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    * fixed stackable item quanitty showing incorrect value when adding more items to a stack while trading
    * made ulaks look like a bag when dropped on ground - workaround for ulak model not being clickable on TAKP client
    * fixed a spell duration calculation
    * check for swimming skill ups while swimming on surface of water.
    * Changed how remove auth is called in the zone client destructor, to tie directly to the entity id. This helps ensure the proper auth is removed when zoneing fast to same zone.
    * Druid Spell: Tunare's Request - When this spell fades, the charmed pet will no longer aggro the caster (unless they were already kos and in range).
    * Fixed a potential exploit with mobs reaching their chase range limit. Mobs will no longer get stuck in weird pathing, bouncing back and forth, when at their chase range distance.
    * NoTarget NPCs now won't try to cast buffs which was going into a bugged spellcast loop
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    I know it's not necessarily related to this particular set of updates, but I just thought I'd share that, anecdotally, flee stuns are feeling a lot better lately. It feels more possible to get away from a train that has stunned you once, and fewer instances of getting stunned by a npc that you thought for sure you were out of range from.
    Thanks devs!
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    Anecdotally I've noticed that too. The game felt very WoWish in how mobs would hit toons on initial aggro when the toon was well out of melee range by the time the toon was added to the hate list. In the original game and on AK it was easy to run right through a mob and be far enough away that it couldn't hit you by the time it aggroed. But here, a toon could run past a mob, aggro it, and the mob could still melee from 50 units away once, but not again until reaching melee range. I've noticed the change since the patch prior to this one.
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    Ya, trainpulling feels much safer now. For better or for worse.