Enduring Breath Enduring Breath
Classes: Ranger (22), Druid (9), Shaman (14), Enchanter (12), Beastlord (29)
When cast on you: You feel no need to breathe.
When cast on other: Target doesn't seem to be breathing anymore.
When fading: You resume breathing.
Mana Cost: 35
Spell Type: Beneficial
Cast Time: 4 seconds
Recovery Time: 2.25 seconds
Recast Time: 2.25 seconds
Fizzle Adjust: 25
Pushback: 0.00
Spell Range: 100 units
Target: Single target
Resist: None (Adjust: 0)
Cast Time Restriction: None
Duration: 27 min (270 ticks)
Reagents: Fish Scales (1)
Spell Effects:
  1. WaterBreathing by 1
Items with this effect:
  1. Spell: Enduring Breath
  2. Spell: Enduring Breath