Hey Everyone new solo player with some questions

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    Hi All,

    Looking to join up with the server but had a few questions.

    Not really interested in boxing so I would be solo playing/raiding. Obviously to do this without killing myself I'll need to pick a class that can kinda solo. So I'm looking at either an enchanter or a necro, 99% gonna go with enchanter as I never played the class, but I played a bard a lot on live/p99/p2002 and always wanted to try pure enchanter. Also being able to charm solo will be nice later on and into pop if needed.

    As I understand it this server has a 20% xp bonus, no class xp modifiers but the race modifiers are still in correct?

    Probably be a bit before I can get to raiding level but interested in it none the less, without the instancing am I going to have to be tied to a batphone in order to have a decent raiding experience on this server?

    Any guilds looking for a solo box enchanter/charm machine? I'll even volunteer to be your goto enchanter buff guy on raids, as long as my pet isn't eatting my face too much =P

    Last but not least, when is prime time on the server? I'll mostly be playing late night PST but would be able to raid past 7pm PST

    excited to play with you guys, heard great things about the server and really excited to play the class!

    Not excited about getting a VT key again, but no pain no gain I suppose.... I'm having The deep and Fungus Grove nightmare flashbacks
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  2. rainessa

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    Correct on the xp bonus / race modifiers.

    Guildwise, Black Sheep is the only one that raid's primarily PST (starting at 7 PST); I believe the rest tend to raid EST. However, all the guilds are great. No bad choices. I'm pretty sure all the guilds raid at a somewhat casual level of a few days a week. This server has a rotation system so we know well in advance what we need to do, so can plan ahead. There is a recruitment section on this forum if you want to read a bit more on the various guilds.
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  3. Tyrion

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    Welcome, you will love it here. I think all guilds are looking for more masterclass I mean ench mains. Go agnostic gnome for bonus points!
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  4. Sketchy

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    No one looks forwards to VT keys. If you break them down and slowly work away on them piece by piece they aren't that bad. Just don't do a marathon run of trying to get all shards in a single day, that's a recipe for rage.

    I have been in a couple guilds on the server, batphones are not a thing here, we rotate and share things like the adults (or almost like adults) Though I have seen some individuals get deep into the poopsocking. Drusella, Angry Goblin, Fishbone Earring and Efreeti including others. Not much can be done about them other than name and shame and leave them to finish. This server is less cutthroat and our time together is about having fun, instead of people playing rule lawyer and bothering the overworked GMs.

    I can't really answer on enchanters in high end raids. In Velious and Luclin they seem a little boring (I don't play one so I hope active raiding chanters can correct my thinking), but my understanding in PoP, they make a great addition to the raid. Enchanters are just an all around awesome class. That said, more important than what you think is the most in desire by raiding guilds, instead play what class will bring you the most joy as a whole.

    Have fun.
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  5. Shawn

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    NAG raids 9pm est, so an hour earlier than your start time...we usually raid 2-3 hours roughly. As for shards when your to that point can look me up if you need assistance....

    Advocatus -- also my discord name
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  6. Ripwind

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    Welcome to the server! I think you'll find that just about anyone here is willing to help out with whatever. We have an alliance channel that you'll auto-join, which is a server-wide communication platform. I think both of those class picks are solid solo characters, and any group/guild would be happy to have them as well. We have newbie quests in, which are a lot of fun. Or, by the time you're 10th level, someone will probably have showered you with plat and gifts to get started.

    Leveling can be a little quiet, but you can make due if you make your own groups by hitting alliance or /tell.
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  7. DCxMagus

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    Well I'm glad to hear poopsocking and rule lawyer isn't the normal. That stuff just tires me out. My Desire to play an enchanter solo honestly stems from the fact of the risk vs reward playstyle of charm DPSing. I know I could just make a box bard and have it on mez song lockdown but I think it will be fun to be able to solo when needed but I am much more a group person. Honestly if bard charm didn't die off so hard in Pop and we had melody here(im not twisting with out melody ever again!) I'm roll another bard. But from my experience on P2002 not having a box group is a disadvantage is no one is one to group with, at least with an enchanter I can have some fun in the elemental planes and such when they out, bard was capped out at PoNightmare with his charm.

    I don't mind being the go to buff bot on raids honestly I rather be a solo player and let the boxes focus on playing 2-3 characters, I hate when people don't have my class buffs on raids. I am playing on a shitty Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon so I doubt it could even handle a 2 box, maybe I'll look into a pocket buff group having a cleric for rez on tap would be nice, maybe a mana song/bard speed bot. But I would only want to focus on 1 character.

    Yeah I'll probably do VT shards as the camps become level appropriate to break it up, but I'll be honest wasn't that hard with my bard, I ended up soloing 80% of the shards but I was 65 at the time with a good amount of AA's so being level 60 I can see a few of the camps might be trouble solo. Look forward to getting my bearings and maybe hitting level 8 tonight.

    3rd party programs like the log phrases that set up mez timers and such are legal here correct?
  8. necra

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    Welcome to the server and yes gina is fine
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  9. Ransom

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    Welcome! For your play styles this server will be a gold mine of fun. You'll find yourself soloing more under 50, but in the 50s there should be groups at most hours.

    Enchanter is slightly better at charm solo than necro, but there is something thrilling about charming undead solo with a necro. Just so many tools to get the job done. I'd rather raid as a necro, but I'm not big on charm. If charming on a raid is your thing, stick to enchanter. They can do some fun things in POP.
  10. HelHound989

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    Im also somewhat still a new player here (month in now?), currently have a trio of Paladin / Cleric / Necro sitting at level 46 (just got through the hell that was 45), and another trio of Rogue / Druid / Enchanter at level 26.

    Since XP gets exponentially better once groups get 4+ toons in them, you are more than welcome to join me anytime :)

    Correct. Plus, the group XP bonus is better when groups are 4-6 players, which is actually really good.

    Im not raiding yet, but from the time ive been here, looks like everything is on rotiation. Theres only like 4-5 raiding guilds, and with Classic - Luclin, there is more than enough raid targets that everything is rotated pretty nicely

    All the guilds are recruiting, and for all classes!

    Im in CST, and it seems prime time is between 6pm - 11pm CST. The population more than doubles during that time.

    Excited to see you here!