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    So I don't really know where to post these. I went through the DB looking for missing drops or mobs on takp, and found quite a few unique items that were GM event or limited time event or just removed items. I am sure I missed quite a few, since there was like 100 legends server items scattered around, most of which were basic level 20-40 gear. I tried to categorize them somewhat, with the little information I could find available on them.

    GM ITEMS (most likely)
    Bristlebane's Bewildering Bangle (summon candy) -
    Mechlo Power Source (GM Event / Steamfont) -
    Mechlo Sprockets (GM Event / Steamfont) -
    Scepter of Al'Kabor (GM Event) -
    Fuzzknuckle Foothairs (GM Item) -
    Robe of the Mystic (GM Item) -
    Fur Lined Robe (GM Item?) -
    Tattered Leather Boots (Plague GM Event?) -
    Hook's Broken Robe (???) -
    Oakwynd -
    The Prime Healer's Bulwark -
    Fishy Ring of the Rainbows -
    The Qeynos Shield -
    Griffon Head Epaulets -
    Obtenebrate Claymore -
    Dwarven Bar Room Table Leg -
    Writ of Innoruuk - Writ of Innoruuk :: (
    Skull Mask of Innervation (I got this from EK event) -
    Mithril Dwarven War Pick -
    Breastplate of afflation -
    Talisman of Tranquility -
    Petrified Bark Leggings -
    Footpads of the Monkey -
    Howling Werewolf Claws -
    Red-Bladed Short Sword -
    Gleaming Bastard Sword -
    Al'Kabor's Propylon of the Nexus -
    Spider Silk Handwraps -
    "Of the Disciple" 9411 - 9420
    Mithaniel's Defense -
    Ring of the Stonechanters - Droga/FM? -
    Ring of the Rockchanters - Droga/FM? -
    Chipped Opal Amulet - Hole GM Event -
    Heartstone Amulet -
    Pendant of Salvation -
    Ring of Empowerment -
    The Lifeguide (FV Event?) -
    Death Elemental -
    Crystal Claw of Veeshan -
    Robe of the Unknowable Dark -
    The Butcherblock Hammer -
    Bloodsoaked Plate Breastplate -
    Big Soul Devourer -
    Skull Staff of Geoffrey -
    Bouncy Daegarmo Doll -
    Jerk Dragolen Doll -
    Tiny Tinysa Pebble Doll -
    Ester the Tester Doll -
    Tyrannical Tyler Doll -
    Blazing Brad Doll -
    Bitter Bill Doll -
    Stretch-Me Steve Doll -
    Jammin Geoffrey Doll -
    Morbid McP Doll -
    Battered Butler Doll -
    No-Way Jose Doll -
    Shady Solist Doll -
    Nifty Noc Doll -
    Naylie the Gnome Reporter Doll -
    Zatozia's Tortured Doll -
    Curious George Doll -
    My Buddy Brenlo Doll -
    Dashing Delenar Doll -
    Pesterin Palladius Doll -
    Breave the Lead Doll -
    Sandstorm Sphere -
    Blizzard Sphere -
    Lightning Sphere -
    Cudgel of Water -

    Kunark Release / OT Event
    Goblin Choker -
    Goblin Poker -
    Goblin skull crusher -
    Goblin Ritual Mask -
    Goblin Knee Cracker -

    Scaled Wolf Hide Tunic -
    Scaled Wolf Hide Shoulderpads -
    Scaled Wolf Hide Gloves -
    Scaled Wolf Hide Armings -
    Scaled Wolf Hide Boots -

    Lacuna Silk Scarf -
    Lacuna Silk Sleeves -
    Lacuna Silk Bracer -
    Lacuna Spider Silk -

    Gelatinous Cube Ichor -
    Ichor Cured Leather Cap -
    Ichor Cured Leather Gorget -
    Ichor Cured Leather Breeches -
    Ichor Cured Leather Sleeves -
    Ichor Cured Leather Bracer -
    Ichor Cured Leather Gloves -
    Ichor Cured Leather Boots -

