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    TAKP Specific Web Tools

    Aside from being the best server to relive the PoP era with the most accurate client, extremely well researched and implemented content and a very friendly community. The web tools the developers on this server have created for your use are incredibly user friendly and helpful.

    TAKP Magelo:

    This pulls directly from our server database. You can look up any character on the server and see what gear they are equipping. The search tool allows you to search for just character name or guild name.

    TAKP Allaclone:

    This database pulls directly from our server database as well. It is the most accurate source for finding out the level of NPCs, drop tables, vendor inventories, ground spawn locations etc.

    There is a known bug with in this database where NPCs not naturally up in a zone will not be shown as a potential dropper of an item. For example if you look up Blade of Carnage, the website will not show the Avatar of War as the dropper. This is because he is a triggered spawn from killing Idol of Rallos Zek, and he doesn't simply sit up in the zone.

    TAKP Spell Guide:


    This is probably one of the most useful tools on the server. It is great for finding what spells you are missing to fill out your spell book and where you can find these spells.

    As the website mentions, any spell that your character currently has scribed (at the time you loaded the website) will show the spell Name in the far left column crossed out and green.

    If you have the spell in your character's possession (either bank or inventory) the spell will also be crossed out and green and this will be indicated by showing a scroll to the left of the spell name like this:


    By clicking the OWNED button in the top left you can hide all spells you have already scribed or have the spell scroll for in your inventory.

    To find where to obtain these spells clicking the hyperlink in the Scroll Name column on the right of the page will direct you to Allaclone which shows you every vendor that sells the spell or every NPC that drops the spell or the research combine to create the spell. If allaclone is showing nothing the spell either doesn't exist in game or it is from a quest (see some of the level 51-54 priest/caster spells that are quest only).

    TAKP Skill Caps:

    This tool lets you know what the skill cap is for every skill for every class. If you have ever wondered "why is my Alteration not going past 235, you can fire up this page and find out that 235 is the max skill for a max level caster.

    If you want to know what the skill cap is for a non-level 60 or 65 character the top left has character level, if you hover your mouse over that level a drop down appears and you can pick a level to check against.

    AK Lucy:

    This isn't technically a web tool made for TAKP. This source originates from Dwin, a player from the original Al'Kabor. This is the most accurate spell data information for our server. If you are wondering the exact values for some spells or NPC abilities this is my go to source.
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    Game Account:

    Or you can access it by clicking on the Game Accounts tab at the top of the forums on the right hand side.

    This tool allows you to check a number of things. You can:

    • Search the inventory for every character on every one of your game accounts.
    • Open a window that will show you the inventory or bank of any character on your game accounts
    • See the zone and location each character you have is camped out at
    • Move characters between different game accounts
    • See how much total platinum you have across all accounts
    • Reset your game account passwords


    This is what you see first when you go to the page. It will show you your game accounts which are blacked out in the screenshot and the number of characters on each account.

    It will also show you the zone/location of the character when they were last online. In each character's panel there is a Move button in the top left and Inventory and Bank buttons in the top right.

    If you click the Move button you are able to move that character to another game account that has space (IE you cannot move to an account with 8 characters).

    The inventory button will pull up a screen that shows you something similar to your inventory screen in game:


    The bank button will also pull up a screen that shows you something similar to your bank screen in game:


    (Some bags redacted!)

    In the top left of the Game Accounts screen there is a Search Inventory button if you click on it you will be brought to a different page:


    Here you can scroll down to see everyone character in alphabetical order, and the items in their inventory and bank also in alphabetical order. In addition every character has a total value of platinum shown which is merging the value in their inventory and their bank.

    Every item links to that item on Allaclone. So if you are wondering which version of a Lucid Shard or some other item with identical name to another item, you will easily be able to find out which version you have.

    In the top left there is a search bar where you can narrow down your search and underneath it is an Overall Platinum value which shows you the total platinum across all character's banks and inventories.

    If you were to search for say Flowing Slime, the tool will hide all items that don't match that text like this:


    Guild Management:

    The guild management tool on this server basically serves as the guild tool that was introduced in game in LoY.

    This tool shows a list of all characters in the guild your characters are in on your forum account. The table will show rank, name, level, Alt/Main, Banker, Note, and time last online.

    You can query to search for either forum account or character name and the tool will show all characters in the guild that the searched forum account or character name have in the guild. So for example someone in my guild searching for Darchon would find all my characters that are guild tagged listed.

