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  1. amnesia998

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    Hey guys, wanted to inquire about some stuffs.
    Is it worth starting here as a new player with no intention of boxing? Can I realistically find groups at lower levels, or should I just solo to max? I am interested because of the good scripting and heard really good things about the server, so help me out here please. Anyway, thanks for any potential answers <3
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    Yea. Might be tough at times. But there is weird group xp where a 4 man team gets extra bonus. So it always benefits a trio to invite an extra. There are people that will just leach this, so an active 4th is always welcome. Other than that I can’t honestly tell you how it is for a solo box. I will say though that I never boxed back on live 15 years ago. EQ is a whole new game, boxing, camp your own gear, do whatever you want with the right trio. Good luck to yuh.
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  3. Darchon

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    It’s of course easier to level with boxing.

    If you have no interest in that, you can get to 60 on this server fairly quickly, but you likely want to roll a class that can solo when groups are unavailable. People have leveled Rogues to 60 solo here but it’s a long road to do that.

    As mentioned above people who are 3-boxing receive MORE Exp by just inviting a 4th person even if that person is AFK. So it would behoove you to ask any trio you see to join them, as it benefits both you and them regardless of how much you are increasing the kill rate of the group.
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  4. Ransom

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    Necro, enchanter, druid, magician and beastlord will all level fantastically both solo or in a group.

    Some melee options could also be bard or ranger. Monks are decent solo but the fear kiting ability of rangers will outpace them quickly.

    Once you are 40+ you can group with 60s to benefit everyone's experience.
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  5. Mitya

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    H iamnesia998,
    This was something I struggled with as well when I first came back to AK. On live, I was a necromancer - and I legit didn't even KNOW you could group until I was well into level 40, I just assumed everyone could solo. Imagine my surprise when I was invited into a group in LGuk for the first time... to be fair, I was also a kid and had no idea how anything worked.

    That being said, when I came back to AK and made my necromancer with the intention of soloing, but the draw of the boxed group is just super inciting: You basically get free classes to help out. So I created some "groups" of characters that level. I have a druid, necromancer, and enchanter team - they are my outdoor kiting team.

    Then I have a shadowknight, cleric, bard team - they are my indoor dungeon team. It's great for me because when someone like yourself comes along, I'll very quickly snatch you up because like Quillen and Darch mentioned, that 4th person gives bonus XP.

    In the end, just do whatever you think you'll have fun with - people here are really nice and accommodating and if they have room they will help you. And, in the event that they don't, almost EVERY SINGLE DAY there is someone high level doing MGBs of Aego/C3/Awesome buffs in PoK.

    Not to mention, you could just politely ask and most people will buff you without a second thought, so there's that, too. :)
  6. Morbo

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    If you are going to only play one character on a 3 box server, this is the server I would do it on.
  7. Trisi

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    I single box. It certainly can be done.
  8. Oiwon

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    Do it, but you will probably be spending 75% of your xp time alone. Just give in and learn to add a box or two - its way essier than you might think and uhh everyone is doing it. Even if its just adding a cleric to run around casting heal on you.

    If you would have started when the server came out lots of people would have grouped with you, but now most people are high level. Good news is that once you hit 40 you can group with a 60.

    If you do decide to single box, dont be shy about trying to form groups or seeking out hunting partners in Alliance chat. Lots of people have alts they are leveling. If you decide to give boxing an alt a try, feel free to ask for tips on switching between characters etc..

    3rd solution: invite a friend to come play and level up with you! Honestly.. soloing here goes by pretty fast, especially with how generous this community is with buffs and noobie gear.

    Regardless of which class you choose, the path to 50 is actually pretty easy. Obviously single boxing a Warrior or Rogue would be a bit tougher. Its 51-59 where things start to get a lttle stcky, but by then groups will also be easier for you to get.

    P.s. join a guild

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