BST gear guide / what's next?

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    Hello friendly TAKP'ers!

    45 BST / 44 MAG / 39 DRU (+ a 39 CLR rez bot i'm dragging along) currently. Most of my gear is free giveaways and a few targeted/cheap bazaar purchases (haste, bst weapons). The mag/clr are nearly naked.

    I generally find the P99 class guides pretty useful summary and they have at least a basic gear guide idea on each. However, P99 lacks Luclin, thus...
    * There is no beastlord info anywhere
    * They end at Velious gear suggestions

    Anyone have a decent BST guide somewhere that includes some gear hints? Should I be focusing on AC/HP? HP/Mana? A mix of everything? I'm mostly acting as the tank for the trio at this point, so AC/HP seems a good target, but I'm not sure how much that will change at 50+. Aego/KEI carry you a long way, so the lack of decent gear has been fine so far - but I'm starting to feel it. I'm not even sure what gear is out there to look for, other than seeing random items in the bazaar.

    I'm starting to make a little cash (just hit 5k), but I expect that's best spent on 50+ spells to really power up the group.

    Is Velious worth engaging in at this level, or does Luclin provide superior/easier upgrades in general (for all classes)? I'm at a point I feel like I might want to start giant killing and working on Thurgadin armor if so. Or should I just focus on getting 60 and focusing on Luclin drops instead?
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    I think I'd go towards Thurgadin armour - you can probably hunt the patterns with you trio (or at least very soon) and you can buy the gems needed for the combine.. Work out Shawl 1 and 2 and you should have enough faction for the turn ins.. My trio is Bst Necro Dru and my BST is still the poorest geared of the 3 and tanks pretty decently still (slow and tainted breath for agro)

    AC/HP are your go to's on the BST with mana coming after that.. You just need to hold agro and let the mage do it the work..Druid Epic is a great project to start on as well at this level and once done gives you the free click DoT which I use almost every pull for free damage. My BST is still in some Brown Chitin and Coterie Armor ...

    I'm not a pro though so, just sharing my personal experience. Look for Mcbeasty or Ceirala in game and ask them for a tip or 2, they are both brilliant BeastLords ..

    Good luck !
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    Thanks, super helpful! I was debating starting looking at epics too but wasn't sure which were really achievable.
  4. thucydides

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    thurgadin armor is a good idea. you could also do some leveling in droga in order to build chardok faction and get a couple decent rings, maybe even a spirit wracked cord in the future.
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    BST/DRU/MAG is an awesome trio, nice choice. It'll feel a little underpowered in the mid 50s but at 60 with the good BL haste, slow and crack you'll be a powerhouse.

    If the goal is to power up, nothing beats levels. New pets, nukes, heals, DS, etc. knock the socks offa gear upgrades, even mega-twink raid gear upgrades. Also, with easy access to KEI and aego, upgrading gear as you level up is mostly stamp collecting.

    That said, there are a few pieces of gear that do have a noticeable impact:
    • Druid Velious quest tunic. This has the level 58 group +15 regen spell as a clicky - basically a fungi for your whole group.
    • Main-hand weapon for BL.
    • Haste item for BL.
    • Mana preservation focus for druid and mage.
    • 8th Coldain ring for BL (+8 DS clicky).
    • Kunark or Velious BP for BL (+3 DS clicky).
    • Hitpoint gear for BL.
    • Resist gear for BL.
    • Improved healing focus for druid.
    • Improved damage focus for mage.
    That list is ranked from highest to lowest impact (ish, IMO...). The druid tunic is far and away the highest-impact piece of gear for your trio. You could probably buy the Thurg version for 2-5k. Resist gear might trump hitpoint gear for the BL if you like to explore dungeons with lots of casters.
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  6. Pithy

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    All that to say, I guess my tl;dr is either farm hill giants to buy a druid Velious tunic, or just level up and grab some random HP/resist gear for the BL, plus the best main-hand weapon and haste item you can buy. Level II focus effects for the druid and mage are affordable, but they only work on spells up to level 45 so you're on the verge of outgrowing them. Level III focus effects are generally pretty rare and expensive.

