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    I 3 box an enchanter, mage, druid, but there are times when I don't charm with my enchanter.

    My current trio is around level 34. I'm leveling in crystal caverns at the moment and the only place I feel like I kill things faster/more efficiently using charm are the geonids, they are spaced apart and there is zero chance of getting adds. However when killing the orcs or spiders, with all the adds a possible charm break could result in lost xp and a long corpse run.

    Basically me just using the enchanter for buffs/crowd control, letting the mage pet tank and using the druid for buffs seems to be faster for dungeon crawling.
    Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? I also feel that my lack of being able to cycle targets as well as not resiisting my own aoe mez, makes bad pulls worse.
    Not saying that I'm not having fun or that I don't know how to charm at all, just that it seems a bit harder on TAKP and especially during dungeon crawls with a 3 box. Should I be ashamed or is this fine?
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    I started off my trio with same except cleric instead of Druid. Quickly moved to Ranger. Needed some melee/something different than just clicking spells/pet attack. I would not only add a melee type to make it easier for charming but you’ll be able to do some more fun stuff later on like trioing some boss mobs, etc.
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    Charm isn’t as strong a lower levels compared to higher levels.

    In your 30s you probably won’t notice much losing a charmed pet in that trio. At higher levels like 50s you will find the mage pet with druid healer is quite slow and not very mana efficient. At that point having a charmed pet is much better.

    Also with that combination why aren’t all your casters bound just outside of Crystal Caverns? With a Druid to port you can just port to Nexus or PoK and then gate all three of your characters back. It should save you a lot of time on any CRs especially in such a far out exp zone.
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    Use eye of zomm + pacify to control your pulls. Keep your charm pet ensnared and parked some small distance from your group. Keep your pet targeted on enchanter when not actively doing something else. If you target the pet and hit tab, you can later target yourself (F1) and tab back to the pet, for quick targeting.
    anywho, there’s no law that says you have to charm, those are just some ideas that might help smooth things out a little.
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    You definitely shouldn't feel ashamed for your preferred style of play.

    With that said, at higher levels, charming becomes extremely powerful. There's already some good advice in this thread.

    -F1 + F1 to target pet before you leave your enchanter box

    -Take advantage of your druid's long lasting snare, and park pet away from group. This works well if you need to AFK as well. break your charm - mez - resnare - memblur, and your pet will be waiting for you when you get back so long as snare hasn't wore off. (Make sure your memblur worked by assisting your pet)

    -Make sure to have "Color Slant" memmed & "Mesmerize" at all times to CC pet.

    -GINA! - Make sure you have GINA telling you that your snare and or charm has wore off.

    -Start out by NOT weaponizing or hasting your pet. This will give your enchanter more of a chance to survive as you're getting used to charming and building the muscle memory. Once you get more comfortable, give your pet a few weapons. Eventually, once you feel confident in your abilities, your pet should have 2 weapons, a tola robe, and VoG at all times (and whatever goodies your mage can summon, which I'm not fully familiar with).
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    charming becomes easier with practice levels and gear, i was always anti charming then i tried it and got good at it and it opens up a lot of possiblities. i wouldnt charm anything till youre max level and at least 2.5-3k hp with buffs. make sure u use GINA too makes it stupid simple
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    Thanks for all the replies guys, to be honest it was more that I felt I'm faster not charming going down crystal caverns. When there is a possibility of getting a charm break I do play more cautious, after all my pet is a lot stronger after getting buffed.

    Maybe at one point I'll add a melee character and swap out my mage. I definitely want to keep my druid for porting. I also leveled a cleric to 30, maybe I'll just swap him in at a later stage for complete heals.

    I guess I'm just used to soloing with an enchanter, when we are talking about Crystal caverns, I do not like charming when crawling down from the entrance to the coldain town and fighting the tunnel with spiders, I'm pretty confident that I'm faster while not charming there (and far less likely to die). However the geonids are very difficult without charming (I use the stalag terrors and buff them up, since the geonids are usually an even or yellow con for me).

    Newbie mistake I thought I could bind them in crystal caverns which I couldn't. Corrected my mistake after my first corpse run though :D. And to be honest I was exaggerating a bit, I rarely die, usually it is because of my internet connection, because so far my Druid's succor hasn't failed me yet.

    Ah I didnt know about eye of zomm + pacify, thanks!
    I do keep my pet ensnared, but with the speed that I'm killing at, always keeping that distance and making him guard a spot just slows down the leveling too much. I think that is the main thing I'm getting at, but like others have said I'm sure in higher level dungeons the killing speed slows down and charm will really shine.
    After this I'm planning on killing hill giants for some pp and then I'll definitely charm.

    Thanks for the advice, actually most of them I already do (except for going afk, which is quite dangerous in CC with all the roamers)
    Had to look up the tola robe, but that is not something I can afford for my pet haha. Also my connection to the server is pretty shitty (600ms ping and sometimes I LD), so before I can spend that amount of money on my pet at my leveling speed will be somewhere in 2025 ;).

    Haha but it is so much fun, I don't want to wait till I'm max level.

    But thanks for all the tips guys, just wanted to see if I'm doing it wrong or if at my level dungeon crawling and charming just isn't always the best combo.
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    I have been using Lagarn's Lamentation for my stun when charm break. Double ciick my instaclicky, tash, instaclick, and then allure. It pretty much always works and the pet is back in the battel. I'm not sure if this is considered best practice or not.

    Would it be better just to use mesmerize so that AoE doesn't affect the nearby mobs you are fighting? Linkamus mentioned Color Slant. Or is the AoE so small it doesn't matter?

    Just a few lingering charm questions in my head. I'm not trying to confuse things.
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    Radius on color slant is pretty small and doesn't require you to target your pet to be effective. Only place where the AoE would be bad is if you're killing in a location that has non-kos mobs (like in a city or in PoM). Retash and Recharm during the stun is perfect if you have insta click ready. Just need to make sure that you wait like half a second after your stun cast otherwise tash will hit the global cooldown and not work.
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    Thanks a ton, I will give color slant a try!
  11. Kabouter

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    Does stun break mez btw? I mean it causes no damage, I'm always careful to use stun around mobs that I've mezzed, but perhaps I don't have to be?
    I also use the lvl.16 mez instead of the level 34 one, for now it lasts long enough and it fizzles a whole lot less
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    Different mezzes have different mana costs and durations. Higher isn’t always better.
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    Zero damage spells do not break mez.
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