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  1. arb81087
    arb81087 robregen
    Is there anyway to change my forum name to better reflect who I am, in-game?
  2. Gegil
    Gegil robregen
    Is there any in game help to retrieve my corpse? I died on the boat at Erud's Crossing fully equipped but my corpse disappeared. Char is Megahieron
  3. hythloth
    hythloth Torven
    this torrid?
  4. Verdent
    Looking up at the moon
  5. Velwynd
    Velwynd Beaaden
    Hey there Beaaden! It is Drakonrose!!
  6. Neealana
    That is one I never did on AK. Am excited to see it here !
  7. Elrontaur
    Elrontaur Neealana
    I tested out Qeynos Badge #5 on dev, it's almost ready!
  8. Tyrion
    Tyrion agia
    Hi it’s Lullaby, Comcast out will get on to mq chain bp soon as I can.
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  9. Elrontaur
    Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid!
  10. Yarnee
    Yarnee agia
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  11. lurari
    trying to Ranger...
  12. necarony
    necarony Bornex
    on eq vox
  13. necarony
    necarony Bornex
    born and Sandi
    where have u all been, always alone in game never seen any guild on...8(
  14. necarony
    necarony Placer
    oh ...nice. just wanted to hail u, and if i may ask are these two your doggies?
    im not sure but i think i remember you once told me you have been a dog trainer is that true?
    1. Placer
      I am a puppy raiser. That means I foster service dog in training puppies until they are old enough to begin their formal, "advanced" training. This was a photo of my third dog (yellow, named Placer) meeting the second dog that I raised.
      Jul 14, 2017
  15. Placer
    Placer Deface
    Hello, is this Gnos?
  16. Placer
    I remember
  17. necarony
    necarony Placer
    hi placer ..this is rony u remember?
  18. Xhelios
    Xhelios Fairen Height
    Yo, I see how it is..... I come back just to see you after 4 years and you are not even around. lol j/k! Where are you my dude!
  19. Saskoris
    Killing things for swords.
  20. Tesadar
    Tesadar Bum
    Binds mage in BW, binds druid in TT. Well played sir. Well played.
  21. lurari
    jonesin' to play old school EQ again...
  22. Opttimus
  23. tauven songweaver
    tauven songweaver Sketchy
    Hi sketchy I can't find the original game app where might I be able to buy/download one copy.
  24. Elrontaur
    Elrontaur Sarieth
    Welcome to the server, lots of friendly knowledgeable people around if you have any questions.
  25. Elrontaur
    Happy Holidays to all my friends, old and new!
  26. Toejam
    Due to continued personal attacks I am done contributing to this project,and all my contributions have been removed from this forum. Adios!
  27. Placer
    Placer Tollen
    I thought you were on playing. Who are you these days in game. I was banned for a while for no sane reason, so I'm not up on what happened to the Tollen char. But seems the whole Armed group was persona non grata?
    1. Tollen
      I'm playing on p2002, I browse here to see whats getting deved and help bug report.
      Nov 29, 2015
  28. Damasus
    Damasus Sketchy
    Hi sketchy, I've yet to find my corpse and would like to be getting some exp. if youhave anything to spare it would be greatly appreciated!
  29. Sturmm
    Hey Neea! :) Nope no play time yet, but yeah, they leave tonight for a week, so I'm prepped and ready! :)
  30. Neealana
    Neealana Sturmm
    Hey ! Long time no group ! Hope you got some play time in this week after you found your hidden library file !

    Also, a GM told me that Thrakak is Mhael, who several people have told me is a jerk, and to avoid him.

    I am always suspicious of anyone not having their character names on their threads.