Enchanter Specialize?

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    I feel like enchanter is one of those classes where you could pick a couple of different things to specialize in... Alteration could make sense... same for conj... Heck, even evo could make sense in some scenarios. Just wondering what others did?

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    Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Enchanter, Necromancer = Alteration

    Magician = Conjuration

    Wizard = Evocation

    There is almost no reason to ever deviate from these specializations unless you build a character for a very specific purpose. For example if you have a wizard you have no intent to DPS on, and you only use it to port maybe Alteration is useful. But if you are even considering grouping or raiding once a year, evocation is better.

    For Necromancer there is a debate between Alteration/Conjuration. Alteration generally wins out since it covers your Lifetaps, Leach DoT, Fire DoT, Splurt, Twitch, Root. Conjuration covers Poison DoT, Disease DoT, Snare DoT, Pet Summon, Corpse Summon. Usually, the spells you are casting in a raid or a group, tend to favor the first group. You also can get Snare clickies/corpse summon robe clickies to avoid casting those spells a lot.

    For Enchanter Alteration covers Slow, Charm, Clarity, Haste, Pacify, Root. Conjuration only covers Mezzes pretty much (and not even PBAE mez which is Divination). Evocation is only nukes. Even an enchanter bot only designed to do Emperor mez duty or Rathe mez duty where you are chain mezzing for several hours, with a Horse, VoQ, 9s, Spiritual Dominion, Chorus and some FT gear, you don't need any specialization to keep up mana. In a group scenario your largest mana expenditure tends to be Slows/Pacify/Re-Charm (though you can use level 24 slow for nearly all the benefit for 40% the mana). It is rare you burn through a large amount of mana chain casting mez in a group scenario. If that is the case you likely should pull more intelligently or use pacify more often.

    For Druids Alteration is all your Heals, Ports, Charms, Snares, Roots, Regen, some Debuffs. Evocation is your Nukes, Fire ATK Debuff and Fire DoT. Conjuration is your Magic DoT. Abjuration is your Skin buffs, DS buffs, Resist.

    Generally speaking Healing is what will burn most of your mana. I can see some argument for running Evocation if you have a cleric healer in your trio or static group but even then, eventually you will want to be healing at some point and doing that bleeds mana the most quickly. Personally with Specialized Alteration, most raids I cannot use my entire mana bar before the mob dies if I am chain Nuking without also pulling aggro. So saving extra mana on each nuke cast wouldn’t help me.

    For Shaman Alteration is your Slows, Malos, Heals, HoTs, Roots, Avatar, Haste, Stat Buffs, HP Buffs. Conjuration is your DoTs.

    Cleric/Wizard are very single laned, making no other specialization compelling.
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    abjuration is not bad for Encahnter for rune tanking
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    Hey for some of us the words "pulling" and "deliberately training your own group" are interchangeable.
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    Wouldn't a mage benefit most from evocation unless he is chain casting pets?
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    no, your best nukes are conjuration

    click image for full size

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    Ok thanks, guess I messed up there :(
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    There's a quest in Temple of Solusek Ro to reset your specializations, if I'm not mistaken. Also, I believe you're ok being specialized in Evocation until the late 50's anyway. There's a level 57 Conjuration nuke, but up until that point, the 50's nukes are Evocation. So many mage spells are Conjuration though, you can justify a switch at any time.
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  9. Cillipis

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    I did Evocation to 58 and then switched on my mage.

    At some point you just stop casting the evocation nukes and you’ll find yourself in Sol Ro with the ruby or whatever to respecialize.
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    With my druid raiding on old AK, I went to spec evoc because id be just standing there nuking all day. Rarely was i in the healing chain, even then it was for a boss or two and back to DPS. Others handled buffing. So it depends on what youre doing with your char. Also keep in mind you can always reset your specialization through a simple quest.