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  1. gardnerjens

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    we have experienced some issues setting rampage, and we havent really changed the way we have done for a long time.

    But lately even if we have one run in there on a fresh boss, hit it with either Arrow or something Throwing thing. This does not seem to make the rampage to set, and we mostly end up with ramp all over.

    We dont have bard song going ofc and all this stuff, and Ramp tank is in range
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  2. necra

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    We had this issue there seemed to be a forget time on ramp if you set it and engaged a few mins later on a rooted mob so gotta keep hitting it or set just as you engage
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  3. Tuen

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    This issue seems to mostly happen to us on HP, so I’m wondering if that was the one you were referring to as well?
  4. Auyster

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    Try not to abuse area taunt on mobs with rampage.
  5. Synthetix

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    We had this issue on AL, XTC and HP
  6. Pithy

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    I've noticed some peculiarities with rampage over the last few months, too. I haven't documented them, but if issues arise again I'll try to take notes.
  7. Liegezen

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    It's worth noting that the ramp list will clear if your ramp tank/puller hits the mobs leash range when no one else is in range and on the targets hatelist. For HP this is easy to do since it's usually only one person pulling the HP room then running back to the safe room. The safe room is far enough to leash the HP, which will clear his ramp list if the puller was the only one on his ramp/hate list.

    Worth noting too that going back into range of the mob DOES NOT put you back onto the ramp list in an instance like explained with HP. You have to attack/shoot an arrow/cast or do something of that sort for the boss to actually add you back to the ramp list. If someone stays in range and on the threat list of the ramping boss/mob when the #1 ramp tank hits leash range, the list will remain the same and he will be ramped when re-entering ramp distance.
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  8. Cillipis

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    Good points, but remember that sentence one of the above applies only on Mondays and Thursdays; sentence two always applies between normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Pacific Time; and that the example Liegezen uses in sentence three can, and will, be used against you in a Court of Snake Law.

    Also, remember that it is possible Tankra was forgotten as a ramp tank because the mob engaged recognized he is not an Ogre and therefor unfit for any and all tanking duties.