Exploits and lack of reporting.

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    First and foremost this is a preservation server.
    It's aim has always been to be like it was on AK or as close to it as possible.

    Reasons for a preservation are many, but specifically that Classic to PoP EverQuest is long dead.
    Our loved server is gone.
    Many of us played in what some deem this as the glory years of EverQuest.
    Many if not most of us have played for a major portion of our lives.
    Grinding away, learning the game. Making new friends. Finding strategies and learning better ones.

    Now all this being said, finding an exploit and abusing it for personal gain and not reporting it out of self interest is damaging to the project.
    Damaging to the integrity of the community, and is a huge slap in the face to those that spend life times on making this possible.
    As well as to the honest players that want their glory years back.

    The collective years of experience among staff and players should easily help determine what is and is not an exploit.
    "Not knowing" is no excuse. Not knowing a "new to you" zone is also no excuse. You should know the game mechanics by now.
    If you truly are new. If something feels too good to be true, it likely is.
    The exploit section is GM/Admin read only with the exception of the poster can see their own thread.
    It was made entirely for this reason, so players can feel safe in reporting things.

    It is in the rules that all exploits should be reported and repeated no more than once to verify.
    Yet there are many that seem to think it is ok to do otherwise.
    This is notice that anyone, regardless of affiliation , guild, friends etc.
    Will be vulnerable to deleveling and/or gear surrender at the staff's discretion.
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