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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyler, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Tyler

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    I haven't played EQ since 2003, and am thrilled to start up again on my Mac OS. I managed to get the game running, but have some technical issues that I'm sure are easy to resolve.

    First off, I am unable to command + tab to switch back to my desktop to check email, etc. The only way for me to exit the game is to sit, camp, and logout. Is there another means of doing this?

    Second, I'm unable to scroll out to 3rd person. I read on the Al'Kabor Wiki FAQ page to press 'F9' twice and then use PGDN and PGUP buttons, which I do not have on my MacBook keyboard. How do I scroll out to third person?

    When the game starts up, I hear the login screen music, but once I enter the game there is no music. I distinctly remember the Wood Elf area having this classical like music lol, but not when I'm playing now.

    I'm also having trouble getting any NPC to communicate with me. Do I just double click on them to see dialogue?

    Lastly, how do I chat on the server channel? Is there a general channel like /1 in World of Warcraft?
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    This thread about boxing (https://www.takproject.net/forums/index.php?threads/questions-about-boxing.12509/#post-85770 ) might offer a solution to your (present) inability to switch to desktop.

    You need to create multiple desktop spaces and launch one EQ per space ( Lenas ). Thucydides then gives detailed instructions for doing this ( on a Mac )

    Welcome to our world !

    Someone else can answer the music question. Maybe you need to add a line in your eqclient.ini ?
  3. Tyler

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    Thanks for the help! I looked at the thread and am now able to scroll out from my Character, but it keeps zooming wayyyy out, and not a comfortable view for me.

    I also followed his instructions to make EQ run in windowed mode, but the dimensions are now not fitting my screen well, and when I try to change them to the correct ones that fit my screen the game is crashing. I was still not able to use command + tab to toggle between my desktop and game :(
  4. Mukk

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    When I was playing on a Macbook Pro, the first thing I did was get a full keyboard with a numberpad and pageup/pagedown keys. That also gave me F13, F14 and F15 keys, which I made hotkeys (in system settings) for switching desktops. The default mac keyboards are not great for EQ.

    Click on an NPC and press "H" to Hail them.

    You should be autojoined to the Alliance channel, which is /1 as you guessed.
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    If you are changing resolution from the game options, it doesn't work. It didn't work on Al'Kabor either if memory serves. It can be changed from the eqclient.ini file. It's been years since I ghetto boxed on a Mac, but back then had to use a third party app to tab between instances of the client. I seem to remember using something called Lightswitch or similar name. You should be able to switch spaces or virtual desktop to your desktop.