    Officers and Leaders have additional tools. They can confirm if anyone has characters in multiple guilds and they can add notes next to each character (for example Player A’s box)

    You can flag any character of yours as a banker. This allows everyone to click on your characters name and see a page that shows an alphabetized list of their inventory and banked items.
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    Important TAKP Server Information

    Server Content:

    This server seeks to emulate the original Mac server which was locked in PoP and had a database, spell data and client accurate to around 2002-2003 EQ.

    The TAKP server has been developed one expansion at a time and currently has all content in except PoP. Plane of Knowledge however has been available since launch.

    For a little bit of history, Cabilis/Field of Bone and Shar Vahl/Shadeweavers thicket have been available since launch as well to allow Iksars, Vah Shir, and Beastlords to be created from the start.

    As far as revamped zones go the only one we have that is not in its classic state is Cazic Thule. We have the Luclin era CT aimed at level 50+ groups. We have the original zones for Freeport, Lavastorm, Innothule, Splitpaw, Runnyeye, Droga, Nurga, Veeshan’s Peak etc.

    Server Resets:

    Every other Wednesday between around 8AM - 12PM EST we have a short down time (typically no longer than 15minutes), a patch and the server is brought back up. This is a carry over from the original Al’Kabor which had the same bi-weekly resets.

    These resets restart all raid boss and multi day spawn timers. They also will clear all vendors and Repop all zones. So if you’re looking for a rare creature checking on Wednesday of a patch may result in you finding it up.

    Raid Rotations:

    Raid targets are handled via a player managed rotation that guilds have voted on and follow. These targets currently consist of valuable Velious (Dozekar, Sleepers Tomb, Tormax, etc.) and Luclin (Vex Thal, Emperor, Cursed, Seru, etc.).

    These rotations are allocated on a by-reset basis. Meaning starting Wednesday after a bi-weekly server reset your guild has access to Dozekar exclusively for the next 2 weeks. This allows your guild to kill Dozekar on say Thursday, then again on Wednesday and again Tuesday the night before the next reset which will end your turn on the rotation. Because the server reset completely restarts all the raid timers the time or date you kill the targets doesn’t impact any other guild.

    Some less valuable or not as often run raid targets are completely FFA, these are things like NToV, Dain or Tunare in Velious and Rumblecrush or Lcea in Luclin. General rule of thumb here is first guild showing up for the target should be able to kill it. If it is commonly contested by multiple guilds those guilds can come together and agree to add the target to the rotation sheet to ensure an orderly way to defeat that target.

    Over the past 4-5~ years the GMs here have never directly intervened in the operation of the raid rotation or raid scene generally. If you need a server where you need referees to keep you playing fairly, this isn't the server for you.

    Guilds on TAKP:

    There are currently 6 guilds actively raiding on TAKP. There is 1 casual non-raiding guild and a handful of guilds of several friends. The 6 raiding guilds:

    Temerity (EST) - This guild hails from Al’Kabor having been founded in the early days of the original Al’Kabor server. The TAKP iteration of this guild started raiding in 2017 in Velious content. Was the first guild to defeat Vulak in Velious and the first to clear Vex Thal in Luclin.

    Nephilum / Azure Guard (EST) - This alliance raids has roots from the original Al’Kabor server and from P99. They’re the only active alliance on the server and were the second entity to clear Vex Thal.

    Destiny (EST / Euro GMT) - This guild also hails from Al’Kabor. They are split between US and Euro timezone players. Some of their raids are EST and some are GMT. They tend to hit their biggest targets during weekend EST afternoons to allow both groups to attend. They were the third guild to clear Vex Thal and the first to clear 3 spawns in a single reset.

    Paragon (PST) - This guild was founded on TAKP and I don’t believe has any roots on any other server. They are the only pacific timezone raiding guild on the server. They were the fourth to clear Vex Thal.

    Imperium (Euro GMT) - This guild was founded to be focused on Euro timezone raiding only. They recently have broken into ajnd cleared Vex Thal

    Blood Guard (EST?) - This guild hails from P99 having recently come over in the last few months. Starting off with some Nagafen/Vox kills they’ve worked their way up to defeating many targets in Velious like Dozekar and in Luclin like Arch Lich. They’re still building and progressing through content.

    If you are interested in raiding on this server there really isn’t a bad option. I’d just check to see which timezones work for you, which loot system you prefer and most importantly which members you feel you get along with best.

