The Al`kabor Project

Emulation of the original Macintosh Al`Kabor Server.
Playable on MacOS*, Windows and Linux.

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Planes of Power era EverQuest on all platforms.

No instances, no maps, no spawning with gear, no store. Night-blind Humans.
The real EverQuest.

The Original Game Client

We use the client deployed for the era we are emulating.
Nothing is in our client that does not belong there.

Accurate Mechanics

Mechanics and NPC statistics painstakingly recreated for our era.
If it would have killed you then, it will kill you here.

Three Box Limit*

Play up to three characters simultaneously.
*A fourth merchant account is allowed.

Community-Rotated Content

No "poopsocking" here. No content monopolization. No trains and racing.
Raid without stress.

What our players have to say...

“Thanks to you all! I never thought I'd find an emu that felt like home in the way this one does.

You guys have certainly brightened a lot of lives through all your hard work. ”

“It's a good approximation of AK. Accurate and with lots of attention to detail and passion from the devs. I'm happy to play here and really wouldn't want to play elsewhere as none could come as close to the game state, community, or spirit that AK had.”

“The people here are equally passionate about maintaining a mature, healthy community. It's a solid place to enjoy a legacy game in the best way imaginable, no matter how much or how little time you have to play.”


The Al`kabor Project team prides itself on making your experience as close to the original as possible, with all content up to and including Planes of Power available.

Begin your journey to free Zebuxoruk from the grips of time today!

The Team

"The Alkabor Project has some of the best and most talented people behind it."

- Akkadius, The EQEmulator Project

Active Team

  • Robregen - Lead Content / Quest / Code / Service Admin / Senior GM
  • Torven - Data Collection / Quality Control / Code / GM
  • Solar - Lead Code / Service Admin
  • Lenas - Lead Web / Senior GM
  • Elroz - Quest Developer

Past Contributors

  • Cavedude - Lead Code
  • Speedz - Lead Web / Quest / Senior GM / Launcher
  • Haynar - Code / Service Admin / Senior GM
  • Secrets - Net Code / Client