Hail, a Barbarian warrior

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    Hello, folks. I'm new to the server after having lurked on EQMac.com as Biertrinker back when Sony ran the server. I figured that I'd come an introduce myself properly since I can now join the game.

    I started with EverQuest somewhere around 2002 on a PC, enthusiastically playing a Half-Elf rogue from Freeport. (I really enjoyed collecting illusion masks, too.) I grew to three-boxing along with a shaman and warrior, occasionally swapping one of the three for another. I enjoy sharing knowledge with other folks and exploring the stuff that I missed the first time.

    I'm grateful for the Al'Kabor project staff and the tremendously friendly community. You may see me wandering around Norrath as Nootaikok Frostcaller and/or Moksha Bladecaller, and occasionally as my warrior. I look forward to grouping with y'all.
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    I confess that I looked up your skirt at the main bank today . Go Regimental !
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    Welcome to AK! I'm sure you'll fit right in. I slowly level an outdoor kiting trio (dru/nec/enc) and an indoor trio (SK, Cleric, Bard) and are around level 35 for both sets. Anytime you feel like hanging onto one my trios, I don't mind the company.
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