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    Our 9th Anniversary Events enabled up to January 17, 2024. Have fun and Celebrates


    * readd grid cache with the fixed that was committed to Quarm. credit to Torven.
    * Nothing gameplay changes here. Just mostly Server Ops and GM tools improvements and additions. *
    - CMake will now fetch dependencies for Windows
    - [Compilation] Use pre-compiled headers for Windows (speed) (#3778)
    - removed offset related to EQTime "hour"' when using #time, zonetime (scripts), and settime since it was inherited from EQEmu.
    - Added new spell method to Lua
    - Reworked "scibespells" command and lua scribespells method


    * Adjusted max coin drop on most vanilla giants based on logs, it ended up being a buff of almost 9p to ice giants (56.2p max), 4p to fire/sand giants (56.2p max). Hill giants unchanged (52.5p max)
    * Added missing vendor "Milliace Gemshard" in crystal caverns
    * Removed shielding line of spells from int caster npcs - Minor Shielding --> Shield of Maelin. Verified via GM logs. This also fixes the issue in Ssra where mobs would summon after using their self buff (they shouldn't have been casting it in the first place).
    * Removed wiz/mage elemental resist shield self buff line from npcs
    * a watery servant in SG will now use air elemental invis as well as water elemental strike nukes
    * an icy servant in SG will now self buff with ice elemental damage shield as well as use water elemental strike nukes
    * Fixed up some spawn times in west karana. Roaming trash mobs will be 2m 40s respawn instead of 6m 40s. Scarecrows will be 8m 40s instead of 6m 40s, and added one missing scarecrow spawn. Choon and Froon will be about 5 minute longer respawn.
    * Scarecrows in west karana and unrest will require magical weapons to damage. Jack o Lanterns in Unrest will now melee proc "Scarecrow Fear"
    * Fixed up some akheva loot tables to match magelo, there is still a lot to figure out with the deep spawns and which weapon tables they can drop (from Pallid, Shadow Flame, Akhevan Weapons, and Centi Weapons). Will finish Astral/Lunar tables once the missing items are imported.
    * Fixed up respawn time on Ezmirella, Cordelia Minster, and the Fangbreaker group in NK (6 minutes instead of 1m 40s).
    * Fixed up various loot tables that had abnormally high gem drop rate in NK and Rathe Mountains and replaced them with the proper gem/cash loot table rates.
    * Fixed up respawn time on a static lizardman spawngroup in feerrott, a couple mail quest bard npcs, and a few other various vanilla npcs that were 1m 40s, changed to 6 minutes.
    * Switched some feerrott merchants and 1 oggok GM to "Oggok Resident" faction instead of "Oggok Citizen", which makes them indifferent to all as a baseline. (akkurate)


    * removed offset from zone_time["hour"] since it isn't needed here.


    * Permafrost: invisible rocks will no longer block LoS
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