    Due to the rotations structure the amount of loot influx is the same for basically all guilds. This isn’t a server where some loot is limited to only one or two guilds. As mentioned above 4/6 guilds have cleared all Luclin raids and the remaining 2 are about to or very likely will soon.

    Some guilds have closed recruitment in advance of PoP release but are likely to reopen recruitment after their initial flagging push.

    The Horde - This is a casual guild that has roots on the original Al’Kabor server. They don’t officially raid any targets but do run epic fights and smaller targets for their members. If raiding isn’t your cup of tea this may be the guild for you.

    Server Rules:

    Generally the rules are be an adult. If someone else is doing some quest, camp or raid you want to do, talk to them figure out when they’ll be done, if you can join or if they want to pass it off to you.

    If you come from a server where your go to solution for any problem is attempting to involve the staff of the server, you will likely find yourself on the end of the banhammer. The server staff have better things to do than settle petty squabbles among players.

    Having played on this server for 6 years I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve run into another group of players aiming to do the same thing I’ve wanted to do and every time the solution has been one of us saying “ah well I’ll get it next spawn” or “you can have the camp in an hour when I head out”.


    The server allows for players to run 3 characters simultaneously from a single IP address. If you have multiple humans playing from the same address who each want to 3-box you will need to submit a petition.

    In addition to the 3-box you are allowed to flag 1 of your game accounts as a “Trader” account. This account gains additional limitations but allows you to load it simultaneously with your primary 3 boxes, meaning you can have 4 characters online. These accounts allow your characters to only enter PoK, Nexus and the Bazaar. Attempting to enter any other zone will disconnect them. They also cannot level up at all.

    On the main forum page on the right hand side of the page the amount of players boxing 1, 2 and 3 characters are tracked. If you are wondering “is it feasible to play without boxing”, the answer is yes however be aware that grouping will be sparse in your early 50 levels. Generally finding groups 50+ becomes a little more doable.

    So if you are considering playing just a single character maybe try to do one that can solo in down time. That isn’t to say people haven’t created and succeeded with solo Rogue or Warrior characters. But it is definitely the hardest path to go.

    As far as 3rd party tools allowed for boxing the base client comes with Hotkeynet which allows for easy swapping between clients. Also programs that read log files for parsing or audio/text alerts are fine, things like GamParse or GINA.

    Any program that broadcasts keystrokes to a client in the background without swapping, automates your characters or gives you any unnatural ability (warping, multizoning, etc.) are bannable.

    Alliance chat:

    This is the default chat channel on the server. I believe all characters will join it by default and to talk in it you use /1 (or whatever channel you set it to in your autojoin). This is a serverwide channel where people will often chat, form groups or auction items to sell.

    If you are new to the server this is a good place to get to know others who inhabit Norrath, Luclin and the Planes with you.

    Mass Group Buffing (MGBs):

    Luclin introduces the AA MGB (72min reuse) which allows your next group buff casted to hit everyone nearby. This is often used on raids prior to the beginning to buff everyone up.

    However since the AA isn't frequently used outside of raids, people will announce in alliance chat they intend to MGB in PoK. The most frequent spot for MGBs is the "Dark Bank" this is #15 or #16 on the EQAtlas map.

    People will usually announce which buffs they are casting, for newer players the most important buffs as of Luclin are:
    • Aegolism (or Ancient Aegolism) (2h30min - 4h15min)- 1150-1300 HP + 60-69 AC Buff
    • Koadic's Endless Intellect (KEI) (2h30min - 4h15min)- 14 Mana Regen +250 Mana Pool + 25Wis/INT
    Lesser but still useful buffs:
    • Khura's Focusing (Focus) (1h40min - 2h50min) - 430 HP +67 STR + 60DEX
    • Protection of the Glades (PotG) (1h40min - 2h50min) - 470 HP + 24 AC + 6 Mana Regen -- Won't stack with Aegolism
    • Spiritual Purity (SP) (45min - 1h7.5min) - 7 Mana Regen + 7 HP Regen
    If you are in the area and people are MGBing Aego and KEI definitely try to catch that. These buffs greatly help, especially solo players get through the early levels where groups are sparse.

    These buffs will land on any level when MGB'd.
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    Game Mechanic on TAKP

    Group Experience:

    This server has the group experience code from early PoP:
    • 1 member - 100% / 1 = 100%
    • 2 members - 120% / 2 = 60%
    • 3 members - 140% / 3 = 46.7%
    • 4 members - 220% / 4 = 55%
    • 5 members - 260% / 5 = 52%
    • 6 members - 260% / 6 = 43.3%
    One of the most important things to note here is the EXP difference between 3 characters and 4 characters in a group.