    Adarra's bow of the Unseen -
    Blade of the Black Dragon Eye (reets in seb) -
    Blade of the Red Dragon Eye (original VP) -
    An Oaken Scimitar -
    Blackened Iron Coif - runnyeye -
    Grotesque Mask - runnyeye -
    Black Iron Girdle - runnyeye -
    Brokenskull Club - Karnors -
    Rod of Annihilation - Sebilis -
    Dwarven Warhammer - Kaladim / Legionairre Shoulderpads Quest -
    Warding Star - Charasis -
    Ringed Mace of the Ykesha -
    Rod of Mourning - Chottal in Seb -
    Runed Fighter's Staff - seb -
    Ton Po's Bo stick of understanding - trakanon in sebilis -
    Goblin Sticker (old runnyeye) -
    Bow of Shadows (Spirit of Radir / UP) -
    Cryosilk Webshield (spinechiller spiders / PoFear) -
    Evil Eye Lens (Borxx) -
    Staff of the Observers (required lens above) -
    Totem of the Wizened Spirits (Grachnist) -
    Barbed Scale Whip (Frontier Mtns) -
    Mosscovered Branch (Frontier Mtns) -
    Mosscovered Twig (Frontier Mtns) -
    Shrouds of Earthen Shadow (Hole Release Event) -
    Large Meat Tenderizer (Guktan Release / Neriak Drop) -
    Wind Etched ____ of Ro - Old Noble Dojorn loot (removed with kunark)
    Gem Encrusted Ring (removed) -
    Briarzephyr (original Innoruuk) -
    Beckon (original Innoruuk) -
    Rod of Unbound Thought (original Innoruuk) -
    Scimitar of the Mistwalker -
    White Dragon Tooth -
    Staaff of Forbidden Rites -
    Red Dragon Tooth -
    Bladestorm, Katana of Steel Sleet (old CT drop in POF) -
    Box of Abu-Kar (removed before kunark, spectres/cyclops drop) -
    Sarnak Liberator (removed early kunark) -
    Thex Dagger (removed in 2000) -
    Ring of the Dead (removed 2000) -
    Manastone (Removed 2000) -
    Enlarged Fire Beetle Eye (Removed 2000) -
    Locket of Escape (Removed 2000) -
    Circlet of Shadow (removed 2000) -
    Golem Metal Wand (old ct) -
    Shard of Golem Stone (old ct) -
    Ball of Golem Clay (old ct) -
    Holgresh Elder Beads -
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    Other GM Events (random WC werewolf event, rathe mountains takeover, etc.)

    Werewolf Spleen - ??? Junk Drop -

    Treasure Seeker's Pack -

    Qeynos (rude individuals event)
    Brooch of Sw'Vaye -
    Apprentice's Long Sword -
    Initiate's Long Sword -
    Adept's Long Sword -
    Befouled Long Sword -
    Ancient Diary Pages - ID# 8928-8939
    Cros Treewind's Staff -
    Sacred Scroll of Nife (quest removed) -
    Blessed Ring of Nife (quest removed) -
    Runed Branding Iron -

    OOT Event - Scourger
    Mutum's Ghostly Fleshstopper -
    Eyepatch of Gowvan Juffle -
    #9355 - 9396

    Goblin Event?
    Glugug's Runed Shim -
    Gisarme of Consumption -
    Gold Trimmed Silken Sash -
    Grimy Chef's Hat -
    Drogan Mail -
    Drogan Coif -
    Drogan Neckguard -
    Drogan Greaves -
    Drogan Armplates -
    Drogan Gauntlets -
    Drogan Boots -

    Nuj's Liver -
    Large Goblin Brain -

    Best of the Best Rewards
    Golden Championship Ring -
    Platinum Championship Ring -

    Najena GM Event 2002 -
    Bloodstained Leggings -
    Bloodstained Boots -
    Bloodstained Bracelets -
    Bloodstained Gloves -
    Bloodstained Sleeves -
    Bloodstained Coif -

    Old Befallen Event
    Robe of the Primordial Ritualist -
    Ebon Scythe -
    Ritualist's Gown -
    Tome of Unseen Darkness -
    Guardian's Dagger -
    Scepter of the Darkened Rite -
    Silver Plated War Sword -
    Hollowed Koada Dal Ribcage -
    Veil of the Vortex Weaver -
    Servant's Blade -
    Pristine Studded Leather Items -
    Bronze Sigil of T'Vyl -
    Silver Sigil of T'Vyl -
    Golden Sigil of T'vyl -
    Platinum Sigil of T'Vyl -
    Shimmering Ruby Stiletto -
    Enchanted Fine Steel ____

