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    These are on lvl 50-54ish mobs, same set up and debuffs each time. I thought they may be close, but I was surprised to see that the lvl 53 necro rogue pet and the lvl 59 warrior pet did almost exactly the same DPS. This is only pure melee as well, so can't compare the improved lifetap from Emissary of Thule, although likely not a huge difference. A back of the envelope calculation on Spirit of Snow for the BST pet was ~5 DPS.

    • Higher DPS from BST pet likely mostly due to a much better pet haste spell for that class versus necros.
    • Emissary of Thule is only required when you a) wont have the target's back reliably, b) the pet will be taking damage, or c) when there is a fear involved.
    Would love to see if someone has parsed magician pets for comparison.
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    I imagine mage will be highest but they all still pale in comparison to a good charmed pet :(
    Parses sadly don't include spell/buff proc damage too
    Below is from an insignia raid

    VS Dire charms

    Takes nukes + player melee dps for my beasts to keep up with any, hasted, 46+ charmed.
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    Mage pet is Giber. Mage is wearing the VT pet focus gloves
    Mokli pet is a DC pet, a relatively weak one though (not weaponized, etc)
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    Another one, same mob, different spawn:


    Zasekn is an SK pet that would have been at least muzzled. Pets in other post would have been muzzled at the very least as well.

    Max hit without the focus gloves of Mage epic pet I believe is 81, for reference.

    The above is on lvl 55 mobs.
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    What kinda dietary supplements was Lamia taking in that first parse though?
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    Druid Ancient DS is regularly consumed with meals. (unslowed mobs, no nukes from the mage or Druid, etc)
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    Does anyone have suggestions for a good parser for Macs? I'd be interested in checking out the damage an epic mage per puts out with my normal setup (muzzle and burnout IV).

    Or has anyone already parsed that?
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    Spirit of Snow is closer to 12-15 dps on mobs it lands reliably on. BL pets proc at around 6-8ppm, so, conservatively, (6*132)/60 is ~13dps.

    The important thing to think about with these parses is that, yes, a non-focused rogue Necro pet with permanently backfaced mobs that are consistently level 50-54 is close to equivalent DPS to a non-focused EoT; however, there is a gap that widens considerably between these pets as mobs get higher level, pet focuses get involved, etc., where having a higher level pet positively affects melee accuracy. You won't see these kind of results on raid mobs, for instance.

    Also, one thing I see on your parse is that they are averages taken over the course of many mobs. This naturally favors the rogue pet, which frontloads all of its damage with backstab and can lead to slightly higher observed numbers; the pet is essentially gaining free dps every time backstab goes on cooldown and refreshes when a mob is not in camp.

    Re: SK dps, it's not at all unusual to top charts if you try, and it's only going to get better in PoP when mobs don't resist so much.

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    There is a mob stat threshold for a necro pet's chance to backstab at full damage regardless of mob level. It may have something to do with AC or Attk of the mob. Either way, you will notice as you continue to watch, that certain raids or raid zones, the rogue pet will outperform the EoT, especially when the mob is being debuffed.

    Overall, you will find more consistent DPS and survivability using EoT but it is fun to experiment to find which high level mobs can still be hit for a 189 backstab from ol' Jtik.
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    Ooof Grel. I would hate to have to heal your trio on raids with those names :p
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    Kovah says, "Heals please"
    You begin casting Tunare's Renewal.
    Kovac feels much better.
    Kovah dies.
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    I'm impressed by the 60 bst pet you've got parsed. What buffs/equip (if any) are on it?

    I just hit 54 with my bst/mag, and started parsing on some Goranga's in ME (probably in your range). I was consistently seeing about 60 dps with the 54 mage water pet (burnout 3, all positioned in the back) and only 30 dps with the 54 warder (yekan's quickening, spirit of snow).
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    I don't have my pets parsed seperate from their owners but i can get some numbers tonight. Muzzle, str/atk buffs, and debuffing enemy ac/def are all you can really do to raise their average damage. Nothing will raise their maximum damage. Since warders, generally, average more melee dps than their owners, they make more offensive use out of a savagery cast. I believe our final warder (spirit of khati sha?) can quad, so lots of little hits.
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    I clocked my warders between 45 and 60 dps against the 4 Praesertums in Sanctus Seru tonight.
    Above is from the rhugol fight, talyn's hit 60dps against Matpa, Hysts was at 54, they both above 45dps on the other 2 fights.

    Both with muzzles and these spells:
    Girdle of Karan
    Spiritual Strength
    Sha's Advantage
    Spirit of Flame
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    Yep, people don't really make the connection on how big of a dps increase Savagery/Fero really are because it doesn't cause them to hit harder, which I think some people are expecting. Damage doesn't work like that in this game.

    Here's some parsing I did a while ago using Saryn's Companion with and without Ferocity - Necro haste was the only other buff.

    There's not really that many raids where you'll opt to ATK buff pets over a strong melee, but with pets it is much easier to chart the improvements on paper.


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    LOL!!! Too funny!
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