    Going from a group of 3 characters to a group of 4 characters you increase your EXP per kill by about 8%. This means that if you are 3-boxing and a solo player comes to your camp you GAIN experience by inviting them and having them AFK in your group. If you’re a solo player never feel like you’re imposing asking to join a 3-boxer.

    EXP penalties exist for races (Large races) but not for classes. The racial EXP penalty does not impact your AA exp so long as you set your AA exp to 100%.

    Also on this server at the higher levels there is an EXP bonus for being within 5 levels of a mob. This means that at level 60 you earn the best EXP when fighting mobs between level 55 and 65. You will see a noticeable drop off in EXP when fighting mobs level 54 and lower even though they con blue like level 55 NPCs. This also works the other way. Level 66+ NPCs like those in King Tormax area in Kael are a noticeable drop in EXP compared to the higher level arena mobs that are 55+.

    Pet Experience:

    EverQuest has gone through many iterations of experience gain when a pet is involved.

    On TAKP the thing to know is that so long as any player deals 1 point of damage to an NPC, full experience is awarded. So a mage casting burst of fire while their pet does 90% damage awards full EXP. Similarly a cleric casting Strike while his grouped enchanter charm pet does 99% of the damage will also see the group receive full experience.

    A useful set of items to look up are pottery created Ceramic Bands. These are ring that have a clicky effect 3 second cast time of the associated classes level 1 Nuke spell. They require level 20 to click. But these are a great way to ensure you are dealing at least 1 point of damage per mob without devoting a spell gem to a spell.

    The only exception is dire charmed pets which will siphon EXP depending on how much damage they deal.

    Group Buffing:

    We are using the early 2002 code which had a longstanding bug with group buffs that is being replicated here.

    Buffs that are level 51+ tend to require the recipient be level 41-46+. However group buffs avoid this allowing a level 60 or 65 buffs to land on a level 1 character in your group. In the case of MGBs, they will hit everyone.

    One thing to note is that you cannot be targetting a low level character while trying to cast these high level group buffs or it will give you an error and not begin casting. Clear your target or target yourself and it will allow you to cast as expected.

    Horse Bug:

    Horses introduced in Luclin offer three primary bonuses to players:
    • Runspeed - They increase the rate at which you run. However this runspeed change is throttled meaning it takes time to go from stationary to max speed on your horse.
    • Meditate - While on a horse you gain the ability to meditate even though you are technically standing. This is especially helpful for boxes because you don't need to constantly remember to sit them while you are out pulling or doing something else
    • No-Sit Aggro - Sitting or opening a spell book on a horse should generate no additional aggro unlike sitting without a horse.
    However there exists what most people call a "Horse bug". This is a well known mechanic whereby you do not enable Luclin player models or new Elemental models. If you use all classic models and you activate a horse, you gain the later 2 benefits from the horse (the meditate and no-sit aggro) but not the Runspeed change.

    Because many people find the throttled runspeed annoying and most of the horses people get are the cheapest ones in the Bazaar (8.4k) which only have a runspeed of about 10% increase above base, using the horse bug is far preferable to having Luclin models enabled.

    Using the horsebug will generate what most people call a "horse bump". This is basically an invisible object that persists in the zone geometry as long as you stay alive in the zone with your horse buff up. This can block you from using corners to tank in or may cause characters to get stuck in tight spaces. So be mindful about where you summon your horse.

    Global Cooldown Removal (GCR):

    After casting every spell in game there is a global cooldown of 2.25 seconds before you can cast another spell. You will see all your spells grey out for this time frame.

