If you could add one exp camp to PoP...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sverder, Nov 24, 2023.

  1. Sverder

    Sverder Well-Known Member

    What would it be?

    I was always disappointed with the undead options in PoP, and the lack of a real undead camp in EPs. If I could add one camp, it would be a shipwreck with level 65 drowned sailor zombies in the Reef of Coirnav. Having a named Captain with a rare drop of a ~90hp/mana item with Affliction Haste 4 would just be amazing.
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  2. DubRemix88

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    How about a whole drowned city, full of undead, and a dragon, plopped right in the lake of ill omen?
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  3. Break

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    Sounds too good to be true. I bet you'd even include a super easy to obtain haste belt dropping there.
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  4. Sverder

    Sverder Well-Known Member

    Veksar is cool and all, but I wasn't trying to advocate for anything being added. Just thinking about what is lacking in PoP.

    PoP does class balance really well, but zone balance and diversity is kind of terrible. Some zones are essentially worthless except for raids, like Torment, PoNB, and HoHB. While others are the clear go to favorites for exp and/or loot, like Fire, BoT, and Tactics.

    Similarly mob type diversity is not great. Several classes have undead specific spells/abilities, but undead options in PoP stink. There are some undead camps, but all in lower tier zones and with some drawbacks compared to other mobs in the same level range/area.
    Like PoNB dudes with huge aggro ranges and slow immune.
    Crypt of Decay with Carprin in the way, plus fake walls meaning potential for big pulls.
    PoValor has lots of single pulls in the zone, except for undead which can be 3+ pulls. Plus random root immunity.

    Mages get a nice spot to play with elementals in BoT. Druids have some decent spots to play with animals in Storms and Tactics. But to me undead seem to be inferior, despite paladins, necros, and clerics having some undead only toys.

    I'm just imagining what could have been different. There's lot of zones in PoP that could have been more than they are. Plane of Water is actually a really solid zone as is, so my theoretical higher level undead camp probably should have been somewhere else.
  5. Mokli

    Mokli I Feel Loved

    I wish there was more of a reason to go to Sol Ro's Tower here. I and a few others would head there for a quick 30 minute grind after raids before logging off on live.

    Perhaps, regardless missing loot options here if PoFire was crowded always, Sol Ro would be used more.
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  6. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    I’d like to see some Druid, Mage, And Necro charm options in elemental planes that could be fun.

    I think a bit more traditional dungeon with more typical named mob camps would be good too. BoT is pretty good at this but an indoor option may be fun, CoD could’ve been a great option for this if they went with a named mob paradigm instead of the uncommon named version. This would probably be my primary suggestion.

    Seeing the elementals more balanced would make me happy to. The disparity between exp potential in water/fire vs earth/air is huge due to no charmables in earth and air. Also the immunities/AEs for every mob in earth and air vs no really noticeable abilities for the water/fire mobs.

    To echo others, seeing the generic Ornate drops added to ToSR would add a reason to visit there.
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  7. Frosst

    Frosst Well-Known Member

    I was going back and checking my old AK logs trying to find text of people talking about Hobart adding ornate molds to Sol Ro. When running a search for ornate, I came across an ornate bracer mold dropping from the trash near Jiva. I know the ornate boot mold can drop from a torrid elemental near Arlyxir, but I don't see our code showing any ornate dropping from Jiva trash.

    As far as I can tell it was an effreeti adeel that dropped it (I'm not exactly certain because there were some other efreetis killed around then, but it appears to be from one of them).

    It would be cool to add the ornate bracer mold to the loot list for the efreetis and would be amazing to itemize the place for ornate molds like it is on Live. Would make Sol Ro a destination that people regularly go to.

    [Fri Dec 7 22:18:28 2012] You slash Jiva for 35 points of damage.
    [Fri Dec 7 22:25:21 2012] an efreeti adeel has been slain by a mephit retainer!
    [Fri Dec 7 22:25:39 2012] Huffwins tells the raid, 'Ornate Bracer Mold hobart would be pleased'
    [Fri Dec 7 22:25:46 2012] Darchon tells the raid, 'rofl really?'
    [Fri Dec 7 22:26:40 2012] --Illicit has looted a Ornate Bracer Mold.--
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  8. Ravenwing

    Ravenwing I Feel Loved

    I vaguely remember someone in Tem getting an ornate mold from a Jiva add even before Hobart's ToSR update. It must have been fairly rare, though.

    It was a shame that we didn't get ornate drops with the ToSR update. Going by the patch history and what Hobart told us about the zone data he used for the update, we missed the ornate patch by about a week.
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  9. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    The ornate dropped from Efreeti add spawns from the Jiva encounter on I think our last ToSR minis clear on AK.

    Ornate would be cool to see on ToSR trash but with the age of the server and the fact that all active raid guilds are rotating everything from VT to Time, I’m not sure how useful it would be at this point. The only really notable thing is that the leg molds could drop from ToSR trash (though at the lowest rate compared to other slots). Outside of that I don’t know how much ornate really gets actively camped and created for characters lately with how prevalent VT/Elemental/Time gear is.
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  10. showstring

    showstring I Feel Loved

    it's such a cool zone though...

    it's a shame it's empty

    would be great to see it utilized and people having some fun in a different PoP zone
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  11. Mokli

    Mokli I Feel Loved

    Its basically PoFire, but the mobs can't be kited since not much can be snared, so requires actual group makeups with a tank (or a Crushzilla). Not much charmable, etc.
  12. Rexas

    Rexas Member

    Zone is irrelevant but I would add mobs with less ATK. However, only versus Monks.
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  13. Frosst

    Frosst Well-Known Member

    That's true, but it would give people a reason to go to Sol Ro (which now stands largely abandoned). Ornate is still popular for new players and alts, and it seems to be pretty desired.

    The server is not a pure AK recreation. It is far better than AK ever was because it has fixed many obviously broken things. I would put an empty Sol Ro Tower in the category of "obviously broken and should be fixed" (akin to Mental Corruption, Permapac, etc.). RW's observation that the Sol Ro update was about a week past our Code split makes a compelling argument that this should be under consideration.

    This is not a critically important change, and I can certainly understand if the Devs decline to make it, but I really believe it would improve this place for the better.
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  14. Palarran

    Palarran Well-Known Member

    Certain ornate pieces are also good for clickies. On Live, the ornate leather leggings for my druid saw occasional use for multiple expansions past PoP if I remember right; clicky Savage Roots was incredibly useful in some situations.
  15. Loadsamoney

    Loadsamoney Member

    My favorite zone in the entire collection: Dulak's Harbor.

    Pirates are low hp (though they hit hard as bricks), plentiful, and often drop good gems.