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    * Fixed quest timers bugging out in some circumstances. (e.g. akheva trap spawns)
    * Added a feature to spawngroups that allows developers to randomize the location where NPCs may spawn when using grids. This will prevent certain outdoor spawns from being campable.
    * Blind fleeing mobs should face their target now if in combat range.
    * Fixed some issues with HP of targets never updating, if experiencing some packet loss.


    * vexthal: Respawn timers on TVX wing trash increased significantly. (doubled)


    * grimling: Raids four (Necin) and five (Vadrel) implemented. All six raids (the war is raid six) are now fully implemented with high accuracy.
    * grimling: Wave spawn timers for the raid events were changed to more closely match AK. (roughly increased by about 30%)
    * grimling: The officer cloaks (cloak 6 in the series) and the hero cloaks (cloak 7 and the final cloak in the series) are now obtainable.
    * ssratemple: Blood should no longer spawn prematurely.
    * necropolis: Jaled Dar`s shade despawns again.
    * Innoruuk Disciple: Update and adjust faction reward.
    * Drenic Garrison: Enabled MQ turn ins.
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  2. Walex

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    Thanks for your work, devs! As always, its a pleasure to play on your server
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    Thanks guys. One question. Until today, when you would root a mob, it would attack the nearest PC on its aggro list. That mechanic seems to be gone now.
  4. showstring

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    Probably related to this:
    * Blind fleeing mobs should face their target now if in combat range.

    Also reported by another person on discord:
    DiroToday at 9:26 AM
    Seems to be a bug in Velks. When I root the spiders and back my sham off they stay looking in the same direction while my rogue tanks and can backstab. Using Immozbilize for the root spell, haven't tried any other root or any other zone, just figured I would bring it up.
  5. Haynar

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    Have to see what I broke. Have an idea.

  6. Manstache

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    Solo ench in melee range -
    root = the mob continues facing the same direction it was
    root+fear = the mob spins properly
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    Given the state of the server and that the Grimling War isn't or wont be getting done much, do you know if it is possible to easily get a new 2-slot container from the end of cloak #6 later on?
  8. Torven

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    The answer to that is no. Unfortunately that's how the quest is designed
  9. Saenayil

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    I apologize for bumping this thread, but I can't reopen the closed quest thread regarding Jaled Dar's Shade. I see the evidence that caused Torven to revert the Jaled Dar changes in a couple of threads, but there was no discussion about it.

    I want to say that just because there are some log statements from folks asking why Jaled Dar isn't up, doesn't mean that the current 1 day up, 3 days down implementation is correct.

    I turned in a couple of ST keys over the years on AK. Never once did I find Jaled Dar down. Coupled with the anecdotes from other folks, I think it's highly likely that the evidence from the AK logs of Jaled Dar being down could be caused by 2 factors:

    1. Jaled Dar does not spawn immediately on server up. It's possible that Jaled'Dar would take up to x amount of time to spawn after server-up, and folks trying to turn in keys within the spawn window might be surprised to not find the shade up.

    2. Jaled Dar does has a different uptime vs downtime. Perhaps JD was up for 3 days, down for 1 on AK. That would make a lot more sense to me than the 1/3 we have here.

    Either way, this is just speculation. I'm curious what the evidence from the logs was.
  10. Torven

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    I made his depop timer 48 hours, not 24.

    It wasn't just 2 or 3 comments; there was quite a bit of chatter about it
  11. PompeiiEQ

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    This is only coming from memory. But, I spent a lot of time in DN back on AK getting guildies the vilefang piece for the circlet quest. I fashioned a key and would always open the door on my way down to check if he was up ( and also he just looks cool ). And never once was he not up.