    You can however bypass this by using instant clicky items. If you spam an instant clicky item twice it will skip the cooldown with a few small caveats.
    • You cannot cast a spell within the global cooldown. For example, if you cast a spell, instant clicky twice and then cast a very fast casting spell (like Tashan which is a 1 second cast time), you will receive an error saying Spell recovery time not yet met. To get around this you either need to wait enough time such that the spell COMPLETES after the 2.25 second window ends or cast a spell that takes longer than 2.25 seconds to cast.
    • Using this will show all your spell gems available except the spell you just cast, which needs to go through its normal Spell Recast time. For most spells this is also 2.25 seconds, some spells have longer timers.
    • Your top slot spell gem will show as being completely refreshed even if it was the spell you just cast and has a longer than usual recast time. This is useful for some spells like Complete Heal. Using GCD you can cast Complete Heal and then instant clicky twice, and then cast Complete Heal again if it is in your top slot. If it is not in your top slot you'd still have to wait 2.25 seconds to cast it again. For a spell with a longer recast time like Call of the Hero (15 seconds), you would need to cast it, instant clicky twice and then wait 3-4 seconds. At this point you could begin casting Call of the Hero with its 12 second cast time. So long as the spells base recast time has expired by the time the spell completes the spell will cast.
    The cheapest/easiest options for a newer player's GCD clickies are:
    • Spyglass
    • Star of Eyes
    • Journeyman's Boots
    Vendor Recharging:

    If you get to the higher levels in the game you may find yourself wanting to recharge various clickies with charges. This still works on our server as it did on the original AK server. The requirements for an item to be recharged are it must be sellable to a vendor and you must have at least 1 version of the item with charges.
    1. Sell fully charged version to a vendor with an open inventory slot
    2. Sell all your uncharged versions to the same vendor
    3. Buy back all versions of the item
    This should result in all of the items being returned with the same number of charges as the first one you sold to the vendor. A few commonly used charged items and their buyback prices on our server (buyback price is equal to the cost to purchase it back from vendor - the price they paid you to buy it in the first place. Assume recharging a single item will cost 2x buyback price). Some of these are obviously not economical to recharge
    • Swollen Fungusbeast Gland (31500pp) - 10 Charge instant snare
    • Scepter of the Forlorn (26250pp) - 10 Charge instant snare
    • Crypt Master's Conjuring Stone (1575pp) - 1 Charge instant Corpse Summon
    • Prayers of Life (1240pp) - 5 Charge instant group Heal
    • Puppet Strings (390pp) - 10 Charge instant Charm
    • Bladestopper (180pp) - 10 Charge instant targetable Rune
    • Midnight Mallet (345pp) - 5 Charge instant slow
    • Slowstone Amber (255pp) - 3 Charge instant slow (monk only)
    • Planar Wands (250pp) - 3-4 Charges instant Charm/Snare/Nuke/DS/Haste/Lifetap from Plane of Hate / Fear. Pure caster specific ones only.
    • Leatherfoot Raider's Skullcap (48pp) - 1 Charge instant Teleport to WC
    • Braided Beard of the Coldain (48pp) - 5 Charge instant rune
    • Ornate Velium Pendant (40pp) - 4 Charge +100 Faction buff
    • Stalking Probe (33pp) - 5 Charge instant Eye of Zomm
    • Wooly Spider Silk Net (20pp) - 3 Charge instant root
    • Larrikan's Mask (6 gold) - 10 Charge 10 sec invis
    • Vial of Shrieker Essence (5 gold) - 10 Charge instant targetable shrink
    • Ring of Shadows (3 gold) - 3 Charge instant self invis
    • Earring of the Frozen Skull (2 gold) - 4 Charge 1 sec self DA
    • Vial of Roilling Gas (1 gold) - 10 Charge instant self Levitate
    • Red Wood Wand (1 gold) - 5 Charge instant 75 AE DD
    • Holgresh Mojo Wand (1 gold) - 5 Charge 5 sec 100DD Nukes
    Work in progress
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    Money Making (for new players)

    No Level Requirement Money Makers:

    Almost all of these methods are farming/creating tradeskill components for people skilling up their tradeskills. Typically it is a safe bet that some one will be in need of these often enough to buy out your stuff in a week or two. But if you are concerned with spending time to not find a buyer always just put out a feeler in Alliance checking if anyone is looking to buy mass quantities of something that lower level players can easily make.

    Celestial Essence Combining:

    Celestial Essences are made by combining 1 x Celestial Solvent (1 gold~) and 1 x Scent of Marr (1.5 plat) in a Mortar and Pestle (internet posts will say Mixing Bowl but that is incorrect for our era of EQ). These are all sold in PoK at the far west trader building (10/12 on EQAtlas Map). This costs about 1.6 plat per combine and they are usually sold at around 5 plat per (100pp per stack).

    You probably want some starting plat to try out this money making method. About 300~ platinum would allow you to make 10 stacks which you could convert into 1000 platinum. If you are brand new to the server and don't have the start up plat, a tradeskiller may offer to give you the start up plat to buy the combining stuff and then pay you the difference between cost of materials and final price at the end. I'd check in alliance to see if any tradeskillers are interested in this.

