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    Hi guys,

    I had a harddrive crash and losta ll my bookmarks when resinstallling windows. One of my bookmarks was a website with EQ maps showing spawnpoint and even roaming mobs(the map have moving dots for the roaming mobs, so guess you can call it a virtual map). iirc I got the link from these forums but I can not find it and my meory fails me. www.eqsomethingsomething.something lol

    Not much info but I miss that site very much, any ideas?
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  2. Elroz

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    EqAtlas or EQ magelo maybe? The takp resources and eq resources dropdown menus have those
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    Chrome and Firefox both can backup and sync your bookmarks...
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    could it have been part of ? I'm not super familiar with the site and don't know if they have the sort of generalized maps you're talking about, but you can look up mobs there and see their spawn point on a map. I think all of their database stuff is based of PEQ, so it wouldn't be 100% accurate but in my experience it's pretty helpful.
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    Awesome, thats the one!