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    * Improved mob pathing in water to keep mobs off floor and ceilings.
    * Added checks for mob pathing so getting stuck on nodes will not cause pets to path into walls.
    * Pets should be able to chase fleeing targets better.
    * Simplified some checks for updating z of mobs while pathing.
    * Mobs should stop doing the rotating dance, when turning to flee and snared to a stop.
    * Mobs which are aggro'd while in the middle of rotating, will stop rotating when they start to path.
    * improved the handling of toss up spells. players shouldn't take 20k damage when hit by a spell of this type anymore.


    * Added missing tradeskill recipes. see here: https://www.takproject.net/forums/index.php?threads/missing-tradeskill-recipes.18514/
    * Added Ragged Hide Cload to Mutant Dreg as well as changed its name to Tattered Hide Cloak.
    * Crystal Cavern: adjust faction requirement to view various merchants.


    * The Package: correct the item reward.
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  2. Auyster

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    What does updating the z of mobs while pathing mean?

    Assuming that means the mobs won't freakout in the ssra tube elevators anymore.
  3. Fadetree

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    z is the up/down direction, x and y being the other two. x,y, defines a point in 3d-space.
  4. Fadetree

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    can't edit - so
    z is the up/down direction, x and y being the other two. x,y,z defines a point in 3d-space.
  5. Haynar

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    No clue on tubes. Didn’t test on them. Have to know what issue was in order to see.

    Mobs have the z position. Where they are with respect to the ground. Updated all the time. Hard to get to right in all situations and still keep cpu usage from going overboard.

    I found one of conditions that was wrong. And would warp mobs below world. And another that put them on top of world geometry. These were edge cases. Not common.

    Bigger issue was in water. Where it wasn’t handling the ceiling and ground right. This is why often couldn’t hit phinny. He is just too big a mob and doesn’t fit areas. So I found new ways to compensate for ceiling and ground in water.
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    Awesome update on the pathing and mob positions, great work!
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  7. thucydides

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    I'm noticing when I pull the rockhopper cave that mobs are warping up through the ground more than they used to. Happy to replicate on request. I have to say though, in some ways it feels more AKurate to have mobs warping on me like this.
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  8. Silvermink

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    I was unable to hit a fish in the cabilis sewers yesterday, after patch.
  9. Qelana

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    My pet is consistently getting caught under the mountains and it never did that in the weeks I've been here, but now it is non-stop. Only way to correct it is drag the pet out to land and bring them back up if I want to see them. Still seems to be hitting, just not aware of their orientation underground.
  10. Break

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    Which zone and what class? I had a similar issue with a magician pet prior to this patch, but it was a one off thing.

    If your pet gets aggro of the mob while under the world, there is a good chance you won't be able to cast or melee the mob.

    Are you high enough level to summon companion? That was my easy fix.
  11. Qelana

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    Timorous Deep, raptors. I have had one-offs where a pet may get stuck or moving under the geography before, but since the last patch in this zone, it's every pet, every time. I've been camping for a few months on and off and haven't had the problem, so it seems either patch related or maybe just a coincidence.

    It's not earth shattering, just mildly annoying when trying to figure out where the pet is.
  12. Haynar

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    What location at raptors? What pet? Is your pet guarding? Are you shrunk? Is the pet shrunk? Are you sending pet to attack? Is pet attacking when you get hit?

    Any details would help.