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    Is this server going to be just like AK?
    Short answer, Yes and No. Long answer, While it will be Time locked and support only the clients that were last seen on AK initially, we will fix a number of issues that existed on AK. We plan to have less bugs overall and more completeness to quests for all expansions. We do plan to support additional PC clients or change the client that is considered official as time goes on.

    What clients can play on this server?
    The OSX client from the official Al`Kabor will work from launch. However there will certainly be bugs during the alpha and beta phases. The PPC OSX client support is on pause but will hopefully be supported eventually. But no promises there yet as well have been working hard on the primary client support and server stability. Windows clients are only supported with eqmule's current patch. No standard/unmodified PC clients will be supported at this time.

    Where can I get the client to play?
    Hopefully you still have the Intel OSX client or a working PC client from before Al`Kabor was shut down. Beyond that we will not allow discussions on this forum or game server in regards to how to get it. Otherwise, see above.

    Is this an Emulator server?

    When/How can we play?
    It is playable now. You need to sign up to the forums and click "Game Accounts" in the nav bar up top.

    How can I create a guild?
    You will need 5 unique people online with you in the same zone and some time to waste as the GMs are quite busy. They will need time to check that each player is unique. You should petition the time frame that you will have all the required people gathered online.

    Is it allowed to make multiple forum accounts to have more game accounts?
    No, if one is caught doing this a ban is likely to happen without warning. Any additional game accounts created from a new forum name if caught by the creation tool will be in a frozen status. It then logs the attempt and a GM will likely read the log and ban any accounts including the original.

    We have multiple players in the house, can we all have an account?
    You need to have each person create their forum account and apply for an exemption after they create their game accounts and log all the way in then out. Then make a thread in the forum petition section with the details. We only need the forum names. We used to do this via PM, but this policy is changed now. To make this easier, please create ALL game accounts you foresee wanting to use prior to petitioning. Each game account after the petition is answered has to be re-petitioned to add to the exemption. (read next common question)

    We have exemptions but when I created a new game account I can't use it while other people are online, why?
    Due to the nature of the exemption system and to allow for GMs to check up on exemptions each new game account has to be set by a GM.

    What is available to play?
    On release it will be original classic content, Cabilis (E and W), Shar Vahl, FoB, Shadeweavers, PoKnowledge. Fearplane and Airplane are considered part of the progression and will not be available until Naggy, Vox and Phinny are killed by 70% of the active population. Also the content must be ready to release as well. So there could be a period of time that the server is ready to progress, but content is not ready. (Active population is defined by all toons/accounts active in an undisclosed period of time.)

    How will you be adding expansions?
    We will release each expansion as they are completed as a whole expansion not parts here and there. Once the PoP Tier 1 content is ready, the Active population will have needed to kill the a set of targets that determine progression to unlock PoP Tier 1. Once Tier 1 is unlocked, there will be some progression requirements for pre-EP tiers. This has yet to be determined.
    EP zones will be like any other old school server once all have been developed and have been tested.

    Will the GMs play and will we know who they are?
    Maybe, we may never openly tell and is up to the individual GM on how public they want to be.

    If I find out a character is a GM player will I get in trouble for telling my friends?
    Yes, it is against the rules of harassment by proxy by having a negative effect on another player's game experience.

    If I know a player is a GM, would I get into trouble asking for GM help from them directly?
    Yes, it is against the rules of harassment by proxy by having a negative effect on another player's game experience. Ask for help the way everyone else does. Through /ooc, /petition, /report, etc.. That being said this is entirely up to the GM involved. If they are a personal friend it's unlikely there is issue if they tell you directly that it is ok.

    If I find a bug what do I do?
    It depends on the bug. If it can be exploited for unearned gain, PM a team member on the forums and do not post it openly. If it is not that kind of bug by all means post in the right category on the forums. If in doubt, use PM only.

    Why have you opened up the forums and been public about a server that isn't finished yet?
    We are players like everyone else. We are anxious to get this rolling and share our hard work. Also before our friends and people we gamed with scatter too far and lose hope, we wanted to make sure people knew this is very active and WILL happen.

    Why does my launcher open Textedit in OSX instead of launching the game.
    This is because of 2 possible reasons. It has a hidden text extension, and/or it is not set to be executable.
    Do this:
    Open terminal
    type cd Desktop (or where ever else you put it)
    type ls

    if it shows as still having an extension type mv EverQuestLaunch(with extension) EverQuestLaunch
    so like this mv EverQuestLaunch.rtf EverQuestLaunch
    then type sudo chmod +X EverQuestLaunch

    Do you get paid for this or make any money?
    No, and never will. Donations go only to server hosting fees and hardware upgrades.

    I have some coding knowledge how can I help to speed things up? or I want this and that content released soon why can we just open it up?
    "Things to help with" section of the forums is the place to start trying to figure out where to help. Also you can pop on our favorite 90s flashback called IRC.
    If on PC or MAC you can use this program to connect: http://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html Once installed fill out the settings as follows.
    Use your forum name as user so we know who we are talking to. Next the server you want to connect to is irc.eqemulator.net
    All other settings are default. The channel you want to join is called #peqmac. There is usually people active off and on there. That is the best way to get a far more instant response to any questions.

    What is this "Things to help with" section all about? I am still confused as to what and how to help.
    As mentioned earlier, pop on IRC for anything specific or if you are needing up to date or something immediate.
    It is here http://www.takproject.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=45 have a look and see if there is anything that you can assist with.
    That part of the forums will be updated as best as we can with the time we have. There is much to do and some things only get attention when able.

    Can I box a friend or guildmates account/toons?
    As long as you don't go past the 3 accounts online per person that is is not an issue. Yes you can.

    More will get added to this as they come to mind or get asked by all of you.
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