    Spiderling Silk Farming:

    Spiderling silks are easiest farmed in Field of Bones in the spiderling crypt (D on EQAtlas Map). These spiderlings are all level 2 and have a fairly fast respawn time. People will typically pay around 5pp per spiderling silk.

    Outside of some newbie armor quest combines, the only real use for Spiderling Silk is to create Silk Threads, which are then used in a number of different combines. The Silk Thread combine is no-fail so it may be profitable for you to combine the Spiderling Silks in a tailoring kit as you go and sell these Silk Thread for 10-15pp each. I know myself and others have paid a slight premium to get the Silk Threads premade as it saves us many clicks and there's really no downside for the farmer to do this as they farm.

    Heady Kiola Crafting:

    Heady Kiola are a component in some mid-level Tailoring combines people often use to skill up their trade. Each combine requires 4 of these, so people need bulk quantities as they skill up.

    These are made by combining 1 x Bottle (5 copper), 1 x Water Flask (1 silver) and 2 x Packet of Kiola Sap (1 gold each), so about 2 gold per combine, 4 plat per stack and you can sell each stack for around 100pp. You cannot find all these components in PoK so its best to do these combines in your home city as most home cities have a brewery with these components sold. The combine is a trivial 46 brewing combine.

    To reach 95% success (max) on this combine you actually need to skill your brewing up to 78. The easiest way to skill up to this point is by doing Fetid Essence combines, see here for more information

    Low-Mid Level Requirement Money Makers:

    Enchanting Clay:

    You may want to secure a buyer before going this route, but if you have a level 8 enchanter you can enchant clay. A player attempting to go from 188 Pottery to 220 for Aid Grimel could use over 800~ Enchanted Clay trying to skill up. Someone aiming to go for 240 could use upwards of 2000 clay.

    We don't have any Mass or Greater Mass Enchant options so each clay has to be enchanted one by one which is very time consuming. Some players may opt to buy enchanted clay from a new player and pay them for their time.

    Again I would suggest you offer up this service in Alliance to try to secure a buyer before spending your time doing this but as a level 8 enchanter it could be a good money maker.

    Spider Silk Farming:

    Spider Silks are easiest farmed in East Karana from carrion and crag spiders. These spiders are level 10-20. Typically you want to be in high teens low 20s to farm these while you EXP. They can drop anywhere from 0-7 spider silks per kill. People typically pay 5pp or 100pp per stack of spider silks which are needed for many tailoring skill up methods.

    As with Spiderling Silks, Spider Silks are almost exclusively used in Silk Swatch form which is a no-fail combine. So it may be more profitable to combine them yourself into Silk Swatches and then sell those.

    **Bonus** If you happen to have a Tunare Druid/Cleric 29+ and you happen to find a very lazy and wealthy player, you may be able to sell Sacred Tunare Silk. Each one of these requires 1 Silk Swatch, 1 Celestial Essence and 1 Blessed Dust of Tunare (Pottery combine requiring 1 Celestial Essence, 1 Imbued Emerald thus the 29+ Tunare Druid/Cleric, and 1 Jar of Acid). This method requires you have Pottery in the 120s~, Tailoring around 130~ and the Tunare Druid/Cleric.

    These are used in a combine people use to get the highest skills of Tailoring done, as such you may be able to get 25-50pp per Sacred Tunare Silk. Before adventuring on this path I would definitely line up a buyer as it is pretty time consuming but could be a good money maker for someone looking to eventually do their own tradeskills/shawl.

    Hill Giants:

    In Rathe Mountains at 19 on the EQAtlas map are Hill Giants. They roam and you probably want a trio in the mid to upper 30s to kill them with any sort of regularity. They drop 0-50~pp per kill and fine steel and are okay EXP.

    Swirling Shadows:

    The only really feasible way to skill your smithing beyond 188 in our era is Shadowscream. One of the components for these combines is Swirling Shadows which drop from shade mobs in Luclin. The best camp for them is in Twilight Sea. There are about 20~ level 30-35 shadows on island #6 on EQAtlas in Twilight Sea. This is directly South of the Druid/Wizard teleport location and Southwest of Katta.

    People will often buy these for 10-20pp/each and in very large quantities. For a character with access to a teleporter you are hard pressed to find a camp with a shorter run distance from a teleport location.