    Lanys' Armor Set
    4093 - 4098

    2000 Lfay Event (Equestrielle the Corrupted is born!)
    Vahlais Gilded Bone Hoop -
    Eznertob's Famous Hoop -
    Dagda's Earring of Surveyance -
    Thexian Loop -
    Heartsinger Earring -
    Earring of the Oakwynds -
    Dreezil's Soft Leather Gorget -
    Mithril Neckguard of Veredeth -
    Storage Pendant of T'Dral -
    Alkabor's Pendant of Protection -
    Jevik's Collar of Gladness -
    Sionichae's Pendant of the Scribe -
    Rogkasth's Bauble of Stone -
    Dreezil's Ring of Evasion -
    Deceitful ring of Vahlai -
    Ashteths Ring of Sorcery -

    2001 Lfay Event
    Jagged shard of Bone (2001 Lfay Event) -
    A Frightling's Skull (2001 Lfay Event) -
    Quest for Frightling Skull :
    Reward (Gilded Tiny Skull Earring) :
    Bloodboil's Broken Wing (2001 Lfay Event, Boss Quest Drop) -
    Quest Link for Bloodboil's Broken Wing:
    Reward (Emerald Cloak of the Faydark) :

    Kael GM Event
    Chillwinter -

    FV War
    Sword of the Undead Kings -
    Symbol of Loyalty to Firiona -

    JaggedPine GM Event
    Gnollish Ember -
    Ravaged Gnollish Cloak -
    Ravaged Gnollish Boots -
    Ravaged Gnollish Gloves -
    Amulet of the Gnoll -
    Knotted Staff -

    Legends Server
    Undead Pirate's Satchel -
    Insignia of the Broken Skull -
    Undead Swashbucklers Crook -
    Cursed Cap of Dulein -
    Ornate Mithril Bracer -
    Wraps of Flowing Water -
    Pendant of the Holy Questor -
    Shawl of the Holy Guardian -
    Circlet of Woven Energy -
    Shimmering Opal Ring -
    Ornate Mithril Gauntlets -
    Veil of Flowing Water -
    Cloak of Lunar Light -
    Torque of the Holy Guardian -
    Gloves of Woven Energy -
    Shimmering Garnet Ring -
    Ornate Mithril Girdle -
    Sash of Flowing Water -
    Boots of Lunar Light -
    Idol of the Holy Guardian -
    Glowing Amulet of Energy -
    Shimmering Ruby Ring -
    Ornate Mithril Greaves -
    Armbands of Flowing Water -
    Bracer of Lunar Light -
    Mask of the Holy Guardian -
    Cloak of Woven Energy -
    Shimmering Diamond Ring -
    Tukwhumps Mithril Pauldrons -
    Spiked Gloves of Lunar Light -
    Circlet of the Holy Guardian -
    Slippers of Woven Energy -
    Shimmering Blue Diamond Ring -

    Legends Server GM Event
    Ascendant Adventurer's Pack -
    Adventurer's Pack -
    Prominent Adventurer's Sack -
    Grand Adventurer's Satchel -
    Mighty Adventurer's Satchel -
    Supreme Adventurer's Satchel -
    Nimbus of Ky'Shien -
    Earring of Ky'Shien -
    Lapel of Ky'Shien -
    Ky'Shiens Emblem of Strength -
    Ky'Shiens Emblem of Acumen -
    Ky'Shiens Emblem of Preservation -
    Revtu's Chain Sleeves -
    Revtu's Platinum Ulak -
    Revtu's Axe -
    Sandy Leggings -
    Revtu's Dust Veil -

    Unused Severed Heads (Potential GM Event quest items) - 14114-14127
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    Look at all these freed up itemid numbers
    So much Quarm loot about to drop
  4. Elroz

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    I just thought it's kinda neat to see GM event stuff, some of their custom event items were pretty creative. Lots of garbage though, probably events aimed at newbs.
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    I remember the prime healers bulwark dropping from something on AK.
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    On Antonius-Bayle back in like 2003ish there was a GM event in West karana to kill a cyclops invasion, last mob dropped Prime Healers Bulwark.
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    Hey cool, another AB player. This is such an interesting list of items. I wonder what all those weird dolls are for? I would like a Al'Kabor's Propylon of the Nexus please! Everyone should pick out some of the fun loot from that list.
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    "Of the Disciple" loot does drop during the anniversary season here.
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    I remember a few people on terris thule won this thing. It was from doing a quest involved in the opening of luclin. I want to say it was in the dreadlands and involved the nexus scion, or Al'Kabor himself was there in place of the scion. There was 100+ people in the zone, and I think it was a group of people who teamed up all got it.
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