Bazaar at the expense of pok books

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lenas, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Lenas

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  2. thucydides

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    You could definitely cast in the nexus on AK
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  3. Kagatob

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    Nexus was the MGB hub before PoP.
  4. Faults

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    Used to get my Kei fix in the nexus as I'd pass through.
  5. Haynar

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    I was bound in nexus for the longest time. It was the central hub for travel. It wasn't til raiding in PoP that we changed bind points to somewhere in tranquility, to get to raid targets faster.
  6. Bum

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    Casting is allowed in nexus(ports, buffs, etc) not detrimental ones
  7. cavedude

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    The Nexus itself had ports every 10 minutes, I timed it on AK when it was still up. (Welll technically 5 since Odus/Velious share.) The destination zones would port every 15 minutes. Yes, I'd strongly recommend getting rid of that awful lua that controls the Nexus on PEQ. (I first wrote it when our quest functionality was still pretty basic - I'm surprised it works at all.) I've moved most of the functionality to the EQMac server code and it works amazingly well. Of course, your mileage may vary since our client is very picky about what it wants, so it kind of forces us to do things right :) (Which is both a good, and also a very annoying thing.)

    Yes, you could cast in Nexus. I was bound there.
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  8. Stamm

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    No casting in nexus? Weird. Casting was definitely allowed in the nexus on AK. DC members can chime in here since this is where they assembled/buffed/ported away for raids.
  9. surron

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    in the nexus, levitate would be stripped and not allowed like in the hole
  10. provocating

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    I rewrote the scripts for the Spires and Nexus two days ago. I used a different method that did not rely on any globals at all, just one signal and the rest was proximity grabbing the clients, worked like a champ.
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  11. vannari

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    Yeah this. It makes sense to me, if there are not enough people testing stuff on dev server then this is a compromise. We get baz and nex but we have to all help with testing. And it is only a temporary thing. And all the other pok books still work, just some stuff that nexus goes to you will have to use the nexus. If anyone really hates it, I will try to login my wiz =)