am really low still so Druid Tanking till I get a little higher then I'll be root rotting.
  11. numinari

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    Can easily 2box any rogue with any fear kiter or healer for exp... IDK about mad crazy AA grinding, thats the perview of AoE/certain classes.

    I played a lot of characters solo, and I think people are missing out on solo self found leveling challenges here.

    6 boxing and having 32 lvl 60's is unrealistic and unfortunate. But God Bless you for it, I get why people enjoy boxing armies because of the technical skill involed and at some point automation skill, but that is what PEQ the grand creation and other hackboxes are for, if TakP wants a thriving community 2 boxing is probably the best, 3 boxing seems reasonable, but I rarely ran into anyone on test server in 2002-7 that did more than two boxing.

    I only ever two boxed a character on raids so my friends could pick up items that would rot. Back in the day, and that was mostly a shaman or something that could autofollow and cast heal spam every once in awhile or buff haste on ppl who spammed it tells.

    And that sever was consistantly 80-300 pop at most thru its entire lifespan. Mostly around 124 individual unique players and some boxes when I played heavily. So I know 1-2 boxing is completely viable despite the naysayers. There were like 3 ppl with the machines and brains and skills to 12 box, but they didn't do end game content that way and they ran raid guilds that had a lot of players who 1 boxxed, or boxed a healer or wizard on raids occasionally, like a 3rd of us.

    Thats not to say I want to change how things are done around here or say ur bad for 3 boxing, because there's definately stuff u cant do without a 3 box, and who wants to spend 3 hrs finding a group when u can just do stuff on ur own? I get it!

    But a big part of the game and the Vision(TM) was social interaction, even conflict around camps and spawns. And player and community arbitration. Granted the staff here probably dont want to deal with that mess on a large scale (can't blame anyone either). No one is stolkhoming u with a 1-3 box limit tho. As at no point does anyone really need a box to complete the game on pretty much any class, except cheesing some 1 groupable and raid content among 3 friends. The game ends at 60-65. And full AA's. Even rogues can get AA's on a 1 box server, though it hurts. By PoP a rogue can probably solo in velks lol.

    I prefer to play one character at a time, playing more feels a bit schizophrenic/disorienting, and I would never use automation to get around that because that totally removes the 'fun' for me. I hate scripting. And I hate wierd macro programs personally do not trust 3rd party stuff, and even running the client is a big risk for me. Tho occasionally I attempt to 3 box and think I would from time to time, just like OP. Personally (for me) do look down my nose at people who lack the social skills to 1 box, a little. It's probably a really bad attitude to have but whatever, I'm entitled to my beliefs, opinions, and feelings. It's not like I am gonna stop u from boxing. Just roll my eyes a bit :p

    That's all my twisted, warped, insane, crazy, corrupt, judgemental, tell it like it is, hard fact feels on boxing.

    I mean if u want to farm plat per/hr play the right classes (or a single box like a bard) box combo lol... but that's progress quest, and quite lonely IMO.

    The appeal of this box for me is having Luclin, and PoP content available, not how fast I can churn mobs or get lvl 60-5... on 100 toons by myself. Alone. Forever. And. Evar... At that point I would be better off putting my mad automation skills to use building, designing, and coding a new elf simulator.
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