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    Anybody know of a comprehensive list of ground spawns around Norrath? I found an old topic on EQtraders, but that's it so far. I'm trying to update our wiki's zones as this is the one thing I can't find a good resource/db to search through. The Allaclone has foraged items, is there a way to search by ground spawns or could anybody walk me through another way to find through game files?

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    Misty Acorn - Misty Thicket
    Misty Thicket Twig - Misty Thicket
    Misty Thicket Fruit - Misty Thicket
    Underfoot Mushroom - Kaladim
    A Strange Dark Fungus - Kaladim
    Oak Bark - Butcherblock Mountains
    Permafrost Crystal - Permafrost
    Yew Leaves - Wakening Lands
    Faydark Twig - Greater Faydark
    Evergreen Leaf - Greater Faydark
    Sacrosypha Fungus - Lesser Faydark
    Morning Dew - Lesser Faydark
    Iron Oxide - Steamfont Mountains
    Russet Oxide - Steamfont Mountains
    Dulfis Mushroom - Paludal Caverns
    Black Silt Clay - Hollowshade Moor
    Chunk of Porous Ore - Hollowshade Moor
    Crystallized Ygri Root - Hollowshade Moor
    Grimroot - Hollowshade Moor
    Hollow Palm Root - Hollowshade Moor
    Blue Capped Mushroom - Shar Vahl
    Gray Mud - Shar Vahl
    Pinch of Scarlet Moss - Shar Vahl
    Redcapped Mushrooms - Shar Vahl
    Payala Fruit - Shadeweaver's Thicket
    Pile of Stinking Refuse - Shadeweaver's Thicket
    Jumjum Stalk - Rivervale
    A book of some description - POK
    Part of a medallion - Kaesora Library
    Part of a medallion - Swamp of No Hope
    a crate - City of Mist
    Tarnished Coin - all major cities
    Ripped Book Page - Innothule Swamp
    Innothule Mushrooms - Innothule Swamp
    Swamp Vegetables - Innothule Swamp
    Silver Ring - Blackburrow
    Shield - Docks of Erudin (-600, -725)
    Sword - Mines of Kaladim (water edge)
    Ribcage - on the ground near the fountain in Mistmore where the Cloaked Dhampyre occasionally chills
    Skull - Minotaur Cave (Steamfont) where Meldrath chills
    Backbone - Unrest (Pit Area near Dwarf ghost)
    Jawbone - Everfrost Ice Cave (+4525, -5238)
    Finger - Kedge - Phin's room, on a rock next to the wall (-147, +145, -251)
    Deep Soil - The Hole

    Is the list that was gathered on EQtraders. Aside from knowing the exact name of groundspawns, I’m still looking for a way to search by zone as this list is far from comprehensive and (if I’m not mistaken) mostly excludes No Drops
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