    Rockhopper Hides:

    In Dawnshroud at #3 on the Map is the rockhopper cave. These guys are all in the high 30s low 40s. You typically want to be in your low 40s to start out here. They are animals so druids can charm/fear them, and for Enchanters there is an overpowered charmable gnome named Ryklo Rykes in the zone you can charm who eats through these rockhoppers.
    • Flawless Rockhopper hides fetch around 250pp/each or 5k/stack to high end tailors These are the bulk of your money from the camp.
    • Superb Rockhopper Hides maybe you can get about 20-50pp/each out of (these tend to be harder sells) to mid-level tailors.
    • High Quality Rockhopper Hides you can get maybe 5-10pp/each for (these make Hand Made Backpacks with just a Backpack Pattern added, 88 Tailoring trivial combine. It is not a bad skill-up path after you exhaust the vendor sold 1-76 Woven Mandrake/Picnic Basket route).
    • Medium and Low Quality Hides you can maybe sell around 3-5pp/each. Or if you did the Spiderling Silk farming from above and have some spare silks, you can combine LQ Hides with 1 Silk Thread to make Leather Padding. This can go for around 25-50pp/each to a mid-level smith. The MQ hides you generally want to combine with a Skinning Knife to make more LQ hides which can be used for Leather Padding as mentioned above.
    • Damaged Hides aren't really worth much. If you want you can skill up to 26 tailoring yourself by using these to combine with any pattern to make some Tattered Hopper Hide, or you can just vendor them.
    Rockhopper caves have a unique mechanic where if someone kills the Age Old Rockhopper in the back right cave the Rockhoppers will all be replaced by Goranga. Generally people are aware of this and don't do kill him, but if you arrive and there are no Rockhoppers that is why. To flip it back you have to kill a similar mob in the same spot location to respawn the Rockhoppers.

    The EXP in this camp stays quite good until low 50s.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2021
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  6. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    There are no limits to character Move function by the way. Can move a char as many times as you want between game accounts dozens of times per day
  7. Walex

    Walex People Like Me

    It has to be coldain shawl MQ stuff. Look at all those tradeskilling trophies and not a single fur padding or shawl 7!
  8. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    If you struggle with Sense Heading, you can add a small piece of unicode text into your Charname.ini filename, at the bottom in the [Socials] section like this.


    It will manifest a clickable link in /say which, when clicked, will tell you the direction you are facing when you click it, like such


    Can adjust Hotbutton Page# and Button# values to your liking.

    Refer to attached compass link.txt for text that you can copy paste into your Charname.ini file

    The item # value for compass is 007445 as per

    Reference for more info here:

    Attached Files:

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  9. pivoo

    pivoo Member

    What a treasure trove of useful information. I only knew about a few.
    These tools makes TAKP so much better!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  10. S9Forever

    S9Forever New Member

    I never knew about the additional inventory search and display features. That makes inventory of spell research words SO much easier!
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  11. sowislifesowislove

    sowislifesowislove People Like Me

    Maybe a sub title of “what’s the best trio?” and a link to several of the thousand forum topics where this is discussed.
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  12. Bum

    Bum I Feel Loved

    I’m new here. Do you have any free plat to get me started?
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  13. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Useful Tips

    Quick Trading:

    If you have an item on your cursor and you have an NPC or PC centered in your first person view, hitting the "Use" command (default is 'U'), the item on your cursor will go into a trade window with the person.

    So instead of dragging and dropping 8 items or bags from 1 character into the trade window with another, you can pick up 8 items and hit U inbetween each pick up and it will add those items to the trade. This allows you to very quickly transfer items without all that mouse movemenet back and forth between your inventory and the trade window.

    Quick Memorizing:

    To quickly scribe spells from your book to your spell bar click on a spell so that the spell icon is on your cursor.

    Then hit ALT + #. This will cause the game to begin scribing the spell into the number you used. This allows you to more quickly scribe your spells especially after a death when you need to scribe 8 of them.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2021
  14. Sketchy

    Sketchy People Like Me

    Is there anyway to sticky this or something?
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  15. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    I added a TAKP Important information section which includes some base information about the server, raid rotations, server resets, guilds on the server, and some unique to the server or unique to the era game mechanics (MGBs hitting all levels, group exp splits, global cooldown removal, recharging, horse bug etc.)

    If the information about each guild is incorrect feel free to contact me so I can edit it. I just wanted to include roughly the timezone the guild is active in, a little history and their raid progression so newer players know which guilds may be good fits for them.