    If you want a break from leveling, it might be fun to work on the Coldain ring quests.
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    If collecting your own Thurgadin armor, where is the easiest place for a leveling trio to do that? I've attempted arena with my trio, but cleric giants that I can't stun lock outside of bash are a big problem. I'm guessing my trio's dps is the biggest issue with that specific scenario, but wondering if there is a great spot for Thurgadin armor that I missed pre-60.
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    That list is great, helps give me a focus. Sounds like I'm heading to Velious to start the faction work! Some head starts help.
    I had the 9th coldain ring back in the day and the FT shawl, so I figured I'd get back into those eventually here.

    @Pithy I've been following your old Fungeons thread and hitting a bunch of those on the way up too, that was a super useful thread too!
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    nice! which dungeons have you enjoyed so far?
  10. Pithy

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    @Ransom, I think the Kael arena and a few of the giants on the way to Tormax are all there is for Thurg armor.
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    I dunno what your beastlords race or current gear are, but here's some of the pieces I like leveling a beastlord with. The headslot will by far break your bank the most but I dont have a better alternative off the top of my head. The boss of the beastlord epic drops animist armor thats pretty good for their respective slots.

    The 50's are pretty tough to tank through with a beast, but at 60 with defensive AAs, you'll tank better than you ever could while leveling. As far as which stats to focus on, stats should be spread pretty even between str/dex/agi/sta and you should focus on hp/resists.

    Head: Crown of Narandi (raided but tradable)
    Face: Eyepatch of Plunder (quest)
    Neck: Shrouded Medallion
    Chest: Phase Spider Carapace
    Arms: Brown Chitin Sleeves (no iksar, sub black pantherskin or thurg or spiritwrackedcord)
    Wrist: Viscous Ooze Bracer, Bracer of Benevolence, Bracelets of Might/Quickness/Fortitude/Sense
    Legs: Brown Chitin Legs (no iksar, sub black pantherskin or thurg)
    Shoulder: Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons or Elder Wolf Hide
    Back: Lodi
    Feet: Shimmering Terrorhide
    Hands: Gauntlets of fiery might
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    Najena was pretty neat. The keys got annoying to try to move through it (never did finish it). Sol A was probably my favorite, I had a great thing going there. Kaesora worked out better than I'd hoped as well. The spiders were underwhelming, but once I went to the library/church, it was a lot more fun.
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    Thanks for the list, this helps! I'm Iksar FWIW.
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    There are 3-4 slots where Thurg armor remains among the better options: the tunic and legs obviously. But also the boots and gloves. The latter are surprisingly good actually when you consider how most other slots on other classes outside head, legs and sometimes one other are too easily replaced or don't beat easier to get items to start with.

    Shoe alternatives are the barbed dragonscale from a Kael named which are probably going to have to be bought. Striped Raptorhide Boots are another solid option from CT.

    The epic is a must for beasts. It is in line with what rangers get but much easier to complete. The offhand is basically set and forget. Takes care of your attack, haste, tanking needs, and a decent ratio.

    Range can be a tricky one i didn't really see mentioned. The no drop transient idol on the Shadow Overlord is groupable in higher 50s and soloable at 60. Going to take time though. It is a rare spawn but it drops that or a good caster face item each 50% of the time.

    Sleeves - Hardened Grey Flesh is probably a better option. A good slot for a Spirit Wracked Cord if you pursue that.

    Shoulder - Strength of the Elements

    Ear - Mosquito Leg Earring and Solstice are both good returns for effort/money
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    Thanks, great list! I'll start looking into how to acquire those.
    Just hit 49 with the mage/bst last night, anything I can start to camp myself on the way up is a bonus.