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    I know we have a section on the forum here for Guides/Apps, but that seems mostly geared towards getting various clients and apps/features working with those clients. There are some great guides there, like Darchon's tradeskill guide, but there aren't many actual game play guides there.

    I was wondering if we could get a reworked Guides section where TAKP players can ask questions and veteran players can offer suggestions and guides to the various classes, zones, gear, tactics and strategies for various encounters or quests, and so on. Focused more on the content and gameplay of this server rather than on the client, UIs, apps, bugs, and so on.

    Perhaps a Guides Section with subforums like Classes, Zones, Tradeskills, Quests, etc.

    The work done by Elroz and others on the sticky posts for quests through the various expansions are great threads, but sort of lost in the mix of the Quest/Script Bugs section.
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    If someone wants to write the class guides btw and link the posts out, I will transcribe into the wiki at some point as I do other stuff. I don't know the ins and outs of many classes other than what I play. Pithy has a good one I intend on putting in the wiki.

    Not what you're asking for, but its a good starting point that can link back to specific threads on those subjects.
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    Class guides in 140 characters or less:

    Bard: we have no /melody on this server. Masochists will enjoy the most broken class in the game. Slackers singing AOE mana are still more potent than most every other class in your raid.

    Beastlord: you're a better tank than monks and you also do more DPS than them too; don't let them forget it!

    Cleric: the best healer. Even better when you roll dwarf for the barrel roll.

    Druid: half cleric, half wizard, pure tree hugger. Use that sweet heal that generates no aggro for extra trickeration!

    Enchanter: charm and win PoP. Most efficient and risk-free with a bard on autofollow singing mez.

    Magician: buy your epic MQ from @showstring so you can get off and running. After that, your only useful spells are Mod Rod and Call of the Hero. Your DPS will always be bad.

    Monk: the only class worse than Ranger. Broken AC here. Please don't choose this.

    Necromancer: underrated class that I shouldn't talk up here.

    Paladin: buy Act of Valor and Holy Steed as your top AA's. Stuns are your friend.

    Ranger: just reroll please you're a waste of pixels. Archery bug is in full effect here. Full-on roleplay mode only.

    Rogue: the best melee DPS class. You get autoattack and, precisely four times a minute, you can hit a backstab key.

    Shadowknight: you can tank and pull and FD and even summon corpses! Also you can do enough burst DPS to make magicians weep.

    Shaman: Turgur's is the most powerful spell in the game, even more broken than Complete Heal.

    Warrior: don't forget to autoattack, it's your only job to stand in front of the mob and hope you get healed before you die.

    Wizard: the best DPS in the game. Enjoy mashing your two hotkeys (nuke and concussion). The rest of the time you can port people for moneys or troll your groupmates with an untimely evacuate.
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    I'm so going to use that
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