    I do sort of wish I had another post I could edit to split out the game mechanic stuff into its own post but Ravenwing was so curious about my bags I didn't have a chance to reserve another post!
  16. Elroz

    Elroz I Feel Loved Staff Member

    I will fix this for you! Sorry RW
  17. Ripwind

    Ripwind People Like Me

    Oh man, is this the first post RW has had deleted? Juiiccccyyy!
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  18. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    can just put it in the Wiki :)

    some small corrections

    this doesn't currently work like that, you can still generate sit agro on a horse

    slightly fixed recharge costs:
    Holgresh Mojo Stick (1 plat) - 5 Charge 5 sec 100DD Nukes
    Earring of the Frozen Skull (4 gold) - 4 Charge 1 sec self DA

    also added a couple important points to below:
    Vial of Shrieker Essence (5 gold) - 10 Charge instant targetable shrink
    Bladestopper (180pp) - 10 Charge instant targetable Rune
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2021
  19. pivoo

    pivoo Member

    Please, you can delete my #9 post, so Darchom get another empty spot for future addition
  20. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Added targetable note to those two clickies. The prices however are correct. The price you list doesn’t include the amount of money you get selling the item in the first place.

    The horse sit aggro I included because there is an active bug report on it which I think is getting looked at?
  21. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    Gotcha, didn't realise you were subtracting sell $ from the buy $, since it's just a few gold we're talking about it really doesn't matter.

    Yeah that bug report, let's hope
    I like your forward planning
  22. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Added the pet experience information to the game mechanics section of the post. Any other important game mechanics pieces that newer players should be made aware of that I’ve not included?
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  23. iraxion

    iraxion Active Member

    What a fine guide this is. Thank you so much! :)

    I wonder if it is worth adding a little warning for tradeskillers-to-be... either here or in your equally fine tradeskill guide (

    Containers will happily combine nonsense like this:
    (Notice how my clumsy fingers managed to fumble a whole stack of material into the container. Again.)

    I think this is correct, but it might not be obvious to people coming here. Assuming it's a client thing, newer client will warn and not allow this kind of combine. (On the other hand, if your fingers are sufficiently clumsy - mine certainly are - you will of course notice before you get wasting expensive materials...)
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  24. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Ah yes this is an AKurate thing. I recall someone combining an entire stack of Flawless Rockhopper Hides once.
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  25. thucydides

    thucydides I Feel Loved

    I do all my tradeskilling with a stack of pennies holding down the command key so that i only ever pick up singles. You can even hit shift to move stacks around without ever releasing the command key.
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  26. iraxion

    iraxion Active Member

    Nice trick! Just tried it on PC - works fine. Can shift while either control key is "locked". Thanks! :)
    /em is looking for a sufficiently large clothespeg now
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  27. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Another fun tip.

    If you have an item on your cursor and you have an NPC or PC centered in your first person view, hitting the "Use" command (default is 'U'), the item on your cursor will go into a trade window with the person.

    So instead of dragging and dropping 8 items or bags from 1 character into the trade window with another, you can pick up 8 items and hit U inbetween each pick up and it will add those items to the trade. This allows you to very quickly transfer items without all that mouse movemenet back and forth between your inventory and the trade window.
  28. thucydides

    thucydides I Feel Loved

    One thing I learned recently while doing the Rytan's Darts quest - If the npc in question is a vendor the U key will pull up their vendor window rather than trade.
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  29. Verdent

    Verdent People Like Me

  30. iraxion

    iraxion Active Member

    Also: Boats in the Ocean of Tears, as this came up in chat again yesterday. I've seen it twice in chat now, and I haven't been around for a long time here :)

    OOT Boats are not "wrong" - they are just captured in one of the specific ways they were. Which might be different from how they work elsewhere = what you are used to.

    Boat from Butcherblock travels west --> east through OOT. It does not stop at Sister Isle (doesn't even get near) and takes a route far south. Use it to get to Zachariah's Isle or Allizewsaur.
    Boat from Freeport travels east --> west trough OOT. It does stop at Sister Isle and takes the route that you see on many maps. Use it to conveniently get everywhere else (AC, Seafuries, Twins, ..).

    A "reference" map for TAKP OOT boats would be here on EQ map preserve: 6th map from the top.

    (Forum search for "boats" turns up all this information - figured I'd post it here regardless, might save someone from scratching their head and starting to search / google / having to ask